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Saturday, 01/18/2014, 08:09 pm


WSOF 8 Results: Lightweight Champion Crowned as Justin Gaethje Knocks Out Richard Patishnock In Round 1

Justin Gaethje proved the bookies were not wrong in labeling him a heavy favorite to win the title tonight.

Richard Patishnock started the fight off strong when he pushed his opponent against the cage and landed a strong hook. After that though, it was all Gaethje.

Gaethje bounced right back by spinning Patishnock against the cage and dropping him with a left hook/knee to the head combo. From there, Gaethje was essentially teeing off on Patishnock until the referee called a stop to the fight.

Richard Patishnock stayed standing and awake, but his back was pressed against the cage and he wasn’t blocking or punching back. It was a reasonable stoppage.

Justin Gaethje def. Richard Patishnock by way of TKO (Strikes) 1:09 of Round 1


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