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Monday, 04/01/2013, 11:37 am

Zahabi: If GSP Fights Silva It Will Likely Be His Last

“If he fights Hendricks, I think (GSP) could fight for longer. He could have more fights after that. If he fights Anderson Silva, I could really see that being his last fight. He’ll retire after that because there won’t be a bigger fight for him to do, I think, anymore in his career.”

“Win or lose, I think he’ll probably end on that note, on Anderson Silva. Maybe that’s why it’s been pushed back a little bit, but I think when it does happen, it’ll be the last one because once he goes up a weight class, he’s never coming back down.”

In an interview with,Tri-Star head coach, Firas Zahabi says that if GSP takes the super fight with Anderson Silva it will likely be his last.



8 Responses to “Zahabi: If GSP Fights Silva It Will Likely Be His Last”

  1. rhalce says:

    GSP VS SILVA is the best logical match out there talent & financially wise. it would benefit everyone involve, from trainer all the way up to the promoter, but i honestly wish it won’t happen, they are my top 2 favorite MMA LEGENDS. it would be very difficult on my part whom am i rooting.

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    JONES VS SILVA is, by far, the biggest fight out there, bar none. NO OTHER FIGHT makes sense. Those 2 are very close in size. Period.

  3. Ddddddd says:

    He’ll retire after the biggest matchup because he’s not a guy that needs to fight. If he had tenacity and the desire to fight he’d be entertaining.

  4. 123 says:

    I guarantee if George St Pierre vs Anderson Silva & Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones dont happen in 2013 they will never happen.. The only superfight happening anytime soon is Jose Aldo vs Anthony Pettis.

  5. The natural says:

    It will def b his last and will have to retire after what Silvia does too him. SilviA will destroy gsp

  6. santa says:

    he doesn’t fight anymore anyway! he only holds!!

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