Teddy Atlas criticizes Francis Ngannou’s team over training snub: “Why don’t you be upfront with me?”

By Fernando Quiles - August 15, 2023

Teddy Atlas feels he was disregarded by Francis Ngannou after being asked to help train him.


Atlas, who is a legendary boxing trainer, claims that Ngannou was seeking his assistance ahead of the big October 28 bout against Tyson Fury. Atlas even claims to have helped the former UFC Heavyweight Champion with a technique, but he was taken aback when it was revealed that “The Predator” is being trained by Mike Tyson.

In the past, Atlas and Tyson had a nasty falling out that could’ve turned deadly. Atlas trained Tyson during his youth, but ended up pulling out a gun on “Iron” Mike. Atlas alleges that he was told by an 11-year-old relative at the time that Tyson planned to do things to her sexually. Tyson says he was 13 years old when Atlas pulled a gun on him. The two initially reconciled, but the bitterness between both sides eventually returned.


Teddy Atlas Feels Snubbed By Francis Ngannou

The renowned boxing trainer took to his “THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas podcast” and insisted that he isn’t upset with Ngannou for training with Mike Tyson. What frustrated Atlas was that no one contacted him to tell him that Ngannou’s team was going in a different direction (via MMAFighting.com).

“Tyson was a tremendous fighter, we get it, and Ngannou is infatuated by him. He’s obsessed with Tyson. He wanted me to show him how to throw the Tyson uppercut, which I did. So all right, I treat him like a gentleman, but obviously you made that deal with Tyson, and you’re asking me to go out to Vegas to do a trial.

“Why don’t you be upfront with me? It just don’t feel good. It just doesn’t feel good and I hate to be—I’m not crying. I guess what I am saying is, can’t we be better as people? I know money is money and it’s important, but isn’t it important to treat people right? Isn’t it important to keep your word? Isn’t it important to just—and again, they’re nice people, but when you’re tempted by these things, isn’t that when it’s most important for you to show those characteristics that I’m talking about, those traits of just decency, of just honesty, of just being upfront? Really, being decent with your fellow human being.”


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