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Monday, 12/03/2012, 11:32 am

Who Are MMA’s Top 5 Wrestlers? | MMA NEWS

ESPN’s MMA Live did a special on MMA’s top five wrestling based fighters.

Check out the video above and see if you agree!


4 Responses to “Who Are MMA’s Top 5 Wrestlers? | MMA NEWS”

  1. Is this a joke list? says:

    How the fuck are jon fitch and chris weidman on there? Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones are both better wrestlers. And Ben Askren? Really?

  2. wizzle_31 says:

    and how can u not put cain on there idk man weird list here no jones , cain , and even though i hate sonnen but sonnen to hmm it is hard i guess to go top 5

  3. Broman says:

    Sonnen, Jones, Cain, GSP, Fitch

  4. jpeech says:

    5. Jones
    4. Cain
    3. Fitch
    2. Sonnen (best double leg IMO)
    1. Gsp
    I wouldnt put anyone who is not in the ufc on the list.To me they have not fought top comp yet.

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