German MMA fighter nearly killed in his gym in machete attack releases a statement

German MMA fighter Abeku Afful nearly died in his own MMA gym in Hamburg on Wednesday night.

Afful was the victim of an attack, which is believed to be stemmed from a gym feud after Afful left his coach’s gym to open his own. reported that Afful was attacked in his gym by five masked men armed with machetes, knifes, and batons.

Afful, who was in life-threatening condition had to undergo emergency surgery after suffering a severed artery in his leg from a machete hack. Afful is now in the ICU and no longer in life-threatening condition.

Afful was able to release a public statement on his Facebook page (translated by Bloody Elbow) and thanked his friends and teammates that were in the gym to help save his life.

“It was not police who helped me,” Afful wrote. “It was you. If it wasn’t for you, I would be dead by now. I owe you my life, thank you!”

Afful had a message directed towards his attackers.

“I forgive you. I don’t know if god will too, that remains to be seen.”

With the injury to his leg, Afful’s MMA career in uncertain, but the 35-year-old fighter is looking at things on the brighter side.

“I will rest now. We’ll see if I will ever be able to fight again,” Afful wrote. “At least I haven’t lost my leg. Thank you to everybody who included me into their thoughts and prayers.”

Graphic photos from the incident can be seen here.

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