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Monday, 10/24/2011, 01:01 pm

Who is the betting favorite in the Penn vs. Diaz UFC 137 main event?

It seems like the MMA world is split down the middle in regards to the welterweight main event set for this Saturday’s UFC pay-per-view card.

While it would seem that the majority of MMA fans favor the Stockton California native over the proud Hawaiian, if you surf through the internet long enough you can see that the majority of MMA fighters are favoring Penn.

Quickly breezing through the plethora of MMA blogger sites will result in a very confused bunch of analysts. Some say that Penn is better in more aspects than Diaz and therefore give him the edge and others say that Nick will be able to put a pace on BJ that will be hard to deal with and eventually wear him down.

My take on it is that in a three-round affair, all doubts of BJ’s endurance should be out the door. BJ has been more than successful with keeping pace in many five-round fights, but still, fans and analysts always want to stake claim to the fact that BJ “gasses” out. The speed and power advantage also go to Penn as does the grappling and wrestling and not by a slim margin. Penn has more explosive power and is overall a better athlete with more natural gifts.

For Diaz, I believe his only chance is if Penn gets tired enough for him to capitalize, which again is highly unlikely especially in a three-round fight.

My pick here is obvious, but the odds makers on all the online betting sites also see the fight in favor of BJ Penn.

Over at they have the lines set as follows

BJ PENN: -100

It’s a slim margin between favorite and underdog, but they give BJ the edge.

With just five-days left until this welterweight showdown takes place, who is picking Penn and who is going “Team Stockton”. Say your peace and tell us why.

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49 Responses to “Who is the betting favorite in the Penn vs. Diaz UFC 137 main event?”

  1. John says:

    I think these two will stand and bang…..Fantastic fight but I think BJ’s power advantage will be the difference….BJ by KO

  2. Joe says:

    it better go all three rounds….. seeing as i have to pay for this card (-__-)

  3. Dane says:

    i’ve waited for this fight for a long time. so glad nick is back. two of my favorite fighters now i get to see how they really stack up. i’m taking bj. 2nd round tko

  4. akiniti says:

    doesn’t diaz +135 imply he’s the underdog, and that most fans are going with bj? or are you using some other source for that claim? just wondering.

    Ua mau ke ea o ka `âina i ka pono `o Hawai’i!!

  5. Ahbustae86 says:

    Nick’s power his highly under rated. BJ gases out only if you wrestle with him and continue to grab him for 3 rounds. BJ’s stand up endurance is good. With that said, I’m going with braddah BJ. BJ starts out fast and will punish Diaz for the 1st two rounds. In the third, Diaz and BJ will be an even round.

  6. dustin says:

    Nick is a beast…I have never seen him get “finished”. have you??? Oh yea, he loves to fight for money and he knows what kind of money awaits him after this win…DIAZ by TKO.!

  7. Curtis says:

    my take is that both these guys are amazing fighters with the difference being i dunno if ive ever seen Penn rocked…… Diaz gets rocked in all his fights and storms back but with Penn u get rocked once its gonna be a RNC on u sooooo fast. Im takin Penn 2nd round RNC

    • andyboy says:

      RNC? noone in MMA is going to sub Nick Diaz or Bj Penn. to say this fight ends in Submission is pure ignorance. BJ may take the fight to the ground if he gets jabbed for the entire first round but that doesn’t mean he’s going to try and sub Nick, jus pound him out. i highly doubt any LW/WW can sub either fighter. not even Sotoropolis!

      • Mike says:

        Did you see Nick in the Daley fight? If BJ had been in that position, he would’ve gotten an RNC no problem. In pure grappling, yes, it’s doubtful either guy is going to be submitted, but when you’re rocked, it’s pretty hard to focus on grappling.

      • Jeff says:

        Penn sinks in the RNC better than anybody in MMA. His flexibility allows him to kick with his heels and drop in some bombs with his hands unlike most fighters. The fact that Fitch survived twice actually moved Fitchy up a notch in my book.

  8. Bulgemaster says:

    Diaz all day!

  9. Beard Fasade, dammit says:

    My peace is that you are not a journalist. You are a columnist. Recognize, homie.

  10. Twayne says:

    I have never went against BJ, never will. I’m a biased fan when it comes to THE”PRODIGY”! But its because the guy is that great! He has all the tools to finish you by however he wants. Im a fan of Diaz to tho, he brings the same kind of crazy energy to the fight that BJ does. Just the ghetto version tho lol! This fight shoukd make for a crazy exciting fight. I got THE”PRODIGY” FTKILL!! 2nd rnd tko…


  11. MMA-ster says:

    BJ all the way man. My fav. fighter for sure is going to take this.

  12. Tired says:

    Dude, I’m tired of hearing about how BJ doesn’t train hard enough. That is ridiculous! The guy trains just as hard as everyone else. In every sport there are people who have their strengths and weaknesses. All the guys you mentioned are physically stronger than BJ and anaerobically wore BJ Down. It has nothing to do with how much he trains. There are people that will stretch their entire lives and never come close to being as flexible as BJ, and it has nothing to do with them not stretching enough. BJ trains his ass off, it’s time to face the fact that he is usually fighting bigger, stronger guys. Doesn’t mean they are better as proven by his many incredible victories. As for the upcoming Penn vs Diaz fight, I say BJ all the way. He’s going to be faster and stronger.

    • Mills says:

      ALL BJPENN ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!! Watch your back GSP fans. BJ is back for good.

    • Tired says:

      I believe the last couple of years he has prepared properly. He trains hard and is at the best he could be when he fights 170. At 155 he has cardio for days and he doesnt tax his overall cardio bc no one can hold him down in that division. My whole point to begin with was that I don’t agree that he doesn’t work as hard as other top fighters. I’m well aware that he didn’t always, but I’m talking in the present. He just sometimes chooses to fight in a heavy weight class for him and still does pretty damn good.
      But hey, I respect your opinion.

  13. Tsimanga says:

    BJ will take a few bitch slaps from Diaz, then punch him back a few times, take him down and sub him via RNC. 3:32

  14. a says:

    if bj wins he will have to stop diaz in the first round. if he doesnt diaz by ko in late 2nd or 3rd

  15. aaron27 says:

    I’m a huge bj fan, he’s my favorite fighter.has he had issues w/ getting “gassed”,yes! But it depends on how he sets up his strategy for the fight.remember they said Diego Sanchez would push the pace too much for bj,then IN THE 5TH,Diego dropped HIS HANDS&ate a kick tht cut him him eyebrow to ear almost!! What I’m surprised ppl are not talking about the fact the biggest stage Diaz has been on is STRIKEFORCE TITLE which breaks even w/ UFC has fought the “who’s who” at welter&light weight!! And fought machida when he only weighed 183&machida was 220!! Experience at this level of talent will hold some weight in this fight!! And bj’s ground game is better,how many times has Diaz had to deal w/ NOT being the better fighter on the ground!! Little things add up& will get bj the W in this fight

  16. Mike McMack says:

    I don’t give f**k who Vegas says the favorite is. I wanna see my BJ KO Nick Diaz because I love BJ, he’s one of the top 5 best ever IMO. I like Nick Diaz a lot and he’s going to be a much bigger fighter but that wont matter cause I truly believe that BJ has the advantage no matter where this fight goes. Their boxing skills are equal but like many people have already said BJ has KO power in both hands while Nick doesn’t.

    I doubt this fight goes to the ground since neither of these guys like to fight that way, if someone gets dropped from a hit there might be some submission attempts but all signs point to this being a standing brawl. I want this fight for BJ not only because I love to watch the guy fight but because I think he’ll likely retire if he doesn’t win.

    I agree with the other fans in this page that say BJ needs to move back to LW, that is the division he belongs in. That division is stacked but with BJ there it would make it even more interesting. Edgar never fought BJ, he just went for the cheap win by points and I think fighting like that is a disgrace to the sport. I know that a lot of people will disagree with me on Edgar but c’mon who wants to see a guy hit and run for 25 minutes. In a REAL fight at LW BJ would beat any of the guys in the division easily with my only question mark being Gilbert Melendez. Thats a fight I’d love to see.

  17. Mike says:

    Penn by rear naked choke. Diaz has a strong chin so after getting blasted in the face for a couple of rounds, it’ll probably go to the ground where Diaz will get finished.

  18. aaron27 says:

    Ya McMack I’ve said for awhile id love to see bj vs el Nino. I think w/ bj’s t/d defense him and Gil wld be a instant classic. But wut id LOVE TO SEE is bj go to FEATHERWEIGHT and fight Faber then take the strap from Aldo!!! THAT WLD BE ONE KICKASS FIGHT!!

  19. FILHARMONIC says:

    Diaz is koo… and his striking is koo too… but I’m not worried at all bout his striking! BJ in my opinion and the opinion of Freddie Roach, has the best hands, not to mention, great head movement! Diaz will probably hit BJ a few times with those love taps, but BJ will pound the shit out of him!!! I believe BJ is better than Diaz in every area! And I’m tired of everyone always talkin shit about BJs cardio… BJ this, BJ that… BJ… man shut the fck up already with that bullship!!! BJ trains his ass off, you can’t tell me yall train harder than BJ! Anyway… BJ wins by Fukislam!

  20. Taimanglo says:

    Alright of course ima choose BJ! But heres why, I just feel that when BJ hands connect lights out! BJs Power if feel, will be to much for Diaz. Skill wise I feel BJ is the more well rounded fighter and were talking in all aspects of martial arts. But simply just the better fighter. BJ by poundage!!!

  21. Jake says:

    BJ Penn will win he has the power to put nick away and he has the better ground game imo

  22. wayuk says:

    No wonder BJ is the favorite by most odds makers based on his set of skills & record in the UFC. I agree with what GSP thinks, if BJ uses all of his skills then he’ll win but it’s hard to argue that he’ll win easily since he’s facing Nick Diaz. I can’t believe he survived the punches from the Daley fight, but if BJ can connect with his punches & Diaz wobbles, I think BJ should use his jiu jitsu either choke him or submit him to win this & if that happens, then that would be very impressive.

  23. learntoread says:

    @ BJ Penn fans:

    Not trying to be a jerk here, but with all this “BJ’s power!!” & “BJ by KO!!” fan banter…Curious, other than KO-ing an out of his prime / glass jawed Matt Huges @ UFC 123, when was the last time BJ knocked anyone out at 170?

    Even at 155, he didn’t knock Diage Sanchez out, that was actually a doctors stoppage due to cuts in the 5th round (which is penciled in as a TKO on paper).

    So I guess I am just wondering what your logic / sources are in terms of bluntly stating that BJ Penn is going to KO/TKO a Welterweight fighter of Nick Diaz’s toughness being that the man hasn’t been legitimately finished in an MMA fight since 2002 (*when he was 18 years old).

    I mean sure, BJ Penn is a big step up in competition for Diaz, no doubt (*even though BJ is a natural LW), but when taking into account the KO numbers of some of Nick’s previous (regarded as”KO artists”) opponents (Daley, Noons, Lawler, Smith, Žaromskis) whom he’s stood toe to toe with, taken their best shots and gone on to beat them down…I just don’t get the logic in this thread (obvious Penn fan-boy antics aside)…

  24. fourtetshou says:

    I like both fighters. Just wanted to note: what’s up with the super good looking picture of BJ and a shit picture of Nick Diaz beside it?

    I know this is BJ’s site. But c’mon, really?

    I am not impressed with the poster’s subliminal messages.

  25. P R O D I G Y says:

    @learntoread. Nick Diaz got knocked out by Jeremy Jackson LOL regardless of his age or not his chin is not like BJ’s who has never even been knocked down. and BJ can take him down whenever he wants and work a finish. its bj’s fight to lose he has more ways to win

  26. Dirk Digler says:

    Three fights Sonnen you puke

  27. Bj will use his speed and power, but don’t let Diaz trap him and go tip tap! Wanna see Bj drop Diaz and goes in for the kill on the ground! I got Bj FTW!

  28. anthony says:

    i like both fighters extremly but i gotta give it bj penn via submission hopfully by kimura.

  29. Justa Thought says:

    BJ’s cardio will be fine. Styles make fights. Nick presses the action but at a pace that BJ can take advantage of and not tire. I doubt nick will press him against the cage or lay on BJ. I believe BJ has more crisp strikes and his timing will be perfect against Nick. I take nothing away from Diaz, I’m a fan. He has all the tools and wins fights. I just see BJ by KO or TKO in this one. Early…

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