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Wednesday, 09/25/2013, 12:48 pm

White: UFC’s $5 Million Man Is Neither Jones Nor Lesnar

The UFC $5 million man is still a mystery but you can cross two potential candidates off the list.

UFC president Dana White said that the supposed fighter who earned $5 million after a fight is neither former heavyweight champ Brock Lesner nor current light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Last week, during a Google Hangout with Fox Sports White said that the single highest payday a UFC fighter has earned from one fight is $5 million. He wouldn’t give it up just who that fighter was, but he did confirm that neither Jones nor

What White did say, in a recent interview, is that $5 million is still active in the UFC octagon.

“Yup, still fights,” White said.

So who is the mystery man? Georges St. Pierre? Anderson Silva? Or an old school fighter like Chuck Liddell?

Let’s hear your thoughts.


0 Responses to “White: UFC’s $5 Million Man Is Neither Jones Nor Lesnar”

  1. DrGnar says:

    still active yet you suggest liddell as an option……. so dumb.

  2. Kongjnr says:

    It’s GSP almost certain plus other similar articles are available.

  3. Tim Bruce says:

    It’s probably Sonnen

  4. grucifix says:

    I would say its chael sonnen. On ufc tonight a month or two back, he claimed he was the “highest paid ufc fighter on the roster.” No one can sell a fight like Chael.

  5. slip slap says:

    I thought I’d read somewhere that it was GSP?

  6. Brill The Thrill says:

    I believe it’s either GSP or Chuck Liddell. it’s a trick Question. A smart person would know Chuck Liddell is still active. He is working for the UFC. Chuck Liddell is the first mma guy to ever make a million dollars and he was getting paid 500,000 a fight. Chuck was the first to actually make big money.
    We will see. I don’t think it’s Anderson. Just because he’s not as popular as GSP or Chuck ever was.

  7. jsmith says:

    Is it GSP? Silva? ummmm Aldo…. I’ll just keep going till you tell us

  8. Guy Genovese says:

    It’s GSP, and it was the GSP v Koshcheck fight in Canada.

  9. Jaime says:

    Obviously GSP’s lame ass, against Nick Diaz…. Diaz pocketed a good mil

  10. MLD82 says:

    I’m gonna say GSP was paid 5 million when he fought James Shields in Toronto

  11. fg says:

    Well Silva of course.

  12. KIDD433 says:

    Pretty fool proof, it’s The Spider

  13. punchkick says:

    chael, marketing monster

  14. Curtis Mosat says:

    You guys wrote about this not long ago and it was answered you idiots…

    GSP clearly states he makes 5 million a fight lol.

  15. Stevo says:

    Has to be Silva…Prob the Chael V Silva 2 fight

  16. matt perkins says:

    the guy is an idiot as everyone has just said chick was forced to retire.. it’s probably georges

  17. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Probably Georges or Silva

    Could be Chael though; Silva probably gets a lot of his money through sponsorship deals as does GSP as opposed to showing up for the UFC… Probably GSP or Silva though… Both have serious credentials so it’s hard to say…

  18. Idiot Writers says:

    Pretty pathetic attempt at journalism…. Still an active fighter? Must be Chuck Lidell

  19. rory says:

    If it was GSP ….who the hell did he fight to get the highest payday from the UFC???

  20. ChevyFan says:

    Maybe gsp when he fought penn while both were champions of different divisions .. Just a hunch

    • Derick says:

      White said the 5 million dollar fighter is still active. so due to GSP’s recent time off he isn’t “active” so it can’t be GSP… maybe Sonnen when he fought Silva?

  21. Jai Rousell says:

    Got to be gsp. The ufc offered eddie Alvarez $2.5 per ppv over 600000 buys, gsp has to be on more than that. Ufc 100 sold 1.6 million ppv. He got $200000 to show $200000 for the win. He only needs to get $2.87 per ppv to get $5000000.

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