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Thursday, 01/05/2012, 07:46 am

UFC POLL – Who Takes it, Overeem or Dos Santos? Vote Now


147 Responses to “UFC POLL – Who Takes it, Overeem or Dos Santos? Vote Now”

  1. Thom says:


    • phace says:

      Although Reem was impressive the other night. I question Brock’s condition and mindset going into that fight…not to mention his gameplan. Not the same Brock that attacked Cain last fight. 1 takedown attempt against a non-wrestling striker? What was that? Overeem still has a lot to prove at heavyweight in my opinion and I think JDS is going to smash him. I’d be surprised if it went any other way. Better matchup though(than Brock vs. JDS) for entertainment purposes.

        • phace says:

          Get off his nuts

        • Faust says:

          But he has very very nice nuts…

        • Blah blah blah..stop whirling Jds’s wand fanboy. Reem has 36 wins in pro fights..a lot to prove? Yeah ok..

        • IknowMMA says:

          JDS via KO round 1 or 2 write it down

        • phace says:

          Ok Overeem nuthugger(Chartmonster), If you read everything I typed you’d see that I said AT HEAVYWEIGHT! In that division Overeem hasn’t really fought top tier competition. I mentioned Werdum(who he had trouble with and JDS KOed in round 1) and Brock(who I think was affected by surgery, ring rust, and a disinterest in furthering his career). All the other fighters he beat AT HEAVYWEIGHT are mid level competitors. If he was to beat JDS(which I doubt but you never know) then I’d give him his props. In the meantime though I’d see he still has something to prove AT HEAVYWEIGHT.

        • Lambo says:

          Ok and Silva had trouble with Maia right??? Werdum laid on his back like a whore…

        • phace says:

          @Lambo, yes, that is true..however, he was landing a lot of punches on Overeem when he actually stood up and fought. The way the fight looked, Werdum could have stood with Overeem a little more in the process of trying to get the fight to the ground. However, I guess he lacked the confidence. Silva vs. Maia is a terrible comparison BTW.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          30+ wins impressive 10+ losses not so much.

        • KingGareth says:

          You learn more from a loss than a win. Some guys records are padded with soft fighters from earlier in their career. Anyone who had 25+ wins didn’t get them by fighting the best out there.

      • IknowMMA says:

        It’s true idiots !!! Brock has never been a fighter, Reem had only one fight in the UFC you guy talk about been on JDS balls when you all the ones crying like little bitches when someone says the Reem has a lot to prove, well guess what he does! And JDS will KO him real quick!

  2. bizzle says:

    JDS boxing is just to damn good..

  3. Lex w says:

    I’m goin for jds but this fight is going to be excellent

  4. Xaninho says:

    Overeem can stay on the outside throwing legkicks. JDS doesn’t check legkicks that well. I noticed that against velazquez, he can’t do that when Overeem is across from him.

    • jj says:

      @Xaninho you realized JDS has a weakness checking leg kicks in a fight that lasted a minute?? Actually I recall but correct me if I’m wrong JDS rocked off of Cain throwing a leg kick

      • Xaninho says:

        Cain’s legkicks aren’t the same as Overeem’s. I think Overeem won’t drop his hands like Cain did against JDS.

        JDS never faced any elite striker like Overeem yet. Overeem has faced elite strikers before, so the experience advantage goes to Overeem.

        • eddie says:

          Sad to say but Cro Cop was done before he fought jds

        • Xaninho says:

          Cro cop was on his way to retirement already.

        • Rowe says:

          Really, Cro Cop was one of the few people JDS never knocked out, which is weird considering that, aside from a broken orbital bone, he wasn’t as roughed up as JDS’ other opponents (Nelson and Carwin).

        • phace says:

          Overeem’s experience against elite fighters in MMA has been at light heavyweight. Who has he really beaten at heavyweight worth talking about? Werdum is good but not an elite striker. Brock isn’t a striker either(even though he thought he was one the other night).

        • phace says:

          Also, remember that when Werdum fought JDS he got KOed in the 1st round. Overeem didn’t quite just run through Werdum in the standup.

        • Werdum isn’t a stand up guy and walked into an uppercut ..big fkn deal. If Cain faces Jds again after Jds loses to Reem the outcome could favor Cain!

        • phace says:

          The point I was making was that Werdum isn’t a stand up fighter and was giving Overeem problems in the standup. He gave JDS no problem in the standup. As for your comment about Cain, you could actually be right. You never know what can happen in these fights. Cain is a top contender…who I think can beat Overeem too.

        • Xaninho says:


          Overeem has k-1 experience, that’s about as elite as you can get in the striking department.

          The fight against Werdum wasn’t impressive, but looking back at it knowing now he had a broken toe and a broken rib, does make me look at that fight in a different perspective.

          It was pretty damn bad-ass he even finished the fight with such a bad training camp due to the injury he had.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          mark hunt was a k-1 champion, i think hes super bad ass and a pioneer, but how is he doing in the ufc hw division? lol, reem has no chin, jds will ko him.

        • Xaninho says:


          JDS can KO everyone if he lands a perfect one, that’s not the point.

          You comparing Mark Hunt with Overeem is preposterous. I know Mark Hunt never played a significant role in MMA, but he never played a role in K-1 either.

          Reem has no chin? I wonder where that fairytale is coming from. He got only defeated by 5 (T)KO’s in 47 MMA fights!

          And all in the 205 division. He had too much trouble cutting weight. As a result he was dehydrated and in a far less than 100% overall condition on fightday.

        • phace says:

          @Xaninho MMA and K-1 are 2 different animals just like boxing and MMA. All fighters come in with injuries. Werdum and Overeem claimed injuries before that fight. To me it sounds like an excuse. We’ll see how Overeem looks against JDS. I have nothing against Overeem..I actually like his persona and approach to things. However, I still think his next fight is where we will see how good he really is.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      He also injured his leg before the fight, that’s not a fair assessment.

    • Xan..da REEMMONSTER got this easy! All the Lesnar fan are present and accounted for..

      • Xaninho says:

        I dunno about easy Chart, but the only one that has the tools to beat JDS is Overeem. If Overeem doesn’t win this one, I see JDS being the champ for a really, really long time.

      • Jaedr says:

        stfu you are a chael sonnen fan so that automatically makes your opinion null and void. It also makes you a total moron so go die in a fire.

        • snooks says:

          Relax jaedr. How does that make his opinion null and void? Everyone is quick to beak eachother on an online poll I see… Jds will try to stand and bang with one of the best/ most powerfull kick boxers in the ufc… Not going to end well for Jds.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          It just does @snooks. trust me. Shartmonster is a tool.

  5. jvd says:

    lol me and my bro was just arguing about this, he says overeem has striking and grappling unlike dos santos he says dos santos is only good in boxing. but I’d still go with dos santos! overeem just got lucky with lesnar cuz I think his illness made him weak.

    • Schlock says:

      You’re an idiot, haha.

      • Logan says:

        No, he’s actually smart…Lesnar had ring rust and wanted to quit MMA, he was looking for a way out. Lesnar lost 20 lbs of muscle from is “disease”. You sir are an idiot.

        • Xaninho says:

          So in your opinion Lesnar WITH diverticulitis was in better shape than Lesnar diverticulitis-free and in his own words “100% in the best shape of his life” ?

          The sick Lesnar demolished Frank Mir, so where does that put Frank Mir?

        • phace says:

          Fighters say a lot of things before fights to hype the fight. Then you notice after the fight they talk about how they were injured or something was wrong before the fight. I think people basing it on what we saw rather than what Brock claimed. Lesnar looked good after his 1st operation(Carwin, Velasquez). However, after his 2nd operation he didn’t look the same(Overeem). It really doesn’t matter now though. We’ll see when JDS and Overeem step into the cage. Hopefully both fighters are 100%.

      • jvd says:

        All I’m just saying is that we didn’t get to see Lesnar fight to his full potential. I’m actually on Reem’s side for ufc 141. But Overeem and Dos Santos is a different story..

  6. Jason says:

    why do people still underestimate overeem… how long is this gonna go on?? people need to start recognizing that hes the real deal and more than likely the best and most well rounded heavyweight in the world… can dos santos win?? of course he can hes outrageous as well. but overeem is an absolute beast. he didnt get lucky against lesnar hes just that good. he also has a whole bag of nasty submissions that noone seems to notice. hes got an insane guillotine, nasty armbars and kimuras. its time everyone started giving the guy the respect he deserves… anyone can win on any night but on paper overeem has significant advantages over the entire division.

    • Christian says:

      We’re not underestimating Overeem, we’re accurately estimating Dos Santos.

      • jerome says:

        Dos Santos couldn’t put away Roy or Carwin, yes he put away Werdum and Reem didn’t, but look at both fights, Werdum was trying to box with JDS, and NOT trying to with Reem, so saying that JDS KO’ed Werdum and Reem didn’t is like saying snow and water are the same. Yes they are similar but because of differences in temperature they are in fact in a different physical state

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          wrong! werdum outboxed reem and already submitted him easily in their first fight. i know everyone is hoping reem who has as many losses as jds has wins can somehow pull a rabbit out of his ass and beat jds but unfortunately cain has a better chance at beating jds and we all saw how that went.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Roy and Carwin are better fighters than Werdum. They also have stronger chins than Werdum. I don’t even think Carwin has been KO’ed or TKO’ed in his career. You are comparing apples and oranges. Also Werdum decided to stand and trade with JDS and Overeem. Werdum got KO’ed by JDS and gained a decision loss against Overeem. Out of the two times that Overeem and Werdum have fought Werdum is the only one to have finished his fight definitively in their Pride fight by submission. If he is the best striker in MMA how come he couldn’t finish Werdum in either of their fights? Werdum is a BJJ specialist with crappy stand up…..

    • hypehpyehype says:

      well said

  7. eddi says:

    REEM for sure he’s faced good boxers jds is prob the best but it will be Awsome

  8. SP says:

    There’s no point even trying to predict who wins any fight. So many people thought Brock would win. As many fights have demonstrated, any fighter at top level has a chance to win a fight.
    Best to just stay quiet and enjoy the show.

    • Richard Harris says:

      So true. I never understood why people attack other people on these forums.

      • Because says:

        it feels great calling a person an “idiot.” it makes us feel superior to the entire public! there are no repercussions for our comments, therefore, we say them with reckless abandon. if i call you a dumbass, who is gonna know or do anything about it? it is something we can’t do in real life without getting our faces smashed in, so we do it here! when critics attack me, it only validates my point. Happy New Year Everyone!

        • lol says:

          Too true.

        • baldy says:

          @ because…true that.
          keyboard tough guys….its half the fun of this site. dudes gettin all pissed off cause someone doesnt aggree with them, or posts something they dont aggree with. lol so rediculous…and so hilarious.

  9. Jb says:

    Overeem will kick the injured or healing knee. And jds gas tank ain’t great. I’d have to say Reem if it’s an outside fight or goes into later rnds

  10. tim says:

    Cant pick on this one.. but it will be a hell of a fight.. Hope it lasts atleast 4 rounds

  11. PING says:

    JDS by overhand right or uppercut through the guard!
    No one has seen his ground game either.. but I’m assuming since he’s from Brazil…

  12. says:

    Overeem has more power I give overeem the slight advantage

  13. Jadin says:

    i think if overeem can clinch more standing up with jds then he will have a slight advantage, due to his more strength advantage and also overeem has some of the deadliest knees ever seen, so idk the fight can go either way they are both great fighters

  14. Cristian0 says:

    Junior Dos Santos destroyed Fabricio Werdum, something Alistair Overeem wasn’t able to do. It will be one of the best fights 2012. Slight edge to Dos Santos, his movement is much more fluid and agile then Overeem. If Overeem had good take downs then it would be another story as that size and strength would be perfect to utilize against Dos Santos.

  15. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    In MMA you are who you train with. JDS has excellent Boxing and he does train in BJJ in Brazil with hero Big Nog, Lyoto and other well known fighters coming from Brazil. He’s gonna KO Overeem especially if he leaves his neck out like he did with Lesnar. Plus good things happen to good people. JDS ain’t going anywhere.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I think that fight could have gone either way. Overeen wasn’t exactly dominant in that fight like he was last Friday.

    • slacker says:

      Striking is one thing, but Overeem also threw him to the mat like half a dozen times or more. He also scores points for Octagon control. He had to continuously get the ref to stand the guy up. He lay there like a crab on it’s back.

    • I remember Chael outstruck Anderson too..

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        umm reem didnt finish werdum, finishing someone removes all doubt from the fight as to who the winner is, at least for most knowledgeable fans.

        • baldy says:

          @mmaislandjunkie…”finishing someone removes all doubt from the fight as to who the winner is” this is true, unless your chael sonnen, lol! he tapped aka got finished… and i honestly think that fool thinks he won that fight…pleease munoz bust his jaw and make him shut up and diappear…at least for awhile.

        • jerome says:

          mmaislandjunkie, remember Werdum boxed with JDS against Reem he knew better. Against JDS at that time JDS was unknown for being an elite boxer. As I stated earlier Werdum fought two entirely different fights against both people, had Werdum fought the same way against JDS the outcome would have been different (not saying he would have won but he wouldn’t have been KO’ed) I think Reem has an advantage in this fight, I am looking at the Roy Nelson fight and I think Reem would have KO’ed Nelson with a knee from the clinch and that being said I feel that Reem has an advantage, I think he will try to use his kicks to keep Santos off balance then when they clinch knees to the body will take out his gas and finally in the end it will be a knee to the head or a kick to the head that ends the fight, and if it is Santos that wins he will win by clipping Reem on the chin then pouncing and getting a ref stoppage.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        10,000 baby slaps (from the realtor) < 1 triangle (from the GOAT)

  16. MMA MASTER says:

    The last man standing wins this one,lol

  17. steeler says:

    im goin with junior by 1 ko i think he has the better hands, better takedown defense, and better chin, but that being said i know overreem has better kicks and knees. theyre so good at standup either could ko the other

  18. momo says:

    this is going to be one of the toughest fights to call 2012.

  19. browneye says:

    Chael sonnen would crush either. Period

  20. Same people thought Lesnar was going win must’ve voted! LMAO..

    Dutch Muay Thai anyfknday fools!

  21. Dustin says:

    well i dont wanna say k1 over mma striking… hes got awesome mma striking. i dont think its all K1

  22. slacker says:

    I gotta go with Overeem in this one. I think their big right hands pretty much cancel each other out. If it comes down to that, it might be whoever gets it off first. JDS has that amazing jab, but Overeem has those amazing kicks to the body and those deadly knees in the grapple. Overeem has a height and reach advantage, so it will be tougher for JDS to use the overhand right. JDS does have the uppercuts, but unless he finishes with it, that just draws him into Overeem’s Muay Thai knees to the head or stomach. I think their head movement is even but JDS has the better hand-speed. Octagon control, I think the bigger man, Overeem, will have JDS backing up, which should give him a significant advantage and help nullify JDS hand-speed: JDS will respect Overeem’s big right! I’m not sure about their ground games at this point. But with Overeem having wayyyy more fights under his belt, I’m thinking he should be able to handle whatever JDS has in a ground game. Overeem by 3rd rd. TKO.

  23. Jon Jones says:

    Obviously no one accounts for JDS counter punching and speed which will give Overeem problems. Edge goes to JDS in this fight.

  24. Mitko says:

    JDS i faster and better head movement, and great jab will can punish and bleed Reem. Reem has the knees and kick which can hurt anyone. It will be one hell of a fight. Going and pulling for JDS. I think will be a strkining match, but not suprised if JDS decided to go via Ground and Pound. But taking and holding the Monster down for a period of time, will be a big problem

    • slacker says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if JDS brings it to the ground here and there either. To me, I think he needs to if he is going to keep Overeem’s great variety of striking off-balance and win the fight.

  25. Mike McMack says:

    Can go either way, Reem is a slight favorite but this will be an amazing fight. I love it when two elite strikers go toe to toe in MMA. Should be a good fight.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      no respectable gambling organization would really have overeem favored over jds. brock was waiting to get hit once to quit get paid and retire.

      • bizzle says:

        I agree, their is a reason JDS is opening as favorite against Reem yet when he was a challenger to Cain he opened up as favorite as well.. That Brock fight really showed nothing imo.. Brock was never in the fight and never wanted to be there, he retired before he stepped in..

        • slacker says:

          Brock gave his all, but as we all know, he has no stand-up, especially against other top strikers (ie: his last 3 opponents). Overeem proved that he could stuff, and stay away, from the take-downs of a great wrestler. That could be very significant if he hurts JDS in the stand-up before he gets tagged by him. As for Brock’s motivation, you heard what he said: his plan was to re-capture the belt, then retire. He wanted that fight. Overeem was better than him and executed his strategy almost perfectly.

  26. bizzle says:

    This poll and the odds makers are getting it right, just like this poll and the oddsmakers did in Brock v. Reem..

    According to noted oddsmaker Nick Kalikas of, it’s none other than UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior dos Santos. “Cigano” opens as a -240 favorite headed into his first title defense against Alistair Overeem, which is scheduled for sometime in 2012, possibly the summer.

    “The Reem” comes in as the underdog at +190.

  27. Xaninho says:

    I think I’ll put a few euro’s on Overeem ftw.

  28. Night-Wind says:

    bizzle true, Brock was always overrated. No human being can take those crazy ass punches from jds.

    And yes, Roy ain’t human :)

  29. SanSooRob says:

    De santos via 1st ko

  30. Uhnomuhlee says:

    JDS with much less to worry about than he dis with Cain. Overeem does not have the chin to stand with the best hands in the division. He WILL be knocked out. JDS has shown his chin taking multiple big rights hands against Roy Nelson and not getting rocked. He’s too smooth, and he’s putting Overeem out whether he’s got his hands up or not.

  31. Jeremy says:

    This is a hard fight to call for not only me, but I assume for a lot of UFC and MMA fans for the fact that we have not seen Overeem fight inside the octogon except for once. Granted he looked very good. He looked very comfortable,big,strong and his striking looked top notch. The one thing that you can say however is that he fought a Brock lesnar that looked anything but like brock lesnar in my opinion. The Biggest and most important thing you can have as a fighter is the will and belief that you can win. I believe Brock had neither going into that fight. I think the illness took everything out of him. He fought a tough overeem that had a lot to prove. Not to say that he wouldn’t have beaten him anyways because Brocks biggest weakness is taking and landing puches but in my opinion the win is not as credibile as most think. With JDS he Is going in against a lion thats not going to quit like Brock.Its a hard one to call but if JDS has his cardio where it needs to be because I believe it going to be a 4 to 5 round fight that will favor JDS. His boxing and power will be too much. When that guy hits you you fall. Its been proven. Its going to be a tough fight but I think JDS will retain his title against Alistar Overeem.

  32. Chryz says:

    Overeem has the range advantage and also a slight strength advantage over JDS. Plus he’s undefeated since 2007. But then again what JDS did to Cain, you can hit Cain V. with a baseball bat to the face and he’d just smile at you and keep on coming. I think that proves that JDS’ hands have the speed and legitimate KO power that can last past round three. this one is too DAMN close to call. I think who ever gets their range and rhythm down first will win…either than or who ever gets hit with a “Sunday Punch” or gets swarmed on loses.Just my two cents.

  33. Jaedr says:

    Overeem doesn’t have the chin for this fight, he will get rocked eventually and be KO’d or TKO’d. He gets knocked out by LHW fighters there is no way he’s going to take shots from JDS and stay on his feet.

  34. Ray says:

    Damn i dont want either fighter to lose, but i think Overeem went in a lil sloppy against Brock, slowly reachin for Brock’s head like Frankenstein and leavin his chin completely exposed, if he does this against JDS, the champ will win the k.o. of the year award lol

  35. Mattyp says:

    Well it is heavy weight it’s dosnt always go to the better fighter it goes to the one who lands the first punch a lot of the time

  36. stua says:

    i see jds legs getting chopped to shit vs reem tbh. a fan of his, but his frailties will be exposed

  37. Tucker Norris says:

    If Brock can get a few decent punches and cut Reem then Junior will pick him apart with his boxing

  38. Zack says:

    Junior is gunna KO the reem. Gunna be a very exciting fight

  39. GreenTeaBagger says:

    I think Overeem will take it. His stand-up is much better then anyone else in the division. He has excellent takedown defense and is more powerful then Dos Santos. However, if Dos Santos can take it to the ground, I believe Overeem is in trouble.

  40. GreenTeaBagger says:

    I say Anderson “The Spider” Silva will beat both of them in a rubber match, and still have time to meet Kendal “Da Spider” Grove and Spiderman in the parking lot to claim the true title of “The Spider”.

  41. KingGareth says:

    Reem over JDS all day. Boxing doesn’t make you a good MMA fighter. JDS couldn’t even finish Roy Nelson, where I think Reem could. Reem also has the experience but I don’t think he is unbeatable. Cain would beat Reem.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      You are crazy Kinggareth? Roy has a freak show chin in that it’s really hard to KO the guy. Roy is really good and once he loses the belly, watch out because he’s gonna steamroll over the strikeforce competition. Experience is trumped by youth and talent case in point Jon Jones. So, I doubt that the experience will help Overeem. Also, JDS doesn’t just do boxing he does BJJ as well and I bet you he is more comfortable on the ground than Overeem who wouldn’t engage Werdum in his guard. Boxing may not make you an good MMA fighter but he is the champ in the most competitive organization on the planet. In a sport where 90% of the fighters are head hunters being an excellent boxer doesn’t hurt your chances for victory.

  42. Ion says:

    Junior Dos Santos!

    Both men fought Mirco Cro Cop and both fought Fabricio Werdum. Look at those fights and you’ll see the superiority of JDS’s striking. He has good timing, knows how to keep his distance and how to enter opponent’s range and strike hard without being touched. He has also a lot of power in his punches. Overeem is overrated. He hasn’t faced any top level fighter in a MMA fight for several years, except for Fabricio Werdum. And we have all seen that it was not difficult for Fabricio to strike with him. Dos Santos will KO Alistar in the first round, no doubt.

  43. Onyx says:

    I’m a fan of both fighters but i think Dos Santos is gonna own. He’s gonna make it rain with punches. K.O first round. But all honesty it’s gonna be a great fight and i can’t wait to see this!!

  44. Joe says:

    Dos Santos with one Punch to the face!, and a couple more on the ground, Overeem will be KO’d

  45. JD the Brawler says:

    Lesnar got beat down, fanboys are going to give every excuse but he got put down easily by Reem. PERIOD. I’m giving the edge to JDS because his striking is crisper and more efficient, and he has a great take down defense. But just playing favorites I’m hoping to see Overeem come out with the TKO win.

  46. KingGareth says:

    Jds just had a knee surgery, and your knees are never the same afterwards. Jds had better stand up than Cain, but Reem is the better overall striker. If JDS gets the takedown, he’s fine, but he cannot stand on the outside with Overeem.
    I’m still going with Reem because of his overall experience and complete striking game.

  47. T.DADDY says:



  48. mean170 says:

    I like JDS in this fight due to his speed

    • slacker says:

      Speed will help JDS if all they do is box. But what is he going to do when they get into a standing grapple? Is he going to be able to shrug Overeem off and avoid those deadly knees? I highly doubt it. The more you think about it, there is just more ways for Overeem to win than JDS.

  49. SB says:

    Big country made it through a 3 round striking match with JDS. Big country is a jug head but none the less I think the Reem has this covered just by being a more technical striker .Those kicks, knee’s are gonna be a problem for JDS I think. Gonna be a great fight though. IMO

  50. Xaninho says:

    Stop using the Overeem-Werdum fight as a reference! Overeem went in that fight injured. He is one bad-ass mofo for even showing up with those injuries. He did very well considering that.

    • bizzle says:

      Kind of like JDS showed up injured for the Cain fight, he was on crutches prior to the fight..

    • slacker says:

      Other than that, as soon as Werdum acknowledged his inferiority with “praying hands” to Overeem, after being tossed to the floor in the first round, he already, in effect, scored the next 3 rounds for the judges to Overeem for effective grappling and octagon control (he continued “faithfully” to roll around the floor at Overeem’s feet for the next 2 rounds)!! What a joke!! Just a notch less pathetic than Maia in his fight with Silva. Put those two in the ring together and all you’ll get is a farting match!!

  51. hemorrhagic says:

    Dos Santos is will be the underdog coming into this fight. But I think his ground game will be the difference in this match.

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