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Thursday, 07/26/2012, 06:25 pm

With UFC 152 Main & Co-Main Events Set, Penn Finalizes VADA Enrollment | UFC NEWS

After weeks of decision making, former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion BJ Penn has finalized his enrollment with the VADA testing program.

Penn will be the first UFC fighter to undergo the voluntary testing that the organization provides in an attempt to set a clear example to the rest of the sport.

In a release to BJPENN.COM Penn stated, “I just submitted my paperwork for VADA and I’m ready to enter the program. VADA has not changed their standards for me, my test results will be released as they become available to the UFC, commission and the ABC.”

Scheduled to fight Rory MacDonald on the UFC 152 main card in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, BJ Penn hopes to lead the way towards a cleaner and safer Mixed Martial Arts.

Many in the media have speculated over the past several weeks that Penn would no longer be involved in the program as originally thought. However, when asked by BJPENN.COM to clarify the change of heart Penn responded with…

“I feel much more comfortable with the VADA testing standards knowing that I will not be the main attraction at UFC 152. The responsibility of being a main event fighter was such that I did not want to jeopardize my employer’s promotion of the event. The UFC has put together a great main and co-main event and I am happy to be a part of the card and comply with the VADA testing standards.”


56 Responses to “With UFC 152 Main & Co-Main Events Set, Penn Finalizes VADA Enrollment | UFC NEWS”

  1. shay says:

    Bj is the best!

    • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

      Lol he is out of shape and sucks compare to Rory and Rory is gonna destroy him.

      • Bob says:

        why do you even come on this website for?? your whole family shouldnt reproduce as its pollution to this earth.. you guys are better off in the dirt faggot.. kill yourself..

        p.s.. you faggots that respond to me with something like “does someone really have to die for being a idiot?” will get the hammer as well.. trust me certain ppl need to die.

        • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

          I come onto this site because i need some attention in my life. When I’m not too busy jerking off to Fitch, Rory and gsp’s pictures, I come on here and just say stupid shit so that someone will notice me.

          I love you Jonathan Parker Fitch!!! <3<3<3

        • danielrchargers says:

          the really sad part is… i think the first sentence you typed is true.
          :[ damn.

        • Team Scrappy Doo says:

          agree bobby.

  2. mj says:

    Good job bj, I like how you fucked with Rory´s head, he probably shot up right after he thought you pulled out. Either way a mind fuck for tristar

  3. ku says:

    wonder if rory will test too

  4. stephen riddle says:

    Good for u bj! Now like one other dude said lets have more bj news on here!

  5. CoCiO says:

    Lol now to see if Rory actually follows through with what he said and agrees to it. There goes his shit talk about BJ backing out, down the shitter.

  6. B-rad says:

    Yeah Rory Mac is probably sweatin bullets at this point, he thought he was gonna ease by testing like he did when he fought Diaz.. CATCH ALL THE FUCKIN PIN CUSHIONS

  7. A.James says:

    Good shit but I want news on BJs training. Let’s start hyping this fight. BJ is the reason why people will buy this PPV.

  8. scotty says:

    BJ needs to make some Vblogs now.. I remember they used to put them up, all through out the day, not saying to that now but we need a BJ vblog!

  9. sean says:

    Lets go bj!!! Your the best fighter period!!! Kick some ass at ufc 152!!!

  10. xhoochiex says:

    why isn’t this Co-main event?! boring bisping and standup instead

  11. Bd says:

    So what would this say about rory if he doesn’t undergo the testing…. If a fighter is clean, name one reason why hr would choose to not undergo the testing ?

  12. Taylor says:

    Fuck Rory and all those Tri-Star faggots. Firas and all those dudes are some serious homos. BJ please show up in shape and humble this guy.

    • allmightysandman says:

      you sound like a lot of BJ fans right now…nervous.

      it’s going to a very good scrap and could go either way…size and endurance to Rory. Striking to BJ as far as one punch knockout power….takedowns to Rory.

      gonna be good!

  13. Bob says:

    This is the main event fuck what dana says

  14. Nick says:

    Yeah, I’m looking forward to Bisping/Stann more than anything. Rory is a monster. And I love how people are running with an assumption. Chill. If he test positive then get on his nuts. Don’t go crazy with an assumption.

  15. The real cat smasher says:

    808 rulez

  16. Bob'O says:

    Penn proves once again that he is a class act. Rory has challenged a legend. He tried to play head games with BJ but he’s getting a lesson in the arts of the Prodigy.

    People underestimate BJ Penn. His experience is gonna be the factor in this battle. ~Bob’O

  17. Murphy says:

    I can’t wait to see bj beat some ass

  18. Xaninho says:

    Yeahhh BJ!

    That is some smart Sun-Tzu shit right there!

    Now let’s see if pizzaback will get on board with VADA or not. I’m guessing not.

    • fitchshouldhumpsonnensleg says:

      pizzaback….i loled out loud

    • Big J says:

      Dude, pizza back is a great description! Everyone clowns on BJ for showing to fights looking a bit out of shape, but the reality is this is natural, if you’re not “juicing”. This is something pizza back with extra peperoni knows nothing about…

  19. Jason says:

    any one else think that Rory looks like Captain America? So, you know he has been Chemically enhanced I seen the Movie, I know what happened

  20. Chael beat Bisping says:

    Good thing he is so focused in this VDA testing. He is fat and out of shape. He is just giving this fight to Rory. Shame on you BJ. You disrespect Rory by not training hard.

  21. NiggerDick says:

    Bj never trains hard, he’s lazy and content. All his buddies, including the ppl who run this website just kiss his ass and tell him he’s the greatest. They need to tell him that the sport is passing him by like so many others, he’s not the most gifted anymore and now he has to actually work at getting better. Bunch of pussies in his camp that just want a paycheck.

  22. joe mac says:

    The Timing is BRILLIANT! Rory is def going to test hot if he has the balls to sign this week

  23. Greeno says:

    Holy BJ Penn riders…He’s going to get lit up at UFC 152. BJ is full of excuses all the time. He needs to follow Nick Diaz’s advice and get a new group of people around him. Rory is going to smash him up so bad, he won’t be able to retire again in the octagon.

  24. JoeDirt says:

    My heart says bj, but my mind says rory.. I just cant think of a way bj can pull this off

  25. truth hurts says:

    BJ Penn is going to lose this fight. And get humiliated. He just does not have the cardio to fight at WW. He may have the skills. But he does not have the Cardio. He is also too small.

    Like it or not he is going to lose this fight and look very bad. I will give this to McDonald by TKO in the 3rd.

    Penn thinks this will be an easy fight. He is out of shape and fat right now. Too bad though. At least we have all those epic fights he did win to look back on. He is legendary.

    • Aaron Callicum says:

      pretty sure a “fat” “out of shape” penn beat matt hughes in his prime. good to see bj with a bit more meat on him at welterweight. maybe this time he wont weigh in with a pair of denim jeans on

  26. Dee says:

    Wait the fight is in September and August is middle of next week. BJ better stop playing mind games and get into camp. Rory has already been training for this fight since last month.

  27. jay dee says:

    sorry but i think that Mcdonald eating mutha fuker is fau==uarked???

  28. Gefco says:

    Yea bj just mind fucked rory saying we will do testing so rory won’t do roids now bj said screw the testing so rory would start doing roids now bj dis sign up to do the testing and is wait to see if rory will do it. Rory is going to say I’m not doing it he had his chance he’s going to get poped for roids.he going to cycle out then just before fight day rory will do it watch and see?

  29. Gefco says:

    Fuck that glass jaw Canadian bacon faggot

  30. The Coach Sez says:

    Mr. Penn,

    In order to defeat Mr. Macdonald you will need to train the following:

    Fart Sniff Defense

  31. A.James says:

    I like how Rory is so hyped but hasn’t beaten a top ten fighter yet.

    • AllDaySon says:

      have you seen this kid fight?! he looks like he could be better than GSP soon… this kid is the real deal, i really am pulling for BJ… but man he’s not going to have any advantages… can he win hell ya… but it will have to be a perfect fight!

  32. canadian homo says:

    everytime i come on this website i think of something rude to say it aboot time u recognize my skillz g-day mate

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