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Friday, 09/07/2012, 12:17 pm

WWE Star Batista Admits To Getting Dropped By Stephan Bonnar | MMA NEWS

“It’s going great. I got dropped for the first time, last week. It was Stephan Bonnar. He hit me right in the head. My legs went numb and I dropped. I just got up and continued the round. It’s just one of those things. I love it.”

With his MMA debut forthcoming former WWE super-star Dave Batista took to Spike TV’s MMA Uncensored live to talk about his training camp and revealed how UFC 205’er, Stephan Bonnar, was able to drop him with punches.


42 Responses to “WWE Star Batista Admits To Getting Dropped By Stephan Bonnar | MMA NEWS”

  1. andy says:

    So in other words Batista has no chin.

    • Nanny Nanny Boo Boo says:

      I’m more clever than youuuuuuu ! Nanny nanny bee bee, uh,….uh…..

      You’re a faggoteeeeeeeeeee….

      I’m the wisest, most handsome, prettiest, most endowed, coolest bitch of all time !!!!

  2. Mark Munoz is a joke says:

    None at all

    • Matthew Davidson says:

      Your a joke bitch, I know the guy and he is a great guy and fighter. Your just another buster that has no idea what the fuck he is talking about. Fuck you and your mom you little punk ass.

      • JP says:

        Holy prozac refill, batman!

      • Task Master says:

        I don’t know either of you too, but I would like to point out the fact that the only joke here is Mr. Davidson’s lack of grammar. Yes, I will be THAT Internet guy that corrects grammatical errors. Other than that, let me say that the fact that you called someone a “buster” and declared him to have no ability/skill in judging a fighter is predicated on what? I mean, you’re (see proper usage here, so pay attention) you qualifications to declare him not a joke is based on the sole fact that you know the guy. How lame is that of an excuse? Then you bring the guy’s mom into it like a true feeble minded individual that you sound like. How can I back that claim up? You used the word “your” three times, but only once was it used correct. That’s a whopping 66% failure rate and in the real world 66% is a “D.” I bet math was hard for you too. Lastly, calling him a punk ass is such a pathetic insult. At least come up with something new. Here, you can use the one I’m about to drop on you. It’s all one word, but I doubt you’ll understand why. Here it goes: the-only-thing-sadder-than-a-grown-man-unable-to-write-is-a-man-riding-Mark-Muñoz-dick-because-both-of-them-are-a-joke.

        • domp says:

          “you qualifications to declare him not a joke is based on the sole fact that you know the guy”

          so much for being the grammar police faggot

        • Keese says:

          Awesome retort. You beat me to it brother. Task Master has seemingly mastered nothing, except for being an internet troll. Mark Munoz is certainly NO JOKE the guy is a world class wrestler. Anyone with a sliver of intelligence knows that wrestling is the most effective base in MMA. Glad you set this fellow straight =:0)

        • So... says:

          You’re you qualifications? What does that mean internet guy?

        • LOL@you! says:

          Wait, did i read “either of you too….imma be a grammar nazi?”

          Oh my lord!

        • Hellaskinnyskin says:

          Lol what a grammar police, u guys are such fags no lifers

        • Lol grammar police u must not have a life just to write that whole shit I couldn’t even finish it ur such a fag

        • Gouldx87 says:

          Also a little math error in there.. if you have a 66.6% failure rate that means you scored a 33.3% which is an F in school, And thats what you would have got for that math!

        • Douche Hunter says:

          “I don’t know either of you too” .Its “TWO” you douche.
          What a classic.You come on here putting sh*t on ppl for grammer mistakes while making your own.
          Douche of the Day award for you sir.Thats a massive achievement considering the competition on this site.

        • you brought all of this unto yourself. I bet students beat the crap out of you 24/7 when you were a kid.

      • Ry says:

        Are you his boyfriend Matt?

  3. HaVaginaButts says:

    I’d like to see any of you take a punch from Bonnar

  4. trt4lyfe says:

    Well apparently Booked T knocked him out backstage, so take what you will.

  5. Dick Diaz says:

    lmaooo wonder how Batista will do in his debut?

  6. OakcliffTopdog says:

    @Dick Diaz Epic Fail!!

  7. Anyone can be dropped, it’s first in best dressed.. So keep ya guard up!!!

  8. didnt say he was kod said he was dropped still finished the round, props to batista for taking up mma, i think its easier on you then fake wrestling is

  9. SirHitsAlot says:

    Bonnar is a beast, he had a dudes tooth surgically removed from his knuckle. Didn’t you ever watch TUF?

  10. Jason says:

    people seem to forget that Stephan Bonnar had probably one of the best fights in ufc history with Forrest Griffin at the ultimate fighter finale, he is one tough son of a gun!

  11. Leroy says:

    Damn I’d love to see some video of that!

  12. nick says:

    whoever said fake wrestling is rougher on your body than mma has obviously never been in mma and if so they sucked and trained like shit. and your also a retard. im sick of faggish wrestling being compared to mma.

    • Derek says:

      i dont disagree with you, but if you are a wwe star you are wrestling all year. your body is wrecked after, guys have more surgery than mma guys. its just as rough. try it out, ive done both btw.

  13. maurice says:

    for watever reason this is funny. all the best to batista, but i see a horribly embarrassing ass whooping comiing his way. who knows.

  14. Unbelievable tekkers says:

    Lets put this into perspective first please. Stephan Bonnar is a great fighter and a UFC legend ( UFC wouldn’t be UFC without him n Forrest ). But aside from the “polish experiment” what big name has he dropped? No offence to Batista but u have no chin and your a bit to old to try and build one, carry on BJJ as u may be good but your no striker and you never will be. Every fighter knows that in fight camp your spar with 16oz gloves and full headgear. If he is getting dropped whilst “sparring” and using boxing gloves and headgear, he must have no chin. FACT. Not trying to hate at all. If he wins I will eat my words, just don’t think he should be getting dropped during a fight camp sparring session.

  15. Patrick says:

    I used to train with Stephan under Carlson before Tuf 1. Stephans a great dude. We used to call him Robo because we said he looked like Robocop. All the best my old friend !! Keep on keeping on Robo, Carlson’s watching from up above. OOOSS !!

  16. AREZ says:

    MMA > WWE… Wrestling is ass compare to MMA!!!

  17. Tom says:

    its not as if bonnar sucks… sure he was never a champ but he was very solid… look back at how he hung in there with jon jones – even though jones had less experience, he was still very dangerous, and bonnar hung tough

  18. Seedy says:

    BONNAR IS THE FUCKEN MAN… Look at his record… Never Been finished… More heart than any fighter in the UFC… BONNAR 4 LIFE…

  19. dev says:

    When the fuck did these 2 fight?!?!

  20. Boom Boom says:

    Dave Batista wins debut match by KO via Batista Bomb…I’m callin’ it….

  21. Alan Texiera says:

    So what If Batista got dropped by Stephan Bonnar? He never has fought a day in his life, and he’s training with a pro fighter of 11 years. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Rousey was able to put him in an arm bar. Batista is just starting to train. He could be awesome in a couple of given years (probably not a UFC level fighter since he started so late) but Jeez. Batista has nothing to be ashamed about.

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