Alex Pereira says he had “nothing to do” with Sean Strickland beating Israel Adesanya at UFC 293: “The credit is all his”

By Cole Shelton - September 11, 2023

Alex Pereira says he deserves no credit for Sean Strickland defeating Israel Adesanya at UFC 293.

Alex Pereira and Sean Strickland

Pereira and Strickland fought back in July 2022, and it was the Brazilian who won by first-round knockout to earn a title shot. Alex Pereira eventually went on to win the UFC middleweight championship but ended up losing the belt back to Israel Adesanya in their rematch. Shortly after that, ‘Poatan’ and Strickland trained with one another for a few weeks.

It was interesting to see the two working together, especially given that Strickland was facing Adesanya at UFC 293. Although Pereira is really familiar with ‘Stylebender’, he says the win and the game plan were all on Strickland.

“I spent a few days training with Sean Strickland, and I got to see how talented he is, strategies, how tough he is. I got a better understanding from this training than from actually fighting him,” Alex Pereira said on his YouTube channel about Sean Strickland vs. Israel Adesanya. “During training we had a lot more room to play around and that’s what I was able to pick up from him and that’s why I was so sure he was going to win. Another thing, so many people are saying, ‘Oh, Sean Strickland trained with Pereira and that’s why he won.’ But let me clarify, I had nothing to do with it, okay? He won on his own. It’s totally his success, because he’s such a dedicated guy with a unique style, and he really showed us what he’s got in his fight with Adesanya.

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“So, the credit is all his, I had nothing to do with it despite the days we spent training. We didn’t train a lot, but we had some good talks that might have made a difference,” Pereira continued about Strickland vs. Pereira. “Not only for this fight, but for his career in general and mine, too. Of course, whatever he shared with me, I’ve kept it in mind and will surely put into practice. That’s what I wanted to say. Another thing, people say ‘Oh, Adesanya wasn’t at his best. Damn today Adesanya didn’t fight the way he usually does. Clearly, Sean came in and shut his game down. He was really smart. He moved forward all the time with and amazing defense. Let’s not forget the precise strikes, he walked less, circled, and landed the best attacks. You all saw the result.”

After Sean Strickland beat Israel Adesanya, Alex Pereira also revealed that likely ended any chances of him going back down to middleweight.


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