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Food For Thought | Why Don't Bellator Fighters Fail Drug Tests?

By Giovanni Burns:

On the brink of trying to scramble for a possible replacement for UFC Heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem after a failed drug test, questions remain about the fact that UFC fighters are failing drug tests at alarming rates, as opposed to the second largest MMA promotion Bellator and other “B level” mixed martial arts promotions. So why don’t Bellator fighters fail drug tests? In order to answer this question, one must first understand that all professional sports have incidents of athletes who failed drug tests. Who can forget Marion Jones having to relinquish her 5 Olympic Gold medals after failed drug testing? But still, why is there such as difference between the UFC and Bellator?

First, let me tell you something that you already know. MMA is a fight and win consistently or find another day job career. In the UFC, three loses in a row are almost sure to get you laid off by Dana White faster than Donald Trump can point his billion dollar finger in your face and utter that famous saying “Your fired!”. Most UFC fighters find themselves in lower level MMA promotions like Bellator and/or stocking shelves at the local supermarket for minimum wage after given the ax. There’s nothing wrong with honest work, but as a MMA fighter it’s a humiliating demotion and slap back to reality that they don’t have what it takes to be a UFC fighter. Most professional sports have minor leagues and in order to propel yourself to the big show in the MMA arena (UFC), fighters must impress Mr. White and his comrades not only in the octagon, but also outside the octagon by demonstrating fair play. Any UFC fan can tell you that failed drug tests not only pisses Dana White off, but the fans also feel cheated after being hyped up for a fight card, and then having to settle for the replacements because of one fighters horrific decision making skills.

Pressure is always present in the UFC for fighters to perform at a high level due to the UFC’s well-deserved high status with MMA connoisseurs and ZUFFAS enormous expectations to put on gladiator like performances. But aren’t we all taught as young chaps to resist peer pressure and do what’s right? Bottom line is that Bellator fighters have dreams to advance to the UFC to compete with the best MMA fighters in the world and for the most part, don’t place themselves at risk of missing that big paycheck and opportunity to perform in front of huge audiences that only the UFC draws by using performance enhancing drugs (PED). UFC fighters on the other hand, have nightmares of getting demoted to the “B level” promotions, as it is a clear sign that they couldn’t hang with the best of the best and some delusional UFC fighters with low self-esteem feel that it is better to cheat by ingesting PED’s than to put confidence in their God given talent. Shame on you!
Giovanni Burns


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  1. mike says:

    Great article!! Every pro sport has athletes that believe they need PED to compete at the highest level or to overcome a injury faster so they can compete at the level they once were. Football, baseball and even WWE Wrestling. The truth is the fans don’t care as long as they get a great show!!!! But other fans do care because when they. get caught using the juice and not get punished, its showing the young fans its ok to cheat instead of working hard.

  2. Meri says:

    As a newbie in this sports arena, I feel the article was clear and concise. And it answered a lot of questions while providing the subjects of said article with a way to get themselves together and man-up, the natural-use your- given- talents way.

  3. Karriem says:

    Great article..I do believe that Dana’s very hard on his fighters,

  4. Ryan says:

    I’m not sure this answers the question. Is it really all about pressure? Bellator fighters and strikeforce fighters And smaller organization fighters are always so much bigger and puffy than UFC fighters. Look at middle weight jacare or Kennedy compared to Chael or bisping. Rumor is organizations don’t test when the card takes place on Indian reservations? Wonder if that’s true. Or since bellator and other orgs aren’t as well known, is there less media and pressure on the commissions to random drug test and publically display results? This question takes a little bit more research. Plus bellator fights in a lot of random states, itd be interesting to see what commissions policies there are. All we ever here about in recent events in ca and Nevada commissions.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      The Indian Reservation is a great point. From my understanding, Indian Reservations are self-governed to a certain extent. Not to say a Native Americans don’t have to abide by US state or federal law. So I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case with lack of testing for events that take place on reservations.

    • Carl Gale says:

      So true, I just posted a comment lower down the page which goes into some detail about how the UFC may actually be more pressured to test their fighters than any other Promotion, and hence the reason why now Strikeforce fighters have also been found to be cheaters!

  5. Dee Rock says:

    WTF is this crap! PEDS are for losers and a no tolerance rule should go into effect! That will keep the sport clean and natural like CAPTAIN AMERICA baby!!!!!!!!!

  6. A. Chung says:

    It could be that some of the B level promotions don’t test their guys or they don’t reveal the test results to the public! Think of it this way, however you never hear a big name player get busted for PED in the NBA? Two words “cover up”.

  7. marc says:

    ok this article was crap, the article name is why dnt bellator fight fail drug test. this question isnt answered at all.

    • Scott says:

      This article didn’t say shit bout bellator the reason y these guys don’t fail drug tests is because this is what they need to put food on the table they r true athletes and have to much to lose

  8. Benny Blanco from the BRONX says:

    Pressure is not a good excuse to take performance enhancing drugs…each fighter has their own reason for taking them but whatever the reason it’s going to ruin ther life in the LONG run!

    Marc read the last paragraph again bro!

  9. The natural says:

    Just a matter of time before they catch more guys in UFC too bendos as in Ben Henderson has been juicing since he got into UFC it has something to do with stepping up ur levels to compete at higher levels and it’s easy to cheat

  10. kevin says:

    I would hardly call the rate of positive tests alarming considering how often they test compared to other sports. I expect a few people here and there to try and cheat, thats life.

  11. Robert says:

    “God given talent” should read “the talent and skills they’ve worked so hard to hone and perfect.” FTFY.

  12. Alex says:

    This article dosen’t really answer the question and desperately needs an editor.

  13. NVR says:

    Far More UFC athletes use PEDs than get caught. It is pretty easy to pass the tests and guys that are diligent and disciplined will pass. THAT is why Dana gets pissed. If the UFC truly wanted to stop they could implement more stringent testing (you can Google Vic Conte’s comments on steroids in MMA)The truth is they don’t want the UFC athletes to be clean just like most other professional sports organizations.

  14. The natural says:

    It’s vision test that’s like saying Brock never juiced because he didn’t get caught a grown man doesnt double in size at this level of the game unless…..

  15. Brenden Burns says:


  16. Carl Gale says:

    well either that or these other promotions don’t get as much attention when it comes to fighters getting checked for PEDs. Remember, despite the UFC being the biggest MMA promotion in the world, the fact that they are also the promotion that has gone hand-with-hand with the sport when it comes to both growth. MMA was considered bad by many people in the 90s and the UFC was the face of the sport of the time, so as both grew up, the bad taste for both still exist to a degree. So Athletic Commissions must of decided to test UFC fighters more frequently than any other promotion in the world to show the world that that not just the UFC, but MMA is as squeaky clean as can be.

    Just think about it for a second. Alistair Overeem never failed a drug test no matter where he was, PRIDE, DREAM, Strikeforce, he was clean the whole time. That is until he got in the UFC, which before his first fight he was being dodgy about his drug test, giving two blood samples at home without being witnessed or supervised by anyone from the NSAC, which meant he had to either go to Las Vegas and give a urine sample within a few days or be forced off the card against Brock Lesnar. So personally, I believe Overeem has done PEDs before, but found that the drug testing for the promotions he’s been to before were probably so soft that he was able to predict when they would test him and gave himself enough time between taking any PEDs and the time it would take for it to disappear from his body to keep using it. So once he got to the UFC, and realise how much they hounded him for drug testing, he couldn’t predict it any more, took a risk and got caught with a testosterone reading the same as what 14 normal men all tested would read. So PEDs may actually be running rampant throughout MMA, not just the UFC, just it isn’t being checked as much as the UFC fighters have been.

  17. Chest Rockwell says:

    It’s “You’re** fired.” Not “Your.” I know bloggers aren’t professional writers, but this is an easy thing. Let’s make sure all your copy is edited before you post.

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