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Monday, 07/09/2012, 06:31 am

WWE interested in working with Chael Sonnen

It appears the WWE has wasted no time in publicly reaching out to Chael Sonnen following his second loss to Anderson Silva.

“ reports that WWE is interested in working with 35 year old UFC fighter “The American Gangster” Chael Sonnen. Sonnen lost to Anderson Silva at Saturday’s UFC 148 pay-per-view but word is that WWE is ready to negotiate. No word yet if they want him to wrestle or play another kind of role.

Sonnen has ties to WWE as he is friends with WWE Champion CM Punk. Punk was ready to accompany Sonnen to the Octagon for a fight several months back but that was nixed.

Sonnen is also close to WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin. Austin has been bringing Sonnen out to his Broken Skull Ranch in Texas to help him with strength and conditioning training.”



51 Responses to “WWE interested in working with Chael Sonnen”

  1. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Lol as far as im concerned Chael and Anderson fought to total of 7/10 rounds. Chael won 5 of them and Anderson won 2. The score is 5-2 therefore Chael is still won the fight.

    • Thom says:

      Man you must have absolutely no life. I kinda feel sad for you, chubby.

    • Saintsfan says:

      too bad Anderson still is the champ lol sucks to be second best but i hope Chael isnt done.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        he’s not done! he’s off to the WWE where idiots like you can watch him roid up and play-fight in his underwear with the rest of the morons.

        • UKRyan says:

          Why are pro wrestlers morons for performing in a different type of sports entertainment? Its not MMA, get the fucking chip off of your shoulder you fat keyboard warrior. Most of them have martial arts training and would beat the fuck out of you anyway, ya fucking douche.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          it’s still roided out playtime though…phony ass fairy flutter bullshit cheese; and I didn’t say I could take out the Undertaker dickwad… the distinction here is between an actual combat sport and a scripted gay fairytale for morons…like you.

    • Mach00man says:

      There you go with your stupid ass logic. How in the hell did Chael win anything if Anderson finished him in both fights? You my friend; are stupid.

      • He's kind of right... says:

        If you think about it, each round that’s stopped, it stops the momentum of the initial engagement of the first round. So at the end of the round they go back, and start anew each time. In essence it is a new fight each and every round. You just never know what would be if there was never any round in place and you surely can’t say all the fights would have the same outcome as they do now if that was the case.

        • california grown says:

          some pride rules would help fix this issue.
          first round should be 10 min.
          the ufc is mirroring boxing a bit too much.
          i guess it was the easiest way to get the sport to go mainstream, grow big, and make them a ton of money.

      • Dirty Shame says:

        Dude these debates are hilarious. no one can deny chael deserves a rematch after the first one and no one can deny anderson finished him twice fair and square. he is the best ever.

        • JSab says:

          I dont thin k Anderson is the best ever. He “Was” the best ever until his friend JDS took over the HW division. Put anyone up against JDS and he’ll destroy them. He’s the best pure boxer in MMA History with the best takedown defense ever. Fuck put Bones Jones in there with him and Jones will never wanna fight again. Put Silva against JDS and Cigano would retire silva so fucking fast.. JDS is the P4P best at this point. You cant deny that shit.

        • warrior88 says:

          i guess you dont understand the meaning of P4P. silva clearly proved he his P4P the best fighter because he has wiped out his entire division! its not about if jds fought silva or jones, etc. because obviously if there wasnt any weight classes, the bigger guys would win! jds and jones are on their way to make a case for the p4p argument but as of right now, the p4p best clearly is anderson silva!

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      You sound pathetic, bro. For real.

    • Cleatus says:

      As for as the world is concerned, you are a fucking idiot, and Sonnen is done.

      I done told you.

    • dude….
      He finished…TWICE.

      it’s done and over;)

    • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

      Its so funny to me how u idiots get annoyed so easily. Man if chael really won u jackass hooligans would’ve suicided.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        as if…your the one that’s butthurt and lickin’ your kitty ass yah big cry baby. like I said…dream up the excuses and blog through the pain and anger.

        in the meantime, enjoy some first-rate entertainment

      • jon says:

        And what is the basis to your thesis?
        Anderson finished both fights, not Chael!
        in conclusion, you are a moron!

      • jon says:

        i find it hilarious that you go on a website to talk shit,
        does it make you feel awesome? keyboard warrior!
        why don’t you go fight and hopefully someone beats your face to death
        pussy bitch

    • STAND says:

      Nice try..thats like getting k.o’d in the 12rnd and still winning because you won the first 11…

    • DragonAzteca says:

      U are a MAJOR FOOL! accept it, the better man won, and roid-boy was just lucky he was fighting an injured Silva, so stop being pathetic!

    • adam says:

      you are an idiot. chael’s issue is h can’t finish. it’s been his weakness since he was on WEC. learn about fighting. he got tapped by a champ who fought the whole fight with broken ribs. Chael mounted Silva at the beginning and did absolutely nothing, no damage. he is a good fighter but can’t finish. He ran his mouth since he first arrived in the UC, he should go to WWE maybe he could win a belt there

    • aaxantonio says:

      what, are chael fans that retarded? he is done, get over it, he was never that good, his dry hump to decision fighting style is way overrated, he LOST, no questions, no controversy, he cried for the ref to stop the first fight, and he felt the power of anderson and turtled up in the second fight, chael hasnt won shit he has never been champ and never will.

    • JJHF says:

      Does it bother you that your stupidity has been recorded for all to see, for all time? If you were just joking, leave comedy to the professionals.

    • Keep Fitch (Forever Gay) says:

      rape your mother kiddd

    • Dirty Shame says:

      haha as good as that would be Silva won cause he is the best ever. Chael is a fucking beast though

    • jeremy says:

      lol dude but who has the W next to their name for both fights? Fact is he could never do what silva did… and that is FINISH THE FIGHT!

    • chaelsuks says:

      your an idiot just like chael

  2. funny$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ says:

    thank god your opinion means shit,,,, i think he may be more successful in wwe now kause of the two fights and his shit talking, im no fan of this guy just giving my two worthless cents

  3. Team buffalo says:

    Everybody wants to know what uncle chael is up to

    • Chael "the Fail" Sonnen says:

      I’m picking a new blouse for the BBQ party at anderson silva’s house. I was invited! :)

  4. kenji says:

    if it werent for that bothced slip after that back fist, the fight was once again chaels for the taking! after all the talking, chael backed it up once again and proved the first fight was not a fluke…he did what most fighters wish they could do against anderson.

    • Alex says:

      I agree one hundred percent.. If the majority of people on here do have any idea what they’re talking about (basically if they train) you know how one slip can prove to be an extremely costly mistake for any fighter. In my opinion sonnen did what nobody leading up to his first fight AND what nobody after his first fight has been able to do and that is put silva on his back, be the aggressor and keep him backing up. I think if he retired from the UFC now it would be terrible for all of the people that did believe in him and for anyone who ever feels like quitting because unlike everyone else, sonnen is in the same league as silva and it’s a fight- anything can happen! Just watch their first bout for proof on that;) but that being said tho, my hat is off to silva, he is always incredibly dangerous and capitalizes on every chance that he has. I’d love to see a third fight and to see sonnen earn it again and want it that much more this time!!

      • Nuitari X says:

        The first fight was Chael’s for the taking. But let me guess, if it weren’t for that triangle choke……jackasses. Anderson stuffed Chael’s take down attempts in the second round that’s why Sonnen was desperate and went for that spinning backfist. Realize Anderson Silva is the greatest and Chael Sonnen you absolutely suck. Nah, respect to sonnen as a fighter though.

        • Alex says:

          I agree with you, bjj is the love of my life I was ecstatic when I saw it used the way it was designed for perfectly with that triangle. I’m just saying that it would be incredibly sad to see sonnen retire from the UFC because of these two great fights against an even greater opponent

      • steeler says:

        I agree dude the fight was going just like the first chael might not have been as successful but silva did cheat and really worked his guard and take down defense. the spinning back fist is all chael did wrong and silva made him pay. only thing that shocked me from chael is he just curled up I thought he’d at least shoot for a double

  5. primalmasher says:

    LMFAO I called it! he’s going to WWE because of his flappy chops.

  6. Milkman says:

    After the cute little twirl that faggot had time to get up but he sat on his prissy little ass and took the beating he deserved. Put a fork in him he’s done, at least with 185 in UFC.

  7. B-rad says:

    Since Chael is on TRT he should fight til hes at least 40.. then do whatever the fuck id still like to see him fight for a few more years.. Id love to see him and Bisping rematch

  8. Dick Diaz says:

    damn, this is good for Chael. he’d be good at this job (well at least for the talking smack and acting part). he’d probably get paid being with the WWE than with the UFC… which is a little sad…

  9. Ryan says:

    nigga is going to make millions with the WWE. Dude made 50k for getting is ass beat, who the fuck blames him, its fuckin business.

  10. Silva – Sonnen 3 will happen.. Chael will walk thru a few more of the lower ranked guys and try to solve the Silva Puzzle one more time.. I dont mind seeing it a 3rd time. The are 2 great warriors that actually make it entertaining to watch and spend my money on. Unlike the heavyweighs.

  11. Alex says:

    Since he can’t be UFC champion, he can try for the WWE championship…

  12. No wonder! says:

    No wonder he talks like that! Hes friends with Stone Cold Steve Austin! Lol it all makes so much sense now..

  13. Sprinter Man says:

    i like your blog fancy selling ?

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