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Tuesday, 02/18/2014, 05:36 pm

“WOLF TICKETS!!” – Rapper Steals Nick Diaz Slogan For New Rap Song

“You (St. Pierre) told the fans that I deserve to get beat down, that I chased you around. I got the fight, right? I’m working towards something, everybody knows that. Sorry I had to [say you were scared] to get the fight. They’re selling you (fans and media) all wolf tickets people, you’re eating them right up. Georges here is selling wolf tickets. Dana here is selling wolf tickets. The UFC is selling wolf tickets. You guys are eating them right up.”

– Nick Diaz via the UFC 158 pre-fight press conference. 


“Wolf Tickets!”

It’s a term now commonly used amongst Nick Diaz fans and on MMA Forums worldwide.

When Nick introduced the saying, no one really knew where it came from, but since it came from a Diaz, the use of the term became an instant classic among our small MMA World.

Apparently though, the MMA world isn’t the only community to pick up on this classic Diaz quote, because today, I found this…

(Warning: Explicit Lyrics)


Is this guy biting off Nick or is this all just a coincidence?




0 Responses to ““WOLF TICKETS!!” – Rapper Steals Nick Diaz Slogan For New Rap Song”

  1. Danny says:

    No, Nick diaz got it from an old E-40 song, yall bout 20years late

  2. U serious bro says:

    I guess mma fans and writers must not listen go rap

  3. Twelve0one says:

    Wow! The phrase Wolf tickets has been around in the black community since the 70s lol this editor is really showing his ignorance and his lack of any sort of research. Please quit your day job!!

  4. UFC 84 Forever says:

    No. It’s pretty stupid to say that he took it from Diaz since it’s been a phrase that’s been around for a long time. Maybe if he said “Don’t be scared, Homie!” or some shit we could pretend to have this argument. Do some research, man.

  5. tblast says:

    LMFAO! whoever wrote this article is an idiot to think diaz came up with this shit!

  6. Tikler says:

    You …..i don’t even want to call you reporters but anyway are stupid. “Wolf tickets” has been around looooong before Nick Diaz. Do your damn homework before you post stupidity like this!

    • Don Bongo says:

      Hey man, this is for the audience of the UFC! not rap music…this report just clues people up m8 so stop keep dissin the reporters on here or go fuckoff somewhere else and read..preferably while u have a dump

  7. bigicedog says:

    Wolf ticket (or woof ticket) is a slang phrase meaning a verbal threat, criticism, or insult used to intimidate an opponent. The phrase originates from woofing, meaning aimless talk, anonomatopoeic reference to the sound of dogs barking. The expression is usually used as a part of the phrase “to sell wolf tickets”, meaning to bluff or threaten someone in a boastful way, or “to buy wolf tickets”, meaning to call the bluff or accept the implied challenge.

    Professor Emeritus Herbert L. Foster noted in the first edition of his book Ribbin’, Jivin’, and Playin’ the Dozens: The Unrecognized Dilemma of Inner City Schools that his students, in New York City Public School 613, about 1964, started using the expression “woof” or “wolf” ticket interchangeably. Since he was teaching graphic arts, his students, at first, printed wolf tickets. As Foster became more astute about his students’ street culture, he created the woof ticket that was used on the street and discussed further in his book.

    • Andrew says:

      Selling wolf tickets is not making a threat. It means you’re being dishonest and trying to pass off a lie as something truthful. The boy who cried wolf? If you buy wolf tickets, it means you believe the lie.

  8. miggy says:

    the phrase wolf tickets has been around 20 yrs ago. east bay slang. nobody can claim it….

  9. Chase says:

    Lol yes Bay Area lingo. Nothin new. The click game related cd! Classic boy!

  10. NiallC4 says:

    Tom Waits Nighthawks at the diner. 1977
    Neither Diaz brother ever said anything Original in their whole lives!

  11. Daddy13 says:

    Stooooopid! Nick didn’t invent wolf tickets or Fuck you, haha! Fuckin’ hack journalism! Get a real job kook!

  12. Desmond Nollen says:

    The saying “Wolf Tickets” has been around for years. Just search the song by E40 & The Click called “Wolf tickets” released in 1995 by Jive records. Nick is the only biter.

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