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Thursday, 01/16/2014, 06:29 am

Yoel Romero Denies ‘$hitty’ Rumors From UFC Fight Night

In one of the more immature running around our sport, fans seem to believe that UFC middleweight, Yoel Romero, ‘sharted’ in his fight shorts during last night’s UFC Fight Night 35 event.

This rumor isn’t to be confused with the recent camera man number 4 farting scandal, but is as equally preposterous for me to be writing about.

At any rate, Yoel, weighed in on the topic during last night’s post-fight presser.

“It was water … sweat.”


9 Responses to “Yoel Romero Denies ‘$hitty’ Rumors From UFC Fight Night”

  1. XXxxMacleodxxXX says:

    why not?? it has to make the other guy uncomfortable ….the only air you can get is tainted with the smell of shat

    • Charles Ramsey says:

      There has to be something in the rule book regarding bodily fluids other than sweat and blood. lol

    • Jim Corleone says:

      haha could be a great tactic. There are many fighters who go into fights smelling as bad as they can to make life hell for their opponent, the next logical step would be to piss and shit yourself while in guard etc.. Could be tapout due to stench

  2. Nathan says:

    “But it is as equally perposterous for me to be writing about.” The article is 4 sentences long. The first sentence has a glaring typo and the author egotistically references himself in the second sentence. Pretty sure it’s perposterous for this person to be writing anything, but if he must, a shart story seems fitting.

  3. 雑草 says:

    He just happens to sweat brown sweat…and only from his ass.

  4. ron says:

    if it looks like shite, smell like shite, taste like shite, it must be shite.

  5. JERK says:


  6. realfighterfan says:

    Tim Sylvia sh’it his pants in the cage after getting punched

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