Thursday, 01/23/2014, 06:28 am

XFC Turns Tables On WSOF – Issues Co-Promotional Challenge

Fighters calling out other fighters? How passé.

Apparently, the newest trend in MMA is for promotions to call out other promotions. And the next challenger on the list? That would be the XFC.

(I know, I know… try to contain your excitement.)

I suppose we should have seen this coming; once the WSOF took off its proverbial glove and slapped Bellator across the face with it, challenging them to a co-promoted pay-per-view duel, they unknowingly opened the floodgates for any semi-relevant promotion to use this same marketing ploy to get their brand recognized.

The XFC took to Facebook to issue their challenge to the WSOF, posting this “challenge card lineup”:

And even though the post has since been pulled down (suggesting that more rational heads have prevailed), one can’t help but to wonder what promotion is next in line to toss their hat into the ring…

Breaking News: The WWE Challenges The UFC To A ‘Hell In A Cell’ Match!”


… one shudders at the thought.


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  1. disqus_63gIGAaIhA says:

    Rays a down to earth guy, wouldn’t be surprised if he accepted, with maybe some changes to the line up. it would be good publicity for both company’s, of course more for XFC but still.

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