Roy Jones Jr explains what’s wrong with the current state of Boxing: “Everybody’s scared to lose”

By Harry Kettle - June 5, 2023

Former heavyweight champion Roy Jones Jr has given his thoughts on what’s wrong with the current state of boxing.

Roy Jones Jr.

Within the realm of combat sports, we’ve seen many elite heavyweights come and go over the years – and Roy Jones Jr falls into that category. He’s one of the most fascinating characters in boxing history, with his most recent outing being a decision loss to Anthony Pettis.


As is the case with many figures in the sport, he has some opinions on the current landscape of boxing. Many believe that we are no longer in the golden era, and for good reason, with some pointing towards the inability to make big fights as well as poor judging.

Jones Jr, meanwhile, has a theory of his own, as he expressed during a recent press conference.

Jones Jr goes off

“That’s what’s wrong with boxing, everybody is scared to lose. You can’t win if you’re scared to lose. If you don’t fight the best opponent out there, then what you doing? You’re wasting time. You understand me? That’s why we don’t like what we see in boxing now. The best don’t wanna fight the best. You understand?

“What happened to the days when Roy Jones was on the throne? What happened to those days? Nobody cares no more about being the best? I don’t understand that. So yeah, we know it’s a chance that anybody might get beat. Anybody can land one punch and do anything at any time. That’s part of what we go through. But the fact of the matter is if you want to be the best, you’re willing to go take that test. If you don’t take that test, you can’t never claim or profess to be the best. You feel me?”

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