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Thursday, 07/26/2012, 01:00 pm

Who’s next for the Korean Zombie? | UFC News

By: Chris Taylor

It was recently announced that UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo will be returning home for his next title defense, when he faces Erik Koch in Brazil this October at UFC 153.

After reading the news, I immediately thought of Chan Sung Jung, who had recently called out the current 145 pound champion following his impressive victory over Dustin Poirier in May.

The bout between Poirier and Jung was originally slated to be a title eliminator fight. It was thought that Jung would go on to face the winner of the Erik Koch vs Jose Aldo bout, that had been set for UFC 149 this past week in Calgary. Due to an injury suffered by Aldo, that fight was postponed and has now been moved to UFC 153, leaving the Korean Zombie in limbo.

That said, there are still some very intriguing possible match-ups out there for the Korean Zombie. Chad “Money” Mendes is coming off a very impressive victory over Cody McKenzie at UFC 148 this month. Chad is now 12-1 in MMA, with his only loss coming at the hands of the current featherweight champion. A victory over the Mendes would all but guarantee a promised title fight for Jung.

Another interesting match-up would pit the Korean Zombie against fast rising featherweight Ricardo Lamas. Lamas has won all 3 of his fights in the UFC, his latest being a victory over Hatsu Hioki, who was thought to be the 2nd best feathweight in the world at that time.

Who would you like to see as the next opponent for the Korean Zombie? Let’s hear it Penn nation..


14 Responses to “Who’s next for the Korean Zombie? | UFC News”

  1. LOLz says:

    id play it safe and take lamas

  2. Nick says:

    I’d like to see him fight either. He’s a gamer and is probably willing to fight either of them. I had Llamas losing against Hioki though.

  3. BJJWhiz says:

    If he’s plays it safe he fight lamas but if he fights Chad and beats him I truly believe he will give jose Aldo the toughest fight he’ll ever have.

  4. Slash says:

    I would like him to take Mendes it would be the more interesting match up and it would guarntee him a title shot if he wins.

  5. Jstorm says:

    I wanna see him fight Cub Swanson. Not really a smart matchup. Cub needs another win before he gets that close to the top of the pile. But its still a fight I want to see happen asap.

  6. MMA FAN says:

    cool man!!

  7. Zero KooL says:

    Let’s not forget about ‘Do Bronx’

  8. B-rad says:

    it doesnt matter who he fights, its gonna be fucking exciting!!! I swear this guy is the most exciting fighter in MMA period! I bet he would fight his own mother with that much intensity!! Give him the champ it would be a better fight than Aldo steamrolling thru Koch :/

  9. A.James says:

    Zombie should get Llamas because they’re closer to a title shot than Money. Zombie has had some serious finishes lately.

  10. Mike says:

    Can’t be Mendes because Zombie trained with Team Alpha Male. Anyone remember when Faber was teaching the Zombie English?

  11. Samwell says:

    Mendes would be a true test, I think it would be the right person to fight for Jung

  12. Ben says:

    Doesn’t matter now. Chan-Sung Jung’s recovering from shoulder surgery. He took on the Poirier with a torn rotator cuff. Sorry to spam, but here’s the article:

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