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Wednesday, 02/29/2012, 12:43 pm

Who's The Underdog, Rousey Or Tate? | Find Out Here

This weekend on Showtime a bantamweight title is being put on the line in the female division.

Champion Miesha Tate will look to defend her title for the first time against the rising star that is Ronda Rousey. The media and MMA world are buzzing over this matchup, so much so that it is arguably overshadowing this Friday’s UFC on FX 2 card in Australia.

On one side of the cage you will have the champion, who has hasn’t lost a fight in nearly three-years, is 12-2 overall and has been virtually unstoppable since entering the Strikeforce promotion. She has the experience factor and again, she is the champion.

Standing opposite her will be the very brash and outspoken challenger who many say “talked her way into a title shot.” She is an Olympic Judo Bronze Medalist for the United States, she is undefeated in three amateur and four professional contests. Out of her seven MMA fights he has finished every single one of her opponents with an armbar in under a minute.

In most title matches the champion is given the edge by odds makers. Miesha certainly has the credentials on paper to be warranted as the betting favorite. But Ronda poses an interesting challenge to anyone in the female division.

So who is the betting favorite in the fight and who is the underdog?

Check out the screen cap below from

If you believe Miesha will retain here title there might be some money to be made. Anyone surprised that oddsmakers have Rousey as the heavy favorite going in to Saturdays main event?

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27 Responses to “Who's The Underdog, Rousey Or Tate? | Find Out Here”

  1. allmightysandman says:

    after all her comments about her fear of a camel toe i’m more interested in her outfit now than the fight. It will be entertaining to watch cause they’re both cute…not cause they are really exciting Mixed Martial Artists.

    • Gank Train says:

      If you don’t find rousey exciting to watch, you aren’t a real MMA fan. she is a judo MASTER. what isn’t interesting about watching her smash chicks?

      • Dog chapman says:

        Eh bruddah u have no taste now beth dddddaaaammmmnnnn lol uz a clown

      • allmightysandman says:

        settle down pal…just a light hearted comment. Of course I’ll watch, of course it’ll be interesting…but for the record, it’s really not you that determines who is and isn’t an MMA fan.

        …last time i checked we could post whatever we wanted, but thanks for checking in overlord.

  2. one says:

    Who gives a shit :/ When Cyborg returns she will demolish Rousey

  3. david says:

    this is going to be the hottest fight in mma history lol

  4. BJ S says:

    You guys are ignorant pricks, Couch fighters, and lost. The only thing lacking in womens MMA is depth. There is no shortage of skill. As far as the question goes it should be a very interesting fight, but I do believe Rousey dethrones Tate

    • Dog chapman says:

      Bruddah cyborg the only girl I watch scrap rest is booooaaarrrinnn dum ass unless u high on ice brudda

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        Did you really just refer to Cyborg as a “GIRL” MORE LIKE AN “IT”
        I highly doubt Cyborg will be welcomed back to Zuffa after her year suspension for “STEROIDS” EVERYONE has always known from the first time they laid eyes on “it” that we were all looking at a MORPHED out steroided “BEAST” No REAL girl should ahve ever been allowed in cage with that beast. In fact i would bet the Farm Cyborg would TEAR APART Kenny Florian at 145lbs. Better Mauy Tai, way way stronger, just as tall. Yep that beast would tear thru most men same weight without an doubt

  5. MMACRAVER says:

    Rousey is way bigger then her… probably gonna manhandle Tate with the one judo throw we see her use over and over, then go for an armbar. maybe I’m wrong though. we will see.


  6. david says:

    i usually judge a winner of a womens mma fight by who has the bigger tits, but in this bout…..

  7. G says:

    The better looking woman will win, as usual. (Rousey.)

  8. Mike says:

    2 hot ass women going at it? whats not to love

  9. Miesha Tate's jockstrap says:

    It will be one of those cliche moments.. where the fight is over as expected.. an armbar in under 1 minute… Nothing will be resolved as far as getting to see a 5 round war. Then we will not hear the end of Ronda with her new stage for popularity at a point where no one will care. Thats how I see this going. I hope its not the case but just seems like all this hype always leads to a quick fight.
    I hope Cyborg is able to come back somehow….. just for the sake of seeing more competition in womens mma.. but cant imagine anything big happening besides seeing the dutch ex champ coming back as well

  10. I’d like to see these two go at like this :)

  11. LMAO says:


    Noone cares, seriously.

  12. Ruben says:

    Man if this is what Dana and the UFC are gonna try to mold female mma into then i rather it die off instead. Hearing girls talk shit is stupid and pointless…get back in the kitchen

  13. Ruben says:

    All you geeks thats are excited for the fight because they are hot, would you please discover pornography, you want to see really hot girls going at it with one another just go to xxxbunker, youjizz, spankwire…etc. Please do that

  14. guamy says:

    both these chicks are extremly talented and exciting to watch. it just makes it better that they arent all that bad looking either.

  15. magoo says:

    ^^^^^ can someone get rid of this annoying waste of breath Dog Chapman,the dude is plain stooopid!!

  16. jonsey says:

    tate will lose her belt in round 1 if ronda is actually able ge that ugly big bones body down to make weight…the more sexy chick always loses it never fails…they both suck reeally..cyborg would smash them both..

  17. chee says:

    who ever watches this is the underdog… b/c you just can’t win watching women try to do a man’s sport.

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