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Thursday, 07/26/2012, 01:42 pm

Why We Haven’t Seen The Last Of Chael Sonnen In The Middleweight Division

By Evan Stoumbelis
After losing to Anderson Silva for a second time, fans are left to wonder what Chael Sonnen‘s fate will be. Chael spoke with UFC Today’s Ariel Helwani about a possible move to the Light Heavyweight division.

“There is simply an option to start over by changing weight class. My mentors have done it, and it could happen. I would go up to 205. Jon Jones. There are some great guys at 185, but traditionally and historically, it is a good way to get a fresh start and start over.”

Here are 5 reasons why we haven’t seen the last of Sonnen in the Middleweight division:

Sonnen looked good in the Silva fight
Anyone that watched Chael’s last fight with Anderson Silva saw that Chael looked good. He came out strong in the first round, and demonstrated superb wrestling skills as usual. Before that loss, Chael was on a 2-fight win streak, defeating Brian Stann and Michael Bisping, who are both very good fighters. Chael has put together a successful middleweight career, and become #1 contender twice.

Anderson Silva is nearing the end of his career
Anderson Silva has been fighting Mixed Martial Arts for 17 years, and has put together an unbelievable record, but the fact of the matter is, at 37 years old, Anderson is nearing the end of his career. When Chuck Liddell retired in 2010 he was 42 years old, that being said he went 1-5 in his last 6 fights spanning over his last 3 years. Chael Sonnen on the other hand is only 34 years old. If Anderson retires soon, there will be nothing stopping Chael from winning the middleweight title.

Chael promised his dad he would win a title
This feeds off of my last point, Chael promised his dad before he died that he would win a UFC championship for him. Chael is only 34 years old, and many of the top level middleweights are around the same age (Bisping, Munoz, Maia etc) and in my opinion, his chances of defeating another middleweight for the title after Anderson retires are far greater than his chances of defeating Jon Jones at light heavyweight.

The move to light heavyweight won’t be permanent
If Chael moves to Light Heavyweight like he has talked about, I can’t imagine the move being permanent. Chael would only be fighting in the light heavyweight division until Anderson retires. As I said before, once Silva retires, there will be nothing stopping Sonnen from getting middleweight gold.

Sonnen vs Jones would be a bad idea
Stylistically, Sonnen would not do very well against Jones. Unlike Silva, Jones has a wrestling background, he was a high school, and collegiate wrestler. Jones is also known for his unorthodox striking and unbelievably long reach, Jones holds a 10 inch reach advantage over Sonnen. Therefor I give the advantage to Jones over Sonnen in a fight.

What do you think PENNATION? Should Sonnen move up to 205?

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46 Responses to “Why We Haven’t Seen The Last Of Chael Sonnen In The Middleweight Division”

  1. Nick says:

    I think he should just start stacking wins at Middleweight til Anderson retires. I really don’t see anyone in the MW division, besides Anderson, beating him.

    • Never Will Get A Fair Assessment says:

      of the Sonnen-Bisping fight from people who hate Sonnen. Never. I watched that fight 3 times after the original broadcast, and Sonnen won without doubt. He controlled the fight.

      C.Judges shall evaluate mixed martial arts techniques, such as effective striking, effective grappling, control of the ring/fighting area, effective aggressiveness and defense.

      This is how Sonnen won the fight: he controlled the “fighting area.” His aggressiveness was effective, or at least judged to be more effective than Bisping. Bisping did land some good strikes. But in the big picture, Sonnen scored better, period.

      Hate all you want, you’ll see Bisping get annilhilated by Silva if Bisping is ever given a shot at the title. I don’t hate Bisping, but I’ll be rooting for the All-American. Stann for the win.

      • dogfart says:

        i hate chael but i had him winning that fight actually but it was fucking close and i mean close
        ive watched it over a few times as well just cos it was a good fight and one round could have gone either way.
        if anything it could of been a draw but ufc couldnt have that as it would fk up the later cards

        eitherway chael won and he should have won

        sick of hearing this bullshit about him promising his dad before he died. pretty sure most fighters make a promise to someone that they are gonna be champ before the inevitable happens.
        does that mean all fighters become champ? no
        Anderson is slowing down already. if you compare him to how he was 4 years ago you can see it, yet he still beats a healthy testy chael.
        pretty much no one in mw will beat him over the next 3 years. hell retire at 40 i reckon

  2. Drew says:

    Bisping beat him.

    • JMFP says:

      +1 hell yeah he did. Sonnen got a gift from the judges that fight

    • hazza says:


      Many others beat him too

    • Sr.stinson Unknow says:

      ok, how exactly bisping beat sonnen. Round 1 sonnen was the aggressor and score a few takedowns so was all sonnen except for the last minute maybe.Roun 2 bisping stopped sonnen and landed some good shots so bisping won that round.Round 3 was clearly all sonnen,he took bisping down and satayed on top pretty much the whole round,sonnen won that round. That makes 2 for sonnen and 1 for bisping, so please shut the fuck up,sonnen won period.

      • Nuitari X says:

        Bisping won. And by the way your boy Sonnen even said it to Bisping himself after the fight. So all you delusional Sonnen fanboys please shut the fuck up and listen to your daddy when he speaks.

        • Sr.stinson says:

          Dude get over it Sonnen won and it wasn’t even a close fight is not like it was a diaz/condit kind of fight (Btw Diaz won rounds 1,2 and 5) and the reason why sonnen said that was because bisping hurt him so he felt like he lost the fight but I’m sure if he watch the fight again he would change his mind. Oh I almost forgot, I may not listen to you “daddy” but I certainly listen to your mother every time I fuck the shit out of her.

        • dogfart says:

          he won but it was a very close fight and if you say its not you clearly were only watching the highlights retard

      • Sonnen only has one nut says:

        He lost dipshit, deal with it.

  3. Mike b says:

    I think he should move up to light heavy he said before it might be a possibility.that would be interesting.i agree I don’t think anybody at mw can beat chael except silva.205 I think would be more of a challenge for him.since he said the 205 weight class is the weakest in the UFC it would be fun to see if he can actually back it up.

  4. Chaelisdead says:

    Who the fuck wrote that article??? Hahahaha are u fucking with us? Sonnen looked good against silva? Are u serious? The guy got DESTROYED in the second round after already losing 2 yes before. Sonnen promised his dad? Ha ok so he never break a promise like saying he would retire if he lost again.. Mmm.. And jones is not stylisticly good? Comon dude u know jones would destroy him like silva did. Seriously this ‘journalist’ needs to stop sucking sonnen steroid balls and go find another job. Fuckwit

    • Me says:

      If you know anything about MMA you’d know Sonnen looked great against Silva, Name me one other UFC fighter that has controlled Silva for 1 round except Sonnen/Henderson? No one has even come close. He mounted him which no one has ever done before and he took him down with ease. And ‘destroyed’ in the second round? He never got destroyed… He just got Anderson Silva’d (The greatest MMA Fighter off all time.. Period) And as for lieng? He announced that stipulation AFTER the STANN fight Anderson never took up on that offer so that mean’s the stipulation is still not out there that is why Silva never said anything about that coming into this fight. And as for you’re last part off you’re little rant you just completely contradicted you’re self. Do us all a favor if you’re going to hate the writers just don’t bother coming to this website and go to another one, we won’t miss you.

      • jay2868 says:

        If you knew anything about mma dumb fuck you would know lutter mounted and won a round against silva. Sonnen is a cheater and convicted felony get off his dick

        • Silva cheats says:

          And I guess you were sitting next to Cecil peoples when Silva rubbed Vaseline from his face all over his body, and held sonnens shorts, almost taking them off.. Silva cheats too..get off his cock and pay the Fuck attention.

        • Jason says:

          How did Silva rubbing a little Vaseline on his shoulders keep Sonnen from shooting in, and getting, a double leg or single leg takedown? And him grabbing Chaels shorts wasn’t done with the intentions to cheat I’m sure. I’m sure it was done with more of a thought of “oh this guy talked tons of shit and is trying to run away from me, punch punch punch”.

        • KZJ! says:

          Agreed… Silva held his shorts for over 25 seconds straight!

        • Me says:

          Get off his dick? LOL.. what an old school MMA insuslt. I wanted Silva to win the fight I’m just stating the fact that Sonnen never looked ‘bad’ and that he never ‘got destroyed’. :)

    • Bjj Brown Belt says:

      I have already seen you saying stupid comments before. You are an absolute dickhead! Any real martial artist could tell you never trained a day in your life. If not you would some respect for these guys. Like them or not, they are here to entertain YOU! Every fight they put it on the line for the fans. So please, have some respect. Oh, by the way, if you take everything Sonnen says to the heart, then you are better off watching wwe. Can’t you tell he is trolling you! It’s all hype to get you watch the fight you, dumbass! Let the writer do his job. By seeing your incorrect grammar, I could tell you could never do his job. Period! Now, shut the fuck up! Thank you :)

      • dogfart says:

        i dont like him but he is the ultimate troll

        i mainly dont like him because of his fan base only liking american fighters and general ignorant nut licking

        chael himself is a pretty funny dude

  5. Scotty says:

    Sonnen is actually 35 years old.. But even if he does win the title after Silva retires, he will have in the back of his mind, he could never beat the champ A.Silva and only could win when he retired.. For a huge competitor it will bother him for along time maybe even for the rest of his life. But dont think it would ever bother him if he went to 205 and won a title there cause he would prolly have to fight Jones is another pound for pound champ! Thats just my take on it..

  6. Diego Millan says:

    ok, how exactly bisping beat sonnen. Round 1 sonnen was the aggressor and score a few takedowns so was all sonnen except for the last minute maybe.Roun 2 bisping stopped sonnen and landed some good shots so bisping won that round.Round 3 was clearly all sonnen,he took bisping down and satayed on top pretty much the whole round,sonnen won that round. That makes 2 for sonnen and 1 for bisping, so please shut the fuck up,sonnen won period.

  7. kong says:

    please stop reporting on this clown. this site is more about chael than it is about bj penn. why cant we get as much bj penn news as we do chael. i’d like to here more about bj and how his training is going and diet etc.

  8. Kingsforge says:

    I love how this whole article is based around Sonnen becoming champion only once Silva has retired, it’s like “If you’re not a good enough fighter to be a champion, just try to hold on long enough for a real champion to retire, then you can hopefully be his shadow”

    Even if Silva retires and Sonnen becomes champion it still won’t mean a damn thing because everyone will know Anderson Silva kicked his ass twice over.

    • your an idiot says:

      Twice over? He didn’t exactly kick his ass in the first fight a triangle choke with 1:30 left in the fight isn’t exactly dominating. Second fight was going Chael’s way b4 he tried that fuckin stupid spinning backfist and then yeah he got his ass kicked after that.

  9. sando says:

    come on bj, get better writers and editors.
    the writer, Evan Stoumbelis, and the editor(s) need to check the facts before they are published.
    Chuck is 42 now, not in 2010 when he retired. Born December 17, 1969.
    that’s where i stopped reading.
    i would edit for free to bring more credibility to your site

  10. Joegun says:

    Put em against Phil davis

  11. Stand-up comedy. Not much of a fighter, so go away like you promised, grab a mic and tear famous people apart, you’ll make a killing. You’ll knock em out! Mike Tyson loves you, maybe he’ll endorse your start on Broadway.

  12. Luke says:

    he should downgrade on weight and continue TRT lol

  13. GRT 3000 says:

    go to 170 an fight Maia; see if your up for that action!

  14. Drew says:

    Chael should be a man, keep his word, and fucking leave doing something on fuel tv permanently… Dont stand there call a Derain out again tell him he sucks and say u will leave the UFC forever yet your still here…

  15. Xaninho says:

    He should go to Strikeforce. He would be a champ there and keep his promises.

  16. ya herd says:

    bisping vs, sonnen, was a very close fight could of went ethier way, but if it was a 5 round fight bisping would of finished him in the 4th round, sonnen had him in some of the most dominent postions in that third round and he didnt do no damage, bisping got up near the end of the round took him down and landed 3 big elbows to his head, sonnen was gased and could harly walk after the fight bisping would of beat him real talk, if they meet again and its a 5 round fight bisping will 100% beat him, if its 3 rounds i think chael could steal antother win

  17. JK LOL says:

    Did the writer of this miss the fact that silva, even at 37, still gets better every fight? Even if he loses a step or 2 over the next few years he will still be a mile ahead of everyone else at 185.

  18. Dee says:

    Sonnen is not beating anyone at 205 so lets just stop there. Also I can see Belcher Rousimar Palhares, Bisping, and Vitor beating him with ease. I think him and Weidman would have a great fight, but yeah Chael’s best shot was at Anderson.

  19. Because... says:

    Reach means everything in MMA…
    This article fails. Speculation after speculation after speculation…
    Let Sonnen/his management announce his own decisions when they happen

  20. Justen says:

    Cheal should leave the ufc like he promised.

  21. Jovi Ware says:

    You should probably have to have some kinda knowledge about these fighters to write about them.

    Chuck Liddell retired at age 40
    Anderson Silva has been fighting MMA for 15 years
    Chael Sonnen is 35

    How bout you do your research next time you write an article instead of guessing

  22. UFCtoday says:

    This article is saying the only person who can beat Sonnen is Anderson Silva, which is absolutely ridiculous .. Chael said himself that Weidman was the best Middleweight in the world (after the Munoz fight) including himself…

  23. Retard says:

    Did a 10 year old write this stupid article? The only people that like Sonnen are racist americans. He lost to bisping, got destroyed by Silva and has to be on TRT from abusing steroids for so long.

    I want to hear about BJ and his training, not about has-been cheaters. Whats the point of having BJ’s twitter account if he never posts anything himself!

  24. AJ says:

    I think Evan (the author) should have taken Phael’s dick out of his mouth for a minute before writing this. Who says Anderson is close to retirement? Comparing Chuck and Anderson is ridiculous, as Chuck was NEVER as dominant as Anderson. I am a huge fan of Chuck, but we need to be realistic here. Let’s take a look at Randy for a moment, and then tell me that 37 is getting old when you are a dominant fighter. Also, if Silva holds on as long as Randy did, that would mean that Chael would take over the MW title at an older age than Silva is currently. Makes sense…/eyeroll. Lot’s of guys make promises to their dad, mom, grandma etc. that they will win a title someday, but very few actually do. So that statement is pretty ridiculous. Finally, we cannot overlook the fact that Sonnen has had to abuse TRT in order to reach Anderrson Silva, just to lose TWICE! Silva does not uses TRT. I don’t know if he ever will, but if he does, you can expect his career to extend a bit as well. But if Sonnen has to abuse TRT just to get to the dance, and still loses to an older guy who doesn’t go the TRT route, I would say Sonnen is closer to the end of his career than Silva.

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