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Tuesday, 04/17/2012, 05:37 pm

Jon Jones "Training With These Coaches Is Unfair To Rashad"

By Lynn Mitchell:
Rashad Evans continues to insist-  it’s what he learned while training with Jones that will give him an edge in the fight.  Jon Jones puts in perspective both Jones and Evans know each other’s game – they’ve trained together.   Jones reminds everyone when Evans left Greg Jackson’s camp – Evans left his coaches, trainers and mentors.

 “He always talks down about Greg Jackson now and he always talks crap about our team, by saying our team was just commercial and we’re overrated.  But all those insults have really made it almost personal for our coaches.  We know his psychology.  We know what makes him tired.  We know everything about him.  He’s in trouble.”

“What people don’t realize is, Rashad says, ‘I trained with Jon and I have his number.’  But that’s a crazy thing for him to say, because I trained with him, and one thing all my fans know is that I’m not just a good fighter, I’m also a smart fighter.  If he truly believes that I don’t remember every training practice we ever had, what I landed and what I did well against him, he surely must remember that.  He should be nervous.  I’ve done great against fighters I’ve never trained with before.  I mean, I fought [Lyoto]Machidawhen I’d never fought a karate fighter before, and I beat him in a karate match.   So Rashad thinking that the time we spent together wasn’t extremely beneficial to me, I think he’s crazy.”

“I have the coaches that taught him how to fight,” said Jones.  “They taught him the guard passes he uses, the ground-and-pound system that he uses, the punches that he used to throw and the combinations.  I mean, it almost seems not fair sometimes.”

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70 Responses to “Jon Jones "Training With These Coaches Is Unfair To Rashad"”

  1. Nigga ass says:

    Jon Jones saying he beat Machida in a karate match is a lie, I thought Machida did well against him in stand up when they fought. I thought Machida won that first round what the hell is he talking about??

    • Anthony says:

      Machida definitely had Round 1, and Jones didn’t get the upper hand until he was grappling.

      Beat Machida in a karate match? Get off it Bones.

      • Team buffalo says:

        The dude is obviously the man, that what he keeps saying so it must be true. Punk ass cocky bitch is gonna get served via brutal ground and pound. Hope the ref doesn’t step in early and let’s Rashad put him to sleep.

        • Dizzl says:

          Damn, you think it’s gonna be that one sided of a beat down? I agree with you that if Evans gets Jones on his back he has a chance of really hurting him, but I just can’t see this fight being a blowout either way. I hope it’s a classic back and forth war!

        • Nextlevelteam says:

          Lol rashad is gonna get wrecked sorry to disappoint

      • Yeas says:

        Jones won the first round, as per the judges scorecards when they were released afterward. I believe the story was on here on, I can’t recall.

        It was pretty ridiculous that anyone would have seen Jones winning the round, but you can always count on the judges seeing in the oddest ways.

        As for the karate-match thing … he didn’t win anything of the sort. He made it into a wrestling match cause the stand up was getting painful.

    • You a dumb ass says:

      i know machida fans/jones haters wish that mma fights were only one round long. that way Machida could claim victory to a decision against Jones. It’s too bad that that particular fight was scheduled for 5 rounds, yeah?

      Machida almost died! did you see his face? that’s what lack of oxygen does to a body. Jones is a badass fightert and not cocky at all. that’s why people hate on him. if he was blatantly cocky and said “fck you, i’ll kick your fckn ass,” that behavior would be more acceptable to many dumbasses. deal

      • Simon says:

        Jones: “I believe it is my destiny to be UFC champ for many years to come.” Not sure where you are from but I can’t think of anything that is more the DEFINITION of arrogance than that right there. There’s trash talking and then there’s just deep seeded arrogance. That’s the latter.

        • Randy says:

          Please share a statement of “confidence” then. Here’s mine that I’ll share:

          “I believe it is my destiny to be UFC champ for many years to come.”

          How would a statement of confidence be worded in your opinion, then?

        • T-Pain says:

          Randy you’re going to weight Jones down at the weighins if you don’t get off his sack.

          heres my display of confidence:
          “I train to become the best and to be the best I must train to beat the best.”

          Thats the motto at my gym. Come down and I’ll destory u and ur dog

        • Randy says:

          Give me the fckn address, douche T Pain, and I’ll put you in pain…keyboard piece of sht. yeah, i’m calling you out. you ain’t the first, and you ain’t the last.

    • JDopeboi519 says:

      you guys are on crack machida landed 1 good shot in rd 1 thats all 2 outta 3 judges gave rd 1 to bones

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Jones beat him in a wrestling match.

      • Hey NOD says:

        SHAAADDUUUUPP ! Machida didn’t beat Jones in anything! Machida couldn’t even put away Rampage, so why is he considered so great???
        Got KTFO by Shogun! Beat 97-year old Couture. Ohhh, Machida is a karate master, but has 3 losses in his last 4 fights. The UFC is gonna feed him a cookie so he gets back in the win column. They don’t wanna cut the ever popular Machida!

  2. Rich Mendez says:

    Damn right! He talking out of his ass saying that comment about beating Machida in a karate match. The guy’s a homo! Hope Rashad pulls through and gets the W.

    • Dafuq says:

      “Jon Jones saying he beat Machida in a karate match is a lie, I thought Machida did well against him in stand up when they fought. I thought Machida won that first round what the hell is he talking about??”

      Yeah he didn’t counter him in the second round and drop him. He did lose the first round but he held his own as much as necessary to get to the second where he was able to impose his game.

      “Damn right! He talking out of his ass saying that comment about beating Machida in a karate match. The guy’s a homo! Hope Rashad pulls through and gets the W.”

      Indeed he was talking shit by saying he beat him in a karate match. A more accurate statement would have been “we basically had a kickboxing match for most of the fight and I held my own.”

      Yes he had issues with the Machida puzzle in the first round but what happened in the second round? He rattled Machida with a little ground and pound and then countered Machida coming in and dropped him.

      Also how “he’s a homo” even get said? That’s a juvenile insult which truthfully shows your maturity level.

      Anyways I hope Rashad beats Jones because I think Jon Jones needs to eat a big slice of humble pie.

  3. Patrick says:

    I am just hoping for a great fight that both men give it their all. My prediction is Rashad makes the fight very close split decision or possibly a draw. I think its to close to favor either or but, Rashads going to pressure him. It will be nice to see some inside fighting as a fan.

  4. exit 8 says:

    His head gets any bigger he wont fit through the cage door.

  5. Ryan kelly says:

    Can somebody just knock jones out already hes annoying and honestly rashad is to but i just want to see jones lose id like to c the underdog take the win in this

  6. JSP says:

    clearly Team Jackson is a bunch of yes men and will feed this kids ego every second of the day

  7. koolG says:

    I dont understand how anyone could stand to be around this ego machine just shut the hell up already

  8. Jerry says:

    If training with those coaches is unfair why not train with them and train with a whole new set of coaches to show that you are “better” than Rashad

  9. usman says:

    stfu you hopless bitch ass niggas, just because jones is gonna win and is super humble you niggas always talk shyt like stfu already man

  10. orion says:

    I’ve noticed Jon Jones takes the opponent down when he gets uncomfortable in the pocket, call that a bitch move in my book

    • Mmafighter91 says:

      That may be one of the more ignorant things anyone has said lately!

    • bobby says:

      Go watch boxing if you don’t wanna see takedowns. MIXED martial arts.

    • Hey Stupid says:

      What led to the 2nd round takedown, you idiot? a right to Machida’s big head. The difference between the 1st and 2nd round of the Jones-Machida fight was that Jones didn’t stay in the pocket during the 1st, but hell yah he did in the 2nd. Machida was swinging wildly and didn’t land anything in the 2nd . That makes him a good fighter? Machida ball huggers gotta wake up. Machida is fast becoming a LHW gate keeper.

  11. Firecat says:

    Jon Bones Jones is going to destroy Rafraud Evans!!

  12. ZC says:


    The fuck kind of response is that? There’s nothing humble about Jones’ attitude anymore. Ever since he became champion he’s done nothing but become an ego-maniac.

    I used to like him. Now I hope Rashad hurts him.

  13. Beat him in a karate match? what a queer. Do he usually believe the crap that’s comin out of his trap?

  14. pthance says:

    IF Jones finishes Evans I will give him his props…same as I give A. Silva his. But just like Silva I will still dislike him as a person. That being said, I think Rashad is going to smash the Jones mystique and get the win. Jones lacks any sort of combinations in his stand up, he is tricky…which is an advantage that only lasts so long in this game.

  15. Larsonmars says:

    Jon is not any more cocky than Rashad but there is one difference. Jons has backed up his talk in every case. What a bunch of crybabies. I like confident champions. That’s how they become and remain champions. I also think Rashad’s bravado is warranted and not over the top. That’s why we all want to see this fight. They have done their jobs in and out of the ring. I can hardly wait for Saturday.

  16. blahblahblah says:

    Jones will finish him..pretty sure of what it is…a fight..will want got to see..

  17. The WatchMan says:

    Truth of the matter is..yes he beated Machida…with a choke.Machida was way faster than Jones and i know Jones knew that. Karate match? Negative kid. SUGA GONNA CLEAN YOUR CLOCK. Remember these words come saturday. I like Bones…but something in the air is just telling me its not going to be his night. Stay tuned.

  18. Zack says:

    I pray to god that I will one day be in the same weight class as Jon jones. That cocky bastard makes me wanna grit my teeth out of my head.

  19. Alpha and Omega says:

    Shouldnt even question the MACHIDA fight…he got CHOKED DA FUK OUT PERIOD! As far as taking a man down when you feel “uncomfortable” u must lose all ur fights anyone knows to go to ur strength or to another option if plan A is not working … RASHAD BY SHOCKING KO ROUND 2 TO THE TENDER JAW BONE

  20. Cesar says:

    Jon jones is the fuckin man whoever hates on him should fight him and shut the fuck up :)

  21. Alpha and Omega says:

    Cesar! Cesar!! Cesar!!!

  22. Stu says:

    I think Jones has entered that relm of envy by MMA fans. You see this everytime a fighter puts together a long win streak and the MMA fanbase just turns on them, and picks appart everything they do and say. I am just as guilty as the next when it comes to this. Look at all of the champions, Cruz never finishes, Aldo only fights when he wants too, Henderson’s a new champ no complaints, but Edgar was only a point fighter, GSP never finishes, Anderson Silva only fights good matchups showboats ect, now Jones is in that category where he can’t do anything right for fans, but all of these fighters had fans screaming for them to get a title shot at one point.

  23. mjboss says:

    Jones is going to destroy Evans, and show him he needs to retire.

  24. feenom says:

    Stu, i couldn’t have said it better, well put. Jon Jones seemed to be hated on, but bottom line is, he is the champ. People can criticize his fights all day. But he comes out with the win, in dominating fashion. I understand in MMA anyone can get beat. I’m not saying Jones can’t be beat. I just don’t see any light heavyweight fighter ready to stop or beat him.

  25. Hectorpromma says:

    Seems no one is a true mma fan,just people who call themselves fans but don’t really know much.there are a lot of points to be made here,if you are a fighter with faith and confidence in yourself then of course you believe you will win,if not then why even fight? How can you hate on a proven champ who’s doing all the things he says he’ll do like actually finishing fights and not laying and praying.last time I checked if a fighter says he’ll finish a fight and then does just that then it garners a bit of respect from these so called “fans” of mma.not to mention a fighter who stopped every opponent he faced this year,four stoppages in a year,compared to the four or five in
    rashad”laynpray”evans career.jones stood and traded with rampage when evans wouldnt,making him the first to stop rampage,he didnt win a karate match with lyoto,no one is winning a karate match over lyoto in the ufc but.he choked that man to sleep,but lyoto knock rashad out.styles make fights I get it,but as that goes jones shows to be better,physically jones has the clearest advantage,6’4 cuts from
    235-240Lbs,84in reach,bigger longer stonger just as fast,i do not believe rashad can just close the distance quickly enough,stand with jones and eat a ton of kicks and straight punches,control what will be a physically dominant advantage in grappling,rashad is looking to make this fight a typical boring fuckin fight and if rashad has his way fans will walk away with a lot less than what they payed for,but jones will dominate im sure of it.

  26. jayh johnson says:

    I don’t understand what the backlash is, about Jones saying he’s going to beat Rashad. Almost every single fighter i’ve ever heard says the same thing, if not more. So he’s cocky now that he says he’ll win? Why shouldn’t he be extremely confident? He’s barely grown, at just 24 years old and he’s shut all the real men down……and he has less experience! I think this unfounded “hating” on needs to cease, and props should be given where props are due.

  27. Ruben says:

    Jones is a cocky ass nigga, bitch needs to pull his head out of his god damn ass. Im tired of that fucking clown. There is no one in MMA who needs to get fucking laid out cold more than Jon HOMO Jones. I hope Rashad clips him and pounds on homo on the ground a few times after he’s out

  28. Sick Brah says:

    John ‘dick lover’ Jones, big faggot. Hope you get raped boi.


    Machida was making jones look relatively average in the fight that jones says he beat him in a karate match,that’s why he had to switch to his wrestling/bjj game we ended up seeing him win by,which does prove jones’ point that he is a smart fighter but hes not invincible,not by a long chalk,rashads only had the 1 loss to machida and I still think if rashad had not fought machidas fight for him and instead used his own wrestling he would have won that but he obviously didn’t so it’s irrelevant but I just want to see the fight now!!

  30. Q says:

    The only reason people hate on Jon jones is because he demolished everyone’s favorite fighters. Grow up and accept that he’s one of the best in the UFC.

    • Zack says:

      Until he can’t make weight anymore. He said he would fight jds. So why don’t you say fuck rashad and go to your real weight class and get KTFO. Or let Anderson fight him. Jones would look fucking foolish. He ain’t shit but a 6 and a half foot slinky. Machida buckled his bitch ass so he ran and took him down. How can you ever get out struck when you have such a enormous reach height and size advantage.

  31. Zach says:

    Hahaha! Hilarious that there seems to be many brazilians or whatever on here hating on jones and defending the dragon. If ego is what fires you up, how could you possibly back Rashad over Jones? Ever since Rashad’s tough debut he’s had an awful arrogance about him (Matt Hughes hated it). Jones has never been a loud mouth guy going into any fight. This is an exception due to the personal relationship between he and Rashad. The guy is well spoken, doesn’t do dumb shit outside of the cage, and finishes fights. How could you not love this guy as a champ? And what’s with this Machida crap??? I remember the fight ENDING with Machida unconscious face down. Did I miss something? Oh, Machida landed 1 blow? Yea, well the Patriots scored a few points against the Giants in the super bowl but I think we all know how that turned out. C’mon kids, get it together.

    • lookatthesescrubs says:

      Yep this is spot on, the last thing Jon Jones is is cocky, especially compared to Rashad WHO TOOK THE NAME OF ONE OF THE GREATEST BOXERS EVER FOR HIMSELF COMPLETELY UNWARRANTED. The worst thing about Rashad isn’t that he is cocky though, it’s that he is a shitty fighter that will get schooled by Jones and he knows it.

  32. A.James says:

    I’m tired of the hype. Just fight already dammit!

  33. Guamy says:

    @lookatthesescrubs. Dude you look like your 13 first of all which means you dont know shit about fighting. 2nd Rashad has one of the best record in the ufc, so to say he is a shitty fighter just makes you sound idiotic.

  34. OJ says:

    The fact they’ve all been gamed by Hashad and have no idea is so hilarious. Hashad wanted to fight Jones, not the othjer way round. He took what Jones said out of context and has engineered this supposed beef. The most u can accuse Jones of is sucking up to Uncle Dana and being a company boy. And then? He’s 24. He’s the champ. Of course he’s cocky. Young pple are arrogant. The accomplished ones even more so. When he’s not a cyborg. I just find it hilarious pple getting butthurt and crying over it

  35. maurice says:

    no..LOOKATTHESESCRUBS is right. rashad talks more shit and starts more drama then any other fighter. then when he gets into the cage he hugs u against the cage, takedown after takedown with no damage or anything being done. if you look at the top 5 lhw rampage, machida, jones, rashad, and shogun, there is only 1 guy in that list who got there by being as gsp like as possible. and gsp a fucking cheat, but i even respect his skills more then rashad. rashad boxing is overrated, and they still show highlights of the chuck liddell and sean salmon highlights. like really? against top fighters rashad striking is nothing. and after watching his last fight against davis, i realized that rashad striking is actually worse then i thought! most overrated mma fighter of all time. the black jon fitch.

    • Not You says:

      You are a FUCKING idiot. Why would Rashad go out a trade when his title fight is on the line? He out wrestled an OUT STANDING wrestler in Davis. But you fucking 2 year old UFC fans can’t see it like that. “Herp derp, tha guy dident do ne spin elbow. He sux.”

  36. maurice says:

    lol, u are a retard. im 21 and been watching mma since i was 15. so im not new to the game. rashad has never been a good fighter and thats why he gets almost finished everytime he fights a top fighter. he beat tito, but really tito? the guy that should have retired years ago. not to mention somehow tito was able to stuff rashads shots and take him down b4 gassing. the phil davis fight was ridiculous. and just because he outwrestled davis dont mean shit. i remember watching the davis vs shad fight thinking, wow, Bones would destroy either of those two men that night. the saying is, “ur only as good as your last fight.” bones is coming off his most impressive win to date over machida. the guy who destroyed rashad without breaking a sweat. and rashad is coming off one of the most embarrassing wins in mma over that noob davis. still dont understand how rashad/davis snoozefest winner got title shot of the 25 men war between shogun and hendo.

    • CHAD UP says:

      Jones did beat lyoto but you cant say he destroyed um he was getting whoop before he got the take down and started to use some wrestling machida was doing real good and wow 21 “im a big boy now” rashad still been fighting longer than you were a fan

  37. Adam says:

    “I beat him in a karate match. ” I’m sorry what? At what point in time did Jon land the more significant strikes on the feet? He landed a bunch of little body shots, and dropped loyoto once (mind you, only after it turned from a karate to an mma match). Loyoto tagged Jon over and over with the hands.
    And the way Jon “BEAT” him was with a standing, against a fence, guillotine choke…which last I checked isn’t covered in karate.
    Jon always tries to come across like this articulate immaculate intellectual, but in reality he’s just a big fuckin douche with a massive ego playing the humble game. And from what I’ve heard from people who went to school with him, he’s dumber than dirt. Maybe that’s why god gave him long limbs–can’t lose too many more brain cells getting hit a lot.

    • CHAD UP says:


    • AMS says:

      Machida was winning round one on points in a dominants fashion…on points. He got tagged twice in round two with punches that rattle him to the bone, and I have to say that getting choked out standing up is embarrassing. It was a straight pounding.

  38. Brend0magic says:

    Rashad will kick Jones’ ass. Believe it playas!

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