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Wednesday, 04/11/2012, 03:25 pm

Winkeljohn On Cornering Against Evans | Rashad Is Lost, Jon Has His Number

By Jamie McAllister:
UFC 145 is getting closer and closer as this happens there are numerous polls and forum discussions about who is going to come out on top in the main event Jon Jones or Rashad Evans who better to break down the situation than the man who has worked extensively with both fighters on their striking games Mike Winkeljohn.

“My personal opinion is that Rashad is lost. He’s in a place where he’s not sure what he wants to do. I honestly think Jon has Rashad’s number right now, and Rashad is using this feud to distract from the fact that he is worried about the fight.”

“With Machida, he was a little tentative, and had not fought a left hander, so he was a little uncomfortable, but very comfortable when he fought Rampage. If Jon fights long, he’s pretty much unbeatable.”

“I wouldn’t say it’s easy for him to get in and get out. Rashad is very explosive. He can get in and he can move off at angles, but we kind of know what he’s going to have to do to get there. There’s no doubt he’s going to be in tight. We expect to get taken down and maybe have to get up, and maybe even take some damage. With that being said, I have confidence that Jon can keep him at length”

Some interesting quotes from Winkeljohn in a recent interview with Stephie Daniels of

Do you think Jones will be able to keep Evans on the outside or do you think Rashad will be able to get inside and work ? Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this one !


48 Responses to “Winkeljohn On Cornering Against Evans | Rashad Is Lost, Jon Has His Number”

  1. Balls McGee says:

    I didn’t hear total confidence in what he said. Rashad prob will get in expect to get taken down take damage.

  2. Peter says:

    I can’t wait too see Rashad kill the hype !

  3. Ruben says:

    Who’s winklejon??

  4. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    BS he was so scared of Rampage especially in the earlier rounds.

  5. Dee Rock says:

    “I think, therefore I am” Both men are attempting to psyche themselves up and each other out! Rashad wants the disloyalty to stick in his head and everyone knows ‘revenge is like the SWEETEST JOY next to getting pu$$!” Jones says I took your place with Greg because your washed up and I’m better than you lol I personally think Rashad will do damage and show great confidence in the 1st rd, by second round I think Bones will begin to swing momentum in his favor. 3rd Round Rashad taps from standing guillotine choke ALA Puff the Dragon! *muah*

    • Joe Bidden says:

      Rashad, 4th round.

      He’s gonna come out strong and actually pressure Jones. Guarantee Jones will snap once he’s lost two rounds from Suga 😉 Rashad by TKO middle of the 4th. Calling it haha.

  6. squid says:

    greg jackson and mike winkeljohn, though great coaches, are two-faced, sniveling, little weasels

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      squid you sir hit the nail on the head!!! well said

      • BootySweat says:

        How can you guys say that without having met either of them?

      • Itchy Balls says:

        well,….he did say it…..but makes no sense….what da hell is Rashad gonna do after he loses to Jones? Drop to MW? Nah, 20 lbs more to shed would take the fight outta Rashad. HW? That would be interesting… Leave Blackzilians? Back to New Mexico? Rashad will be a lost little boy.

    • Mike says:

      You don’t know crap …… Rashad painted that picture cuz he’s cry baby ….. Read my comment at the bottom, then tweet Dana White and ask him ! He will tell you the same damn thing …… Jackson’s 4-Life

  7. JerodR says:

    Funny thing is that even if Rashad wins, Jones has already proven that he is more than just hype. Hype does not give you the dominating performances Jones has had in his short career. Hype doesn’t beat people like Machida, Shogun, and Rampage the way he did either. Some day Jones will lose, but it will not be because he was hype. It will be because he just got beat.

  8. meow says:

    greg jackson the weasel boy

  9. King says:

    and the NEW!!!!!

  10. winkeljohn touched me says:

    winkeljohn is so full of crap! he is trying to get his name out there and get some fame. Everyone has been calling Team Jackson “Team Lay n Prey” or how Rampage keeps going Team Boring. That they will take you down and hump you.

    He is the yes man that Jones enjoys having around him.

    • Itchy Balls says:

      Yup, lay and pray fighters like Condit, Jones, Cerrone, Diego Sanchez, Diego Brandao, Kennedy…All these lay and pray guys…hmmm…wait…..nevermind…

  11. jonsey says:

    you see jones mentally breaks if things are not going his way at end rounbd 1 with machida..had round 2 not been in jones favor i think joones would have quit mentaly,,,very interesting fight..but jones is fukin big big guy so i think he takes the wrestling like wit bedor

    • Anti-Hater says:

      Name a fight he was ‘mentally broke’ and lost….

      Game, set, and match.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Everyone knows Jon has a weak mental game. That’s what comes with a fake persona that you have to keep up with. He’s constantly talking about people that love him when no one ask. Who does that?

        Machida rd 1… He doesn’t look his opponents in the eye during a staredown… This is evidence that he has a weak mental game. His youth and skill have been making up for his mental short comings.

        • Jonny Blaze says:

          Ninja Oreo Dollop hits the nail on the head. If you watch the recent video where these two were interviewed in the same room you can tell how fake jones is and how young and dumb he is. I thik if (when) Evans touches Jon’s chin….goodnight Irene!

        • Mikey says:

          I dont quite agree, fedor never looked at his opponent during staredowns and is known as one of the greatest fighter.

        • Joe Bidden says:

          Fedor was also just a humble, very reserved, calm fighter.

          Jones is outspoken, energetic, and not exactly the most humble man to ever walk the Earth. For him not to make eye contact with someone means he’s either faking his energy, or he’s uncomfortable around them. Rashad makes him uncomfortable. Rashad can’t beat Jones on talent alone, almost no one can. But he can beat him mentally.

          Jones won’t look Rashad in the eye. All it’ll take is a couple takedowns by Rashad and a couple missed shots by Jones and he’ll start doubting himself, his gameplan, his coaches’ gameplan, and his chances of winning. That’s the whole point of Evans’ extensive trash talking and “I know what you’re doing” routine. If he can beat Jones the first round, he’ll win the fight once Jones starts breaking.

          Just my 2 cents (Plus a little more :P)

        • Rod says:

          Actually, if you pay attention to jon’s fights.. He almost NEVER stares his opponent in the eyes during the staredown.

  12. Mike says:

    Here’s the real reason rashad is mad at jones and Jackson..

    Rashad was jus about to fight shogun for the title but he got hurt. He wanted shogun to wait for him but Greg Jackson pushed for jones to take rashads place. That’s why rashad said that Jackson back stabbed him. Now, rashad is bitter at the Jackson camp cuz somebody else is the focus of attention and he is on the back burner… My advice to rashad is, suck it up and get over it ! Bring your “A” game on the 21st cuz jones is going to let you feel the pain from all shit talking you’ve done and by the way, you didn’t help build crap here at Jackson’s, you were just a great wrestler with no stand-up and haven’t changed a bit !!!!

    • Joe Bidden says:

      Evans built Jackson, sorry to say. He was, at one point, the most popular fighter Jackson had in his possession. Evans WAS a big component of Jackson’s success today. Doubt the man’s motives all you want, but when you start throwing facts out the window, you just look stupid.

      • Mike says:

        You got your facts mixed up buddy, the one fighter who really put Jackson’s on the map as a great place to train and a great team in all, was Diego Sanchez right after he won the ultimate fighter. Sure, rashad was the first champ there but who trained him to be that champion ? Jackson and winklejohn ……. Rashad had no standup game before he came to Jackson’s so get off his nuts…… He’s an ungrateful piece of shit and will have his ass handed to him next weekend…

    • David says:

      Ummm, that’s not right. Watch UFC Primetime. Evans was jealous of Jones before he even came into Jones’ camp. He even said to Jackson that he didn’t want Jon Jones to be apart of Greg Jackson’s team because he saw the potential, and saw Jon Jones as a future potential opponent. Evans is also butthurt because after Jones won the title, after they swore they’d never fight, Jones said regarding a potential fight with Evans: “This is Dana White’s world, and we as fighters live in it. If that is what Dana wants, then I guess it would have to happen”. Which is the truth. When you’re the champion, you can’t refuse the next person in line, even if it’s a teammate/training partner. Jon Jones recognized that fact and stated it as such that he would have no control over who Dana White puts next in line, and if he put Evans next in line, he would have no choice but to fight him as the champion. For whatever reason, Rashad saw this as a challenge to him, and some great insult when it was clearly a fighter stating a truth that EVERYONE knows. Then Rashad acted unprofessionally by trying to air dirty laundry in the media, and was mad about not being the top dog in Greg Jackson’s camp anymore.

  13. koolG says:

    these guys are filling jones head so full of shit he’s unbeatable bla bla bla when he does lose against shad or whoever jones mind is gonna explode.

  14. Kinda disrespectful of a former trainer to speak that way…And I am still not sold on the idea that Jones CAN take a beating.

  15. Itchy Balls says:

    Rashad this, Rashad that…blah blah blah blah….Rashad sucks, plain and simple. He finished Tito Ortiz in Tito’s twilight of his career. Big deal. Couldn’t finish Rampage, Thiago, or Phil. Jones, on the other hand, finished Bader, Shogun, Rampage, and came close to murdering Lyoto. Jones will expose Rashad for being a fraud who has no stand up. JON JONES CHAMPION 2012.

  16. jones nutz on evans chin says:

    K let’s start by not quoting dead guys…evans is going to be shitting out his teeth he’s going to try and land that overhand bomb it will only set jones on his ass it aint going toi knock him out after rashad shits a brick from that he gunna pounce and jones is gunna get him in a leg triangle p.s its not as easy as ppl think to submit from a standing gillotine that was jones last fight get real he got the win cuz buddy was fkn sleeping I know amatures that haven’t been submited standing buddy just had butterflys n when jones grabed that neck he should of poped out instead he went to sleep it was all over but the crying

  17. Gomay says:

    What is he going to say ..YEA Rashad is going to fuck him up? Rashad has one of the best inside clinches in the division and Jones long ass arms won’t be an issue then.. so then it falls to who has the better wrestling? Give that to Rashad again

  18. Sully says:

    Don’t think Jones has ever been tested. Machida clipped him and then everyone said ‘See! He can take a punch!!’ – Machida isn’t a one-punch knockout artist. He kills you with combo’s – the one punch isn’t going to wobble you.

    Evans however knows how to throw that killer right that puts people down. I honestly think Evans has this fight if he doesn’t get complacent and emotional.

  19. Tex says:

    Jones is going to tear a new whole in Rashads crying tail

  20. Kayce says:

    Jon jones Is going through a chuck liddell phase, he isn’t unbeatable. He will get exposed slowly and someone will capitalize. But straight up 6’4″ in LHW, pussy needs to move up.

    • Hey Dummy says:

      It’s WEIGHT CLASSES, not HEIGHT CLASSES. And since you want to change up the game, what would be the heights for each division?

      FH – fly height
      BH – bantam height
      FWH – feather height
      LH – light height
      WH – welter height
      MH – middle height
      LTH – light tall height
      HH – heavy height


  21. mzel says:

    why would winke leave to have his own camp? he has been there for years and made champions.
    look all i have to say is machida beat evans by knock out and gave jones a fight but got put to sleep, but machida couldn’t keep jones down and machida beat evans at his own game and evans last fight, he had a hard time with davis and went to a decision, sorry unless jones deviates from the plan, it’s lights out for evans.

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