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Monday, 12/30/2013, 09:37 am

With Anderson Silva injured, Roy Jones Jr. Now Wants Nick Diaz

Before UFC 168 there had been plenty of speculation about Roy Jones Jr. maybe boxing Anderson Silva. Both guys had said they would love to do it, but following Anderson Silva’s broken leg at UFC 168 it appears that Jones Jr. has his eye’s set on another UFC fighter to box. According to Roy Jones Jr. has now set his eyes on Nick Diaz.

Nick Diaz and Roy Jones Jr. had similar discussions back in 2009, and Nick Diaz has long wanted for the challenge of testing his boxing skills against a professional top-level boxer. Well, Roy Jones Jr. is just that, yet a slightly older, slower version of his legendary self. Jones Jr. is still fighting at the age of 44 and is 3-1 since 2011, and is 57-8 overall following his win last week.

On the after show of UFC 168 on Fox Sports 1, Chael Sonnen declined to comment on the situation saying it would never happen because of sanctioning and other reasons. Also according to Dana White said he would “think about it” when told of Roy Jones Jr. wanting to box Nick Diaz.



26 Responses to “With Anderson Silva injured, Roy Jones Jr. Now Wants Nick Diaz”

  1. zack says:

    whats there to think about dana? Diaz doesnt want to fight for you. All of these promotors are scum. Fighters are the reason you have over 200 million dollars at your disposal. If they want to fight let them fight. Greedy prick thats why you just lost your two biggest draws.

  2. Bob'O says:

    Roy’s boxing, even at his age now, would make Vitor look like an absolute fool, and I love Vitor. Calm down, many of you understand nothing about just pure boxing. Only Silva would have gave Jones a fight, now he is done. Unless Jones drops down to atleast 185, then Nick should not fight him. However, at 185 I think Nick could hang, but Jones would most likely out point him. Nick knows how to box though, he’s probably the best boxer in the UFC easily. ~Bob’O

  3. Bob'O says:

    Anyone who thinks Nick would gas out should understand that the dude has swims from Alcatraz island to pier 39 San Francisco. Fix your stupid brains. He would most likely get out pointed by Roy, but Diaz knows how to point up as well. It would have to be at 185. ~Bob’O

    • Cowman777 says:

      Jones would out point Diaz? Jones would decimate Diaz bro. Are you serioud?

      • Bob'O says:

        I know he would, I am a life long Roy Jones Jr. fan, but he would not knock Nick out. He would make him look a fool though for sure. Calm down bro. Weight class is a big part of it too. I love both fighters, so you know how it goes. Roy and Evander were my favorite boxers back when Boxing mattered. Now it’s Diaz and Penn in the UFC who both are half retired, and will soon be gone for good. Best wishes man. ~Bob’O

        • Cowman777 says:

          What amateur boxing experience along with professional boxing experience does Diaz have? Just one pro fight. Thats it. Jones is still beating Boxers who have amateur and pro experience. He would destroy Diaz.

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