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Monday, 04/16/2012, 11:02 am

POLL | Who will you root for this weekend, Jones or Evans?

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This is it, UFC 145 is upon us. This weekend in Atlanta Rashad Evans will look to dethrone Jon Jones in one of the heatest MMA rivals in history.

But who are you rooting for? Cast your vote now!


32 Responses to “POLL | Who will you root for this weekend, Jones or Evans?”

  1. jvd says:

    the only advantage Rashad gets is that Jones has been his training partner, but in terms of skills I go with Jones!

    • Dylan says:

      Rashad is more explosive, more technically sound Jiu jitsu wise, wrestling I would also give to rashad, striking is about even because radhad has more power but jones has a large reach advantage. Smart money is on rashad.

      • yeah yeah says:

        great response. i would only add that we haven’t seen Jones on his back so we really dont know how good he is there and we can’t punish Jones for not being put in a bad position. not saying hes better than rashad but i feel hes very good but i do have Jones in this fight.

      • jvd says:

        the only problem is lyoto beat the shit out of rashad, and jones almost killed lyoto..isn’t that enough proof how powerful jones is

        • robby says:

          More explosive to Rashad? Did you watch the Phil Davis fight? Nothing too explosive about that. Same situation with the Rampage fight, lots of controlling the cage, but nothing that shows explosion. The only way Jones loses this fight in my opinion is if Rashad catches him with a punch or controls Jones with his wrestling for 5 rounds, which I don’t see happening.

        • fegegewgtr says:

          yeah not too explosive what about the knockouts of chuck liddel and sean salmon, explosive doesnt just mean knockout.. rashard as explosive takedowns shown in pretty much all his fights

        • mike r says:

          knockouts of chuck liddel and sean salmon??? hahahaha that was like years ago, Rashad cant bust a grape lastly. Explosive takedowns? That’s rule #1 when taking some one down , every wrestler is explosive when taking down. Rashad has no chance.

        • Dick Diaz says:

          there is a lot of fight triangles… where A will beat B, B beats C and then C beats A. like BJ Penn beat sean sherk and deigo but lost to nick diaz, who lost to both the people BJ beat.

          i’d like to add that Rashad definitely has knockout power where as Jon Jones doesn’t…

        • mike r says:

          Jon Jones doesnt have KO power? He knock people out before just not in ufc. Rashad hasnt KO in years and one KO was from to a BUM Salmon, and the other was to Chuck who fights with is hands down like a moron and has a glass jaw.

        • Silvas scared says:

          Well said! +10

  2. andy says:

    I love when rivalries get heatest.

  3. With Rashad Evans in this pole, he’s a great MMA/UFC fighter; and I’m picking Evans HANDS DOWN for the WIN!

  4. johnyfz450 says:

    i dont like either they are both so cocky and i hope there is a double knock out like Gray maynard and Robert Emerson back in the day fuck evans and jones

  5. Kdizzle says:

    I think rashad is Gona put a ground n pound hurting on jones!

  6. Harry says:

    Well, Jones certainly doesn’t seem to be the peoples champion.

  7. rondo says:

    Looks like alot of Shad fans out there….sorry your all gonna be disappointed after Sat night,cause JBJ will STILL be the UFC LHW champ….bring on Hendo!

  8. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I only bet against Jones once when he fought Rampage. I think Rashad has the best shot right now in the lhw division and that counts Hendo. So.. I am making a final decision and it’s Rashad winning by RNC in the third. If I am wrong, so what.

  9. warrior808 says:

    Bones will murder Rashad like he has done with all his fights in the ufc.

  10. Hayden says:

    Evans; Jones needs his cocky face smashed in, just hope Rashad can catch him..

  11. Daniel Hunt says:

    Jones all the way for me the kid is the real deal, if he beats rashad whos left? Anderson Silva maybe thats what i call a fight 😀

  12. Jb says:

    I wanna see how jones is off his back….but I think jones wins via tko end of first or second. But I’d love to see jones be brought back down.

  13. Fedor says:

    Jones is a good fighter but he’s still a little sloppy in his stand up. He will get flustered and Rashad will take him down. Rashad has more experience, heavier hands, stronger, just as fast and better wrestling. Jones is good but he is over hyped. Remember, jones ripped off Evans style of crawling in the cage and at the opening of the fight. Watch Evans vs Rampage. This proves that jones is still figuring out his own style. He is good. But Rashad is a great fighter. Rashad should be the only comparison to Ali.

  14. Ali says:

    I back jones to win no question, but i am rooting for Evans. I used to like Jones but he seems arrogant, reckoning he is worthy of superfights,being a general ***** to Evans whilst constantly reminding us of his self proclaimed humbleness. Kids a douche, its a shame cos he is technically awesome. Anyone agree?

    • Ali says:

      Also, i recon people are over estimating rashad a tad, if he does get jones down hell just get messed up by jones’s pointy ass elbows from guard. Not pretty, gnna have to close distance and gat him against the cage, which will be almost impossible until the later rounds

  15. HaVaginaButts says:

    I think Jones has all the tools to be one of the greatest fighters ever if not the greatest, but the problem is for all his talk of being humble… he has not been humbled. His actions outside of the cage… the way he has dealt with teammates… the way he has dealt with coaches… the way he has instigated confrontations with Rashad in bars and public places…. the way he has conducted himself in interviews…

    He’s not a real man of God. He’s a man-child who has children. He needs to grow up. I want Rashad to win because well… I hope it makes Bones a better man and a better fighter… because right now… he just seems like an entitled punk.

  16. bdizz says:

    If Rashad can get inside and take the fight to the ground it could be a long night for Jonny – But if Jon can stuff the takedowns and check his kicks Rashad’s fucked! Actually now that i really think about it Rashad’s fucked…

    Cocky or fake humility this kid is here for awhile better get use to it…

  17. Tko21 says:

    Man all I kno is that this fight is serious n real going into this fight rashad is serious n motivated gonna be a long night for bones.

  18. Cagin says:

    Jones will run thru Evans. Mark my words and thank me for the tip off later.

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