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Wednesday, 09/25/2013, 12:48 pm

White: UFC’s $5 Million Man Is Neither Jones Nor Lesnar

The UFC $5 million man is still a mystery but you can cross two potential candidates off the list.

UFC president Dana White said that the supposed fighter who earned $5 million after a fight is neither former heavyweight champ Brock Lesner nor current light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Last week, during a Google Hangout with Fox Sports White said that the single highest payday a UFC fighter has earned from one fight is $5 million. He wouldn’t give it up just who that fighter was, but he did confirm that neither Jones nor

What White did say, in a recent interview, is that $5 million is still active in the UFC octagon.

“Yup, still fights,” White said.

So who is the mystery man? Georges St. Pierre? Anderson Silva? Or an old school fighter like Chuck Liddell?

Let’s hear your thoughts.


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