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Tuesday, 04/24/2012, 12:16 pm

With Silva vs. Sonnen Moved To 148, Aldo Likely Option For UFC 147 Headliner In Brazil

By Jose Garcia:

Anderson Siva’s long awaited rematch with Chael Sonnen is now in place for UFC 148 in July, leaving the main event slot for UFC 147 in Brazil wide open.

UFC president Dana White said Tuesday that the event will still take place in Brazil on June 23, but there is still no main event set in stone for the event. The Ultimate Fighter Brasil coaches, Vitor Belfort will take on fellow Brazilian Wanderlai Silva and heavyweight Fabricio Werdum will take on Mike Russow.

A new scenario has emerged with the absence of a main fight at the Brazilian event. Jose Aldo is speculated to fight a TBD opponent on the awaited card. Aldo seems to fit the bill being a Brazilian native and the card needing a super-star for the event.

“We talked about moving Jose down to this card here,” stated Dana White Tuesday. “It’s probably going to happen. We’re working with his camp now.”

If the move takes place as planned, Aldo will be moved from his original scheduled fight in Calgary for UFC 149. The only problem with that is that would leave the main event spot open for the highly anticipated Canadian card. Not only does it leave the event with out a main bout, but the UFC still needs to decide on an opponent for Jose Aldo. Although we all desperately want a featherweight fight featuring Aldo and the ever exciting Anthony Pettis. Smart money would be on the Duke Roufus and Pettis training partner Erik Koch. Koch is coming off an injury set back but most recently defeated former Ultimate Fighter winner Jonathan Brookins.

If things wiggle into place as expected that will leave the main event card at UFC 149 vacant as well. Dana White also spoke on the possibility of moving a match between current light-heavyweight champ Jon Jones and number one contender Dan Henderson to the slot. “If we could make that fight, that would be great.” said White.
With Jones coming off of a five round championship bout, it will be interesting to see if he can recover and headline the card in late July.


21 Responses to “With Silva vs. Sonnen Moved To 148, Aldo Likely Option For UFC 147 Headliner In Brazil”

  1. The natural says:

    Y did it get moved not said

  2. Derek Schock says:

    Maybe to give Chael more time to bulk up..

  3. andy says:

    My question is if they were gonna keep the event regardless, why did they move the Silva/Sonnen fight?

  4. A T T says:

    Another event was scheduled in the sane venue in brasil

  5. zach says:

    Wasn’t it moved because they needed a big arena and due to the conference thing they couldnt secure a big one? So they can still do 147 itll just be in a smaller venue.

  6. Harris170 says:

    There was issues with the venue on top of that Dana said that there was not enough hotel accommodations for such a huge draw of fans. IDK why people keep saying its cus Chael doesnt want to go to brazil when he was just there with DW if people would actually read at all. Too bad we are waiting on Henderson vs. Edgar or they should make it Aldo vs. Edgar!!

  7. mean170 says:

    Aldo vs. Koch? I don’t see Aldo being beat at 145 anyway, but that doesn’t seem like a fight fans want to see. Can any of the Top 155 guys make 145 other than Frankie? Why not Pettis? Can Jim Miller make 145? And Silva will beat Sonnen anywhere, i was just looking forward to seeing Silva’s performance in Brazil.

  8. Xaninho says:

    Why do you think they had the press conference in Brazil and not in Vegas? After the last press conference in Vegas all fighters were subject to random drug testing by the NSAC, Overeem pissed hot there for whatever reason.

    DW KNOWS Sonnen would get caught if the same thing would happen after a press conference in Vegas. So they didn’t take the risk and held the press conference in Brazil where they wouldn’t be tested.

  9. Adam says:

    Sonnens gonna stomp Anderson. For all you saying “oh he barely beat bispng” do you not know how good lisping is?! Please watch the fight between him and wanderlei and tell me that wasn’t the clearest fight you’ve seen plus lisping has improved significantly after that fight. I guess you thick headed Silva fans haven’t seen the first fight between Silva and Sonnen.

  10. HD MMA says:

    I think that a fight between Aldo and Koch would be a barn burner! If you do your homework you’ll see that Koch is a top notch fighter and would be a great matchup for him!

  11. The natural says:

    Does anybody really care to c Aldo fight guys not a main card attraction anymore proly most overrated fighter in UFC

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