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Sunday, 03/04/2012, 11:17 am

White Supremacist & Sex Offender Fought For Strikeforce Last Night | Investigation Underway

In a troubling bit of news, it appears as if Brandon Saling is a registered sex offender and white supremacist. These details were overlooked by Strikeforce officials when booking him against Roger Bowling last night and now they are finding themselves under fire.

The promotion did not know of this fighter’s political views or past criminal record until it was too late, that is according to Scott Coker who commented during the post-fight press conference.

“We had no knowledge about that until someone brought it up to us this evening,” said Coker. “It came to our attention during the course of the fights.”

“(The Ohio State Athletic Commission is) going to launch a full investigation on Monday. So that’s where that’s at. As you guys know, the policy for Strikeforce and the UFC is that kind of body art and offensive behavior … is not going to be allowed.

“We went to the athlete … He responded, and we’re going to investigate further and see what the truth is.”

The crimes of sexual assault are of the absolute worse order possible. And the fighter’s tattoos clearly point out his political views. If you want to see the gallery of his tattoos, with an explanation of what they mean check out page 2. If you want to see his sex offender’s registration report, check out page 3.

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192 Responses to “White Supremacist & Sex Offender Fought For Strikeforce Last Night | Investigation Underway”

  1. Twatty Mc.Twatface says:


  2. zoeldog27 says:

    How the fuck did this idiot get a fight??
    He raped a minor wtf in going on Dana??
    Im discusted by this please ensure this racist fuckwit never fights again…what a fuckwit and he has stay down written on his hands, he thinks he’s that good lol, Who trained this guy??? Who ALLOWED him to train at there gym all this should be exposed and these people should not be allowed to have anything to do with Strikeforce or the UFC

  3. GreenTeaBagger says:

    Holy hell batman

  4. true mma says:

    Fuck this fool. Sorry ass motherfucker. Cut his stupid ass.

  5. Ricardo says:

    You guys are overreacting.
    Maybe fighting is the only option he has in life.
    Maybe he is trying to put the past behind him.
    He should be allowed to fight, train or whatever.
    Chael is a criminal, and he still fights.

    • zoeldog27 says:

      WHAT CUNT dont even compare Sonnen to this fool we will let him RAPE YOUR 12yo kid and see how u feel idiot….Grow a brain… IF he really wanted to chjange his life he’d get thhe shit tats covered over he has and going by your analargy that mean Marquarts a criminal too????? Wake up.;..

      • convicted felon says:

        He is a fighter, let him fight. So your telling me that after you served your punishment that you should not be allowed to work for the rest of your life. Because if you cant fight, than what other job should you be allowed to do. Cain velasquez has brown pride on his chest, but nobody says anything. Let it go, let the guy fight.

        • al says:

          Cain doesn’t support a group of people that like the Nazi. You dumb Fuck

        • jrog says:

          who cares you idiot this is a sport not politics thats like saying this guy cant fight he doesnt like Obama how stupid

        • convicted felon says:

          He supports the color of his skin.That is the same thing as being racist. I guarentee that if somebody had white pride on there chest it would be a big deal.

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          The Mexican Mafia was on “Gangland” not too long ago. A lot of their members had “Brown Pride” tattoos.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          his tattoo might be gang related but not race hate related, big difference.

      • Ryan M says:

        White Steel is his alias according to this. It isn’t to my knowledge yet anyway, a white supremecy tattoo. If it is proven to be one, he should have to have it removed to compete. A lot of fighters have sketchy pasts. Until all the facts come out, lets all be a little less hateful.

      • jrog says:

        when does Cain get his tatoo removed you tool

      • dave says:

        how u know he raped a 12 year old??? u dont know shit bro…maybe a girl lied about him,,same like mike tyson

    • Anthony1994 says:

      Chael laundered money, this guy is a sex offender! Do not compare the two crimes!

      • zoeldog27 says:

        agree totally how someone an compare the 2 crimes is rediculous and shows just how stupid thess dickheads @Ricardo & @roberts are u both need to wake up cause either your a racist fuck like him or your with everyone else choose your side and choose wisely and by the way im not some black panther im australian im white and this is wrong and unethical and anyone who tries to argue otherwise is a racist sympathiser

        • ricardo says:

          i dont tolerate non-sense and refuse to argue with keyboard warriors especially overseas thugz from aussy..
          holla at me come to my gym

        • Ry says:

          Give me the address then puss!

        • zoeldog27 says:

          well obviously im the aussie your talking about i make trips to the states all the time give me the address where you train @ricardo and ill be there.. what you think your the only one in the world that trains like i said leave me an adress ill be in chicago in 3 weeks… Lets do this ricardo you racist fuck..

        • bobby says:

          haha love how ricardo skipped over people asking for the address. I don’t even think this fool really trains

    • DaLaw says:

      You can not promote sex offending racist in a public format….

  6. roberts says:

    what about CAIN and his BROWN PRIDE bullshit tattoo?????????

    • zoeldog27 says:

      theres a big difference beetween having brown pride or white steel tatooed thats not the problem the offensive one is the 88 with the lightning bolt that means this guy is a hitler lover thats offensive and not right if u think it is your a fuckin racist dog too.. simple as that

      • spiritsplice says:

        If you find it offensive that is *your* problem. Political views are not relevant to fighting in mma. You don’t like him, don’t pay to watch his fights. Apparently you don’t understand the term “freedom of speech” or the first amendment that is supposed to protect and ensure it.

        • Dyllan says:

          thank you spirit couldnt have said it better myself

        • ricardo says:

          +1 spiritsplice..
          dude thats what im saying.
          these butthurt ass keyboard warriors dont realize..

        • david says:

          ricardo shut the fuck up, the only keyboard warrior is you you fucking fagget, no one else is making threatening remarks to beat anyone up except you, tahts the definition of a keyboard warrior you fucking half wit, go back to your pathetic life and quit trying to act tough on the internet, KEYBOARD WARRIOR

        • Joe T says:

          He raped a “child”; that should be the end of the story”; i will say it again he raped a child, you can & never should be forgiven for raping a child. PERIOD!!!

        • ricardo says:

          its his job.
          martial arts isnt a privilage its for everybody no matter what.
          he makes his money by fighting, its his job, dont take it away.
          shit, if it bothers you, dont watch.
          SIMPLE AS THAT

        • chris says:

          Hes not arguing that point, hes arguing the tattos. They are 2 seperate issues.

        • spiritsplice says:

          Do you *know* he did or are you just taking the word of the state? You know, the one puts people in a cage for owning a plant? The one that lies constantly to start wars? The one that has arrested teenagers for sending each other pictures, calling it child porn? Maybe he did it, and if so he should be dealt with accordingly.

          (Oh wait, apparently he was dealt with because isn’t in jail right now. So whatever punishment he was given is over. Is he never allowed to move on from his mistake (assuming he did it)? And the fact that isn’t in jail sounds like it wasn’t what it is being assumed to be.)

          But maybe he was the victim of an overzealous prosecutor, point is we don’t know and *you* don’t know. And what the fuck does it have to with fighting anyway? This isn’t a nice guy contest, look at Tyson. Another “sex offender” who did get screwed by a scummy bitch and a prosecutors.

        • preist says:

          The good ol Coca plant has definitely been gotten a bad rep just learned this from wikipedia:
          Traditional medical uses of coca are foremost as a stimulant to overcome fatigue, hunger, and thirst. It is considered particularly effective against altitude sickness.[23] It also is used as an anesthetic and analgesic to alleviate the pain of headache, rheumatism, wounds and sores, etc. Before stronger anaesthetics were available, it also was used for broken bones, childbirth, and during trephining operations on the skull.

      • baldy says:

        ^^^ 100% correct ^^^
        H is the 8th letter in the alphabet, hile hilter (not sure if hile is spelled correctly and could care less) is what the 88 stands for….the lightning bolt has some nazi significance as well.
        as for as cain’s tat…brown pride could be taken as a racial comment, as white pride could be, the difference is there isnt a bunch of mexican nazis running around being dooshbags ruining it for the rest of them. having said all of that, with all the negativity it could generate, gang bullshit, racial bullshit, ect ect, whatever it means to cain “brown pride” may not have been the wisest choice for a tattoo.
        the sex offender status he carries is by far the most disturbing part of this story…the racial bullshit is easily discredited.

    • Jason N says:

      I don’t condone the child rape thing by any means. They should be castrated. NOT sure of all the facts about the rape. Did he do time for it. However, the tattoo thing to me is his business. He has the right to believe anything he wants. It is not that different the Cains Tattoo, which I also think is offensive to some people. If you let Gay PORN actors fight then this(TATTOOS) should not be an issue (SEE jeff monson).

  7. Mo says:

    I thought Chael Sonnen was in the UFC ?

  8. Sweet game plan says:

    Roberts and Ricardo…how dare you give the asshole even a little remorse.. FUCK HIM !!!!!!

    • spiritsplice says:

      How dare you assume his guilt without hearing the other side of the story. Why would you trust the state to tell the truth?If anyone has a proven track record of lying and harrasing the innocent i is the state and their Stasi-like police force. You can’t condemn a man based on hearsay without being a bigot.

      • ricardo says:

        damm spiritsplace all over these keyboard thugz without even saying a curse word yall getting schooled..!!!
        +1 for you splice

      • zoeldog27 says:

        u just as big of a fool as ricardo the point is HE RAPED a child and had an 88 tat with a lightning bolt no one cares about white steel it wouldnt have been announced he did if it hadnt happened or a lot of people would be up for defamation..wake up and smell the roses @spiritslice or are u one of these guys that think 9-11 was done by the government????

        • spiritsplice says:

          People like you, ya know, those who don’t think for themselves, are the reason why things like the Patriot Act get passed (without anyone in Congress even reading it), why things like NDAA get passed, why the question of Constitutionality in Washington is a joke, why TSA is able to molest every child that wants to fly on an airplane and why people think they have a real choice at the “voting booth”.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        alrighty then, so we know that you and ricardo are down with pedophile rapists and nazi’s. good stuff. when he gets canned for being the piece of shit that he is, maybe you can hire him.

  9. Jon Watkins says:

    How are all of you people talking trash about this guy, when Cain Velasquez has “BROWN PRIDE” Tattooed on his stomach and walks into a fight, using an entrance song promoting ILLEGAL MEXICANS, ILLEGALLY ENTERING THE COUNTRY!! He is PROMOTING BREAKING THE LAW!!

    His political views should have nothing to do with anything. It’s a job. It would be discrimination to fire him over his views.

    His criminal past should also have nothing to do with anything. Sonnen is a FELON. He didn’t just hurt one person, or one family, he committed mortgage fraud against SEVERAL FAMILIES and hurt MANY people doing, then at the same exact moment, got caught using a substance that is both illegal AND Banned in the sport, yet He wasn’t fired.

    Sorry people, get over yourselves.
    This man has a right to fight if he wants.

    I am ALL FOR not letting criminals into the sport, but they cut him, then Sonnen needs to go as well. So does everyone else that has been convicted of something.

    • Sweet game plan says:

      Dude ..I know your wrong right of the bat, cause Cain has it on his chest not stomach. So why should I believe the rest of your comments..

    • zoeldog27 says:

      thers a big difference between Sonnen laundering money or Marquart using TRT to this guy the issue isnt the white steel tattoo thats fine anyone is allowed to be proud of who they are is the 88 with the lighning bolt, but you are supporting a racist rapist therfore YOU are a racist and molester supporter @Jon Watkins you chose your side and you chose wrong and id happily say it to your fucking face you racist fuck , how about we let this guy(who by the way got puit in a crucifix and got knocked the fuck out. I hope they show the 12yo kid he raped the fight) rape and molest your 12yo kid bet you’d be thinkin different then huh get a life and grow a brain you should be put on the sex offenders list just for supporting this guy @ Jon Watkins

    • Adam Martinez says:

      He’s a piece of shit … Hey Jon I personally dont give a Fuck about his tattoos and im mexican they dont offend me … But I do give a fuck about his charge and if you think raping a little girl is the same a mortgage fraud then your a fucking idiot.

      • convicted felon says:

        Obviously if this guy raped a child he would be in prison still. You dont walk away from something like that. He got tried for it.

        • zoeldog27 says:

          ummmmm do u think it would be announced he did it without proof dont think so that would be a bad thing for this website and strikeforce it would be defimation of character…..use your brain

    • zoeldog27 says:

      this guy @jon Watkins is a white supremisicist too check out his facebook page!!!!

      • zoeldog27 says:

        and its a shame cause hes obviously trained under a gracie as he has the symbol tatooed on his wrist you a discrace @ jon watkins whoever trained you should be very very ashamed of themselves you dont deserve to be training mma or gracie ju jitsu, shame on you mum for letting you grow up with these beliefs how u can support anyone whos a registered sex offender is beyond me and everyone else on this forum….plain and simple your a fucking loser

        • Yeah but... says:

          And it is “You ARE a loser.. you’re a loser, not your.” And who is the fucking loser stalking somebody’s Facebook page. YOU bitch.

      • Yeah but... says:

        zoeldog27 He lists his favorite athletes and they are either Asian or Brazilian. Looks real racist to me.

        • zoeldog27 says:

          i notice how u call me a bitch but dont leave any details of reply if the best youve got is pickin on my typing grow a brain idiot….and im a racist cause i list brazillians and asains as my favourite fighters & im whiter than a peice of paper???? by the way dickhead my favourite fighter is Chuck Liddell…Im still tryna work out how thats being racist but anyway the difference is i couldnt give a fuck what u call me and i have my email & facebook listed with my replys and i stand by what ive said on this forum, this guy is a child rapist he has no place in the sport i love more than life itself so go and fuck yourself @yeah but…

    • Yeah but... says:

      Haven’t you heard? It is alright to be racist as long as you aren’t a white person.

      • zoeldog27 says:

        since when??????? I live in Australia and this guy would get run outta town no matter what colour he was down under we dont give a fuck what colour you are we have an extremly mulitcultural country, who cares what colour u are we all bleed the same colour? thats not even the issue here the issue is HE IS A CHILD FUCKIN RAPIST and anyone who even remotly tries to support/defend this idiot is a fool too..

        • Yeah but... says:

          I don’t give a fuck about this guy at all. I think he is a douche, but I think you’re a douche too. You haven’t said a fucking word about the child shit.. just spouting off bullshit about which poster may or may not be racist. Fuck off cunt.

        • baldy says:

          @zoeldog27…i aggree with some of what your saying, but, your getting a little carried away. threatening and insulting people who do not aggree with you is pretty weak. this “whitesteel” guy is obviously an asshole, noone’s defending who he is. they are just defending his right to express himself (which here in the US he has) and his right to earn a living.
          also, saying there are no nazi’s or racism in australia is obviously incorrect. two words for ya….Mel Gibson…im assuming his childhood in australia was spent learning racism and antisemitism for his nazi father.
          also, Russell Crow did a movie you may have heard of…Romper Stomper, a movie about a gang of nazi skinheads in australia that was based on a true story. racism exists in every country on earth…not just the US and not just by white people.

    • Matt says:

      There is a big difference. Having a tattoo saying ‘brown pride’ is very different to having a tattoo that shows your support for Hitler and the holocaust where 6 million innocent people were killed. Cain’s tattoo is about pride for his heritage, whereas this idiot’s are about hatred towards many other races and cultures, and supporting genocide. Also I do think there is a line between taking PEDs and laundering money, like Chael did, and raping someone below the age of 13, like this guy did. What Chael did is wrong, and there is a solid argument that he shouldn’t be allowed back in the UFC, but it’s not even close to raping a young girl. Oh and BTW it’s not discrimination to fire someone over their views if their views are racist and represent hate speech, which is illegal.

    • jrog says:

      yeah brown pride is ok but white steel is not? who cares about his politics this is combat it should be good motivation to kick his ass if he offends

  10. mellow fellow says:

    thats retarded cains tatoo is to show his pride of his race theres nothing wrong with that this guy has tatts that is racist its a tatt to show hate to all the other races huge difference

  11. brown pride says:

    BROWN PRIDE just means hes proud to be mexim pretty sure its not a racist coment being a nazi and raping little girls is a whole different thing cant compare the to and if you try to justify sailings actions your a fuckin JACKASS

  12. UFC not KFC says:

    90% of the people complaining wouldn’t have even have known what his tats mean if someone wouldn’t have brought it to everyone’s attention. The White Steel tat shouldn’t be objectionable especially since Velasquez has a Brown Pride tat. The registered sex offender charge is another story however.I don’t think this guy should be allowed to fight if he’s a rapist.

  13. X says:

    White pride is not okay but brown pride is…. Kick cain out the ufc too

  14. dante080 says:

    Ok, so white steel, means white pride, which is an indication of white supremacy……doesn’t a current UFC heavyweight have brown pride across his chest.

  15. faded says:

    funny, I could’t tell what that shit on his chest said until I looked at his rap sheet. I thought it said cock lover.. this brat has more to worry about from his own kind than any of you.. someone is gonna cut that tattoo off of him.

  16. T.J. says:

    Yeah he should’ve had “White Pride” instead. Way more acceptable…

  17. Beaner says:

    Sex offenders should immediately be executed they are nothing but scum. People who do are more at risk in the future of committing the same crime. Its a psychological thing that makes them want to rape if that’s what he did.

  18. Seriously? says:

    You all are acting like you know for certain that he did commit the crime himself.

  19. G Bud says:

    Has no-one considered the fact (mainly due to the quality) he most likley got the tattoos in prison after his offence?? It can be hard in there, and affiliating yourself with a group can sometimes be your only chance. Whether or not he still holds these views remains to be seen, but fighting off a few guys in the showers on your own would be hard even for a pro fighter. As for his offence, many rape cases are blown out of proportion, I’m not saying he’s a good guy but its a tricky subject, and the age certainly doesn’t help him but I know a few 12 year old girls that could pass for 15 which wouldn’t seem so bad for an 18 year old.

    All I’m saying is wait for the facts an his side of the story.

  20. Joe T says:

    If this guy was to fight anywhere in Europe he would get thrown in prison for Nazi propaganda.

  21. Beaner says:

    If you mistake a 12 year old girl for a 15 year old your perceptions are wayyyyyy off! There are completely different mind sets. Unless its some crackheads daughter who is a drug addict and a hooker at the age of 12 and the drug has physically changed her looks from drug abuse that’s the only way a 12 year old should pass as 15

  22. mr 2 cents says:

    He may just be a Dale Earnhardt Jr. Fan.. haha.

  23. dave says:

    all u big mouth fools..didi anyone check the tape and learn his name.?? why dont u stupid fools spend less times talkin shot and try fifure the guys name…not to mention u fukin idioits make up that he raped 12 year old…hmmmm who said that

  24. Leo says:


  25. DBKlein69 says:

    for all the ppl who dont know how this society works, let me break it down for u. it is only ok to be racist if u are being racist toward white ppl. whites are considered by minorities to be the supreme race, which is why they feel this is ok. how many ppl are wrongly convicted of crimes everyday? but clowns on this forum that are jealous of white ppl have him guilty as charged without even hearing any facts from the case. bottom line, if u are a white american, u have to understand that u are considered the supreme being (by everyone who isn’t a white american) and therefore u must accept the hate and jealousy that comes with it.

    • Bulldog says:

      The same clowns jealous of Cain also right ?

    • dave says:

      your exact right…just like a black man can call a white guy white trash or a honkey …or cracker or any racist name they want…but if a white calls any other color a racial word they are big racist…same with TV,,,they have there own black channels…then all indians and blacks and muslims an every fukin race exept white have there own church…then there are all black schools…now think for 1 min if a whote had his own tv station called WHITE ENTERTAINMENT TV….or whiyte only church…or white only schools///all other races would cry until no makes me sick how the fukin world works…me im WHITE PRIDE…now am i racist???

    • GRT 3000 says:

      lol, the supreme race. listen to yourself goof-nut. An 88SS child rapist on point and now we got @DoucheBag talking abt a supreme race. go slit your wrists pal, you seriously fuckin’ suck.

  26. Bulldog says:

    I didn’t see White Steel as racist,but the other ones he has are,Cain has Brown Pride,Bj enters to hawaiian music,GSP has entered to french music,akiyama bows before he fights,tito walks in with flags,roy entered to Born in the Usa,point is they are all pride of who they are and heritage,there are positive ways and negative ways to express it and that guy took the wrong choice. Get mad all you want but 88 SS clearly state his views,if he changed then he should get it covered.

  27. Leo says:


  28. aad says:

    I’m glad this piece of shit fought and got knocked just like nazis got crushed by the allies

  29. mtbc88 says:

    Ok i see how its offensive but y have we never heard one thing about cain v. “BROWN PRIDE” tattoo across his chest. not sticking uo for thr pos just sayin

    • GRT 3000 says:

      you kidding me, there’s been plenty of talk on Cain’s Brown Pride tattoo, the guy was the former heavyweight champ and is well publicized. Cain has established hit tatt as being an indication of pride in his Mexican heritage. there’s nothing wrong with that. If it said ‘Brown Pride MS13 for Life’ that would be much different.

      In this case we have White Steel, SS88 on a convicted pedophile. If M. Torres can be fired for tweeting in ill-taste abt rape, than this fuck needs to be canned immediately and for good. Fighting for Zuffa is a job and like any job you need to represent yourself and the organization to a certain standard.

  30. andrew says:

    so what u guys are telling me is he cant have white steel on stomach but cain can have brown pride right on his what a fucked up country we live in okay for minorties to be proud of there race but not whites pffffffffff

    • DaLaw says:

      White steel probably would have been ok without the other CLEAR RACIST TAT’S….

      • jacob veil says:

        What a crazy issue, its no that I don’t trust the media, i just don’t trust what they say. I haven’t heard anyone come out and say brandon is a crazy mother, well all fighters are. But until I hear from direct sources other fighters,promoters or friends that he is dangerous to be around. this is just media hype to me. He got a contract to UFC/Strikeforce for goodness sake. He can’t be a total loon.

        • DaLaw says:

          I understand not trusting the media…but they put out his public record as a sex offender….

        • jacob veil says:

          Another great point, what really happened, was he stalking outside the school yard girls bathroom, and grab some innocent and force her into a stall, Maybe?

          But more than likely he was at a party with lots of young girls, maybe it got out of hand(its possible), maybe it was consensual until she caught him with someone else.

          Who knows? But that is why it never hurts hear from direct sources.

        • John Blaze says:

          wow jacob veil are you fucking kidding me? Do you rape 12 yr old girls at parties? I don’t give a fuck how consensual you want to think it is, it’s not. Idiot.

    • RHendO says:

      I really dont think the White Supremacist was the deal breaker here Andrew. I some how think the raping of a 13 year old girl had a little bit more impact on the situation. Also white steel isn’t the tattoo they are talking about the SS 88 is a Nazi brand and is well known. Brown pride has never been connected to any hate crimes like white power. So before you go and get your panties all bunched up take a little time to think and process the situation. Have a good day Sir

    • GRT 3000 says:

      stfu cryer. heil Hitler = bad. phedophilia = bad. what’s your next complaint?! do you want to make a case for drowning puppies too?

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      yea u can be proud of your race but when you wanna annihilate all other races i say no more privileges for that group. so far mexicans havent tried to make the whole world brown so brown pride is ok and white power is not okay.

    • Brandon says:

      That’s because there has never been a racist or angry intent behind the “Brown Pride” slogan. Because you are clearly uneducated about even recent history, I will tell you that those with darker complexions have been singled out to feel inferior, often with laws enforcing that inferiority. When you grow up in that environment, it’s no small thing to change the way you feel about yourself. If it takes some kind of mantra or slogan to remind yourself from time to time, then so be it. If you’re jealous of what one person can get away with that you can’t, then you may want to look into joining the Occupy movement. They’re looking for whiny people like you.

    • J says:

      Exactly! Such hypocrites and I hate this P.C. shit for all other races except whites. Is White Steel is”offensive” and this guy is to be suspended or kicked out, so should Cain V. for his BROWN PRIDE tat!

      • GRT 3000 says:

        Is Brown Pride connected to a society responsible for killing over a million Jews? Is Cain Velsquez a convicted pedophile? how abt you get yer head oughta yer’ ass.

  31. ctownhood says:

    Ok forget about the racism for minute here…what about this:

    “Brandon C. Saling, 18, of 24536 Route 146, Summerfield was indicted on one count of engaging in unlawful sexual conduct, a first-degree felony. Saling was indicted in connection with an alleged rape of a person under 13 on Oct. 8.”

    I think this deserves far more focus than stupid white power tats

  32. DaLaw says:

    HOW HARD IS THIS PEOPLE….Brown Pride vs. White steel…Both cool tats… White steel plus bolts and 88…not cool….raping kids….horrible…should you be sponsored by a company and put on t.v in front of millions of multicultural fans….. TERRIBLE IDEA….

  33. Bulldog says:

    Its not the White Steel tattoo,its the 88 and SS symbol thats a big issue

  34. WTF says:

    Brandon Saling is listed as a member of Team Gurgel. Why would Zoila and Jorge allow this scum on their team?!

  35. ricardo says:

    butt hurt ass keyboard warriors

  36. Lolol says:

    As for the tattoos, isn’t possible he only got them because he was in prison and joined the gang for protection? Now it is fucking terrible that he raped the kid, that’s a whole different story.

  37. true mma says:

    Fuck this guy and fuck Jon watkins. You know what let this bitch keep fighting so he can get his ass kicked. Fuck it send him to the ufc so munoz, Silva, weidman etc can kick his fucking ass. And fuck you bitches sticking up for a sex offender.

    • jacob veil says:

      I feel you, but how are you envision everything? That this guy shouldn’t walk the streets? If he sees your little girl he might rape her? I am not sticking up for this guy, if he is guilty fry him. But I won’t blindly buy into to the media.

  38. Kate says:

    Do you think all the Jewish people that watch MMA enjoy seeing ‘Hail Hitler’? I knew what it meant from the moment that I saw it, and I was instantaneously disgusted. There is a line that should never be crossed when someone has the potential to be a role model for young children and on TV. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for thinking it should be left out of the octagon – pretty sure all that racial slur shit is illegal in your great county of America.

  39. Dewyouknow8 says:

    What a fucker. He can rot in hell

  40. GreenTeaBagger says:

    Brown Pride?? Maybe he is happy that his colon it’s working correctly!!

  41. DBKlein69 says:

    @ RHendO, brown pride has never been connected to any hate crimes?? have u ever seen ‘gangland’? try to think about what u say before u post it on forums. u only make urself look like an ignorant jackass. just sayin.

  42. elijahhawaii says:

    So, which racist dictator that slaughtered millions and millions of people in a genocidal trek across a continent does “Brown Pride” refer to, especially since those who defend “white steel” are conveniently forgetting the 88 lightning bolt tattoo that goes along with it? Ya know, because if any of you would look around the internet for 30 seconds you would find out that “white steel” is just his nickname and 88 Lightning Bolt is the racist tattoo. DUH!!!!

    Cain – lots of non-Hispanic fans who he accepts wholeheartedly

    Brandon “Heil Hitler” Saling – his Facebook friends list is whiter than Antarctica in winter. (Look for yourself. I did.)

    • Jason N says:

      So if most of your friends are whit, you are a white supremist? Interesting.

      • don says:

        yes, if your friends list on FB is all white, then yes, YOU ARE A RACIST! LOL, just kidding. my 2 cents is this, if he is registered, then yes he is a convicted sex offender. i am a private practice therapist who provides treatment to those that have a felony sex offense. as for the tattoos, well, anyone who has a problem with “brown pride” clearly has issues with insecurities with who they are.

      • elijahhawaii says:

        ….while you conveniently side step both the 88 Lightning Bolt tattoo that goes along with that info AND the other point it makes about Cain. You can feign ignorance to yourself but not to others.

  43. Xaninho says:

    Never knew 88 stood for heil hitler. I pronounced it as ‘eights’ or ‘aids’.

  44. true mma says:

    Another stupid bitch on this website named green tea bagger. Your just as stupid as your name. Keep you and your dumb as comments off this website you stupid bitch, before you get slapped by some with brown pride on them if haven’t already. You fucking computer geek.

  45. mannski says:

    who cares. most people join gangs in prison to stay alive. if he never had any priors besides the assault then he was a first offender. what the ufc and strikeforce is saying is that you cant have a troubled past and change. what a heap of crap. anderson silva can love his brazil, cain velazquest can rep brown pride, quinton jackson can say he wanted to be in the sport so he can beat up white boys, god forbid a white person has any sort of pride or balls to tell you what he feels. best of luck to this guy. at least it makes you want to watch him fight

  46. Dude says:

    Only caucasians would get upset about brown pride why because your all semi racist, been around the us and it’s a fact. Another thing that gets me is that the nazis were AMERICAN ENEMIES and yet here are all these Caucasions hating on “towel heads” and terrorist because of American pride, hmmm. Brown pride is a tatt for his pride to his culture, I don’t remember that including supremacy, hate, segregation, apartheid, burning crosses, lynch mobs, oh almost forgot genocide. All I think when I hear this “brown pride tatt complaint” is that you have a problem with him being Mexican. If im wrong just take a look at all these other comments.

  47. Donnybrook says:

    He should have “WHITE TRASH” tattooed on his stomach instead.

  48. mike says:

    No different than that piece of shit Cain Velasquez walking around with a brown pride tattoo on his chest, but ohhh wait a minute… that doesn’t count right…

  49. Rick Kane says:

    This is such a bullcrap double standard with Van Valesquez having “brown pride” tattoo’d on his chest. It means the same thing, What pride, brown pride, black pride, such bull.

  50. AK says:

    Dude is a piece of shit..he has a fucking tatooo that represents a mass genocide ad a symbol of hate and is a convicted sex offender..come on way can this guy ever be on tv or ppv representing MMA.

  51. NEVAUMINE says:

    Let um fight kimbo,should be interesting lol

  52. Sweet game plan says:

    WTF Pedro!!! Are you fuckin hung over. Get rid of this ol shit already and UPDATE some new shit dam.. WTF have you been doing all day ?

  53. J says:

    Cain V has BROWN PRIDE across his chest but this guy has a white steel across his, and they find this offensive? Such hypocrite. The sex offender issue I can see, but was he at one pint, or is he? Gotta get details before passing judgement. BUt as far as White steel or white pride tats, but Cain V. can have BROWN PRIDE and no one says shit… that of shit!

    • Chartmonster says:

      What uneducated people don’t realize to is that a sex offender could be an 18 year old guy had sex with his 16-17 year old girlfriend…the sexual predator status is the serious one. Like ..sf is worried about its reputation, it’s already a sinking ship.

  54. Chartmonster says:

    What a sex offender and racist cant fight professionally? What is this world coming to?

  55. Nick says:

    Don’t mind the Tattoo, but this bitch should be brutally ass fucked and murdered. What a disgusting waste of life.

  56. NAZiS L0ST says:

    Nazis are Anti-American. They should not be allowed to fly the Nazi flag on U.S. Soil or represent their views in public. I dont have much to say bout the charges he was accused of without all the details n facts presented. Too much speculation goin on on here.
    One thing is certain, he believes in n supports the Nazi organization… He shouldn’t be able to to be on U.S. soil representing an enemy of our, n many other countries. Nazis shouldn’t be allowed to walk freely amongst us protected by 0UR American constitution. NAZiS N THEiR BELiEFS D0N’T BEL0NG HERE PERi0D!
    it’s the same as allowing the Taliban or AlQuaeda to walk freely here…

  57. Knowledge says:

    If you look at facts he actually didn’t rape anyone. What he didn’t wasnt much better because he was there. I mean before you bash someone do you research instead of letting media lead you down the wrong path. As far as his 88 tattoo it’s a free country. You don’t have to agree with it. Why not watch him fight to get his ass kicked and make you feel better. The issue was never his criminal background because he had to put it on a form to fight. The real issue was the tattoo.

  58. Untitled says:

    I am trying to read as much comments as I possibly can but some peoples stupidity and ignorance is making me give up on the human race.. This man, convicted of raping a minor and proudly showing his hatred for other races tattooed on his body was given a pile of money and a little bit of fame!!!

    Shit don’t sit right with me! (and thankfully the majority of people commenting)

    Let me just say this is a bad bad day for the sport of MMA. I love this sport but this has disgusted me.. Zuffa you complete idiots.. It’s not like this guy snuck onto the card, they hired him..

  59. RVG says:

    brown pride. white steel. its all bullshit.

      • dynomania says:

        Well, it ain’t all bullshit. Brown Pride tatted across the chest isn’t pride in being brown, it’s the staple of the Brown Pride gang, notorious for a lot of disgusting crimes.

        • Cletus Jackson says:

          are fucking kidding me dude?

        • KIDD433 says:

          Dynomania,i dont know what state your from,Brown Pride maybe a gang out there.But in California Brown Pride is a very common tattoo worn by chicanos to express their pride of their people.Cain Velasquez being one of them…As for that guy having White Steel,i wouldnt take offense to either,people are enititled to being prowd of being what ever the fuck they want.If it was a swatstika.Much different story,very fucken offensive to all other races.What should be the big issue is that hes a sex offending piece of shit.

  60. Anthony1994 says:

    Someone needs to get Hugo stiglitz on his ass! lol

  61. #1 Haole says:

    What about Cain V’s brown pride Mexican gang tattoo

    • elijahhawaii says:

      what about it? “White steel” is just this pedophile rapist’s ring name and “Brown Pride” is nothing more than saying be proud of you who are. Neither have a “I hate everyone who does not belong to my ethnicity” connotation.

      That said, why are those two tattoos the main ones being brought up in here and not the blatantly racist 88 lightning bolt tattoo and the criminal conviction of Brandon Saling? It just conveys an implication – those who crybaby about Cain would rather sidetrack the discussion from those two crucial issues about Brandon and try to steer the discussion to damning a law-abiding citizen (Cain) because they are sympathetic to a self-proclaimed racist pedophiliac rapist. period. Now we know who to be wary of around here. Thanks.

  62. lol says:

    phuck racist white ppl

  63. #1 Haole says:

    Ignorance is bliss. I guess some people miss the fact that color is not what we should be worried about. But the distribution of wealth

  64. banks says:

    I like how ppl keep callin out cains brown pride tat like he is a registered dirtbag hahaha

  65. 16v149 says:

    Duh , don.t want to be a haole this friday,

  66. 16v149 says:

    Is he any worse than the founding fathers of usa. Jefferson and Washington

    were slave owners and drugs dealers (pot). Benjamin Franklin was high

    while flying a kite in a electrical storm. Every euro-peon is a racist

  67. 16v149 says:

    Just last week I mentioned the white racist in mma and you Pedro took down my comments. Look white racists dominate this sport and to some degree white fags. Sonnen border line racial comments brings out the true racist spirit , dig it.

    • baldy says:

      dont know if you noticed but there’s alot of non-white racists on here too…(you might be one of them) just sayin.
      racism is racism is racism….it all sucks.

  68. Dave Chappelle says:


  69. dubmatic808 says:

    with all the talent out there SF found a guy who rapes 10yr old girls… classy

  70. Zman says:

    hey if the guy really is a racist, then to hell with him. And if he really is a sex offender, then he can burn in hell. I think people are making way too big a deal about the white steel tattoo, Cain had brown pride stamped across his chest and it was ok, now a white guy has a white pride type of tattoo and its a whole huge problem. I still don’t support this guy though, makes me sick

  71. Aaron says:

    I think all of you are over reacting. He has White Steel written across his stomach, and he gets this? It’s a fucking FIGHT. Do you all not know this? Who cares what the fuck he cares about when all YOU care about is watching his fists hit other people’s face.. or visa versa.

    Not to mention you can get a rape charge by getting caught fucking your 17 year old girlfriend when you’re 19, and if the parents want they can press charges on your bitch ass.

    Lesson, don’t be so quick to judge. I’m just saying.

  72. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    “Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. It’s just plain wrong.” -Muhamamad Ali
    Closed minded individuals that can’t see past who they are in life, will be lost in a world that is meant to be heaven.

  73. NAZiS L0ST says:


  74. chris says:

    I have to say, just because it says “white steel” doesn’t make him a racist. Plenty of minority fighters and other personalities of racial quotes tatooed on them yet their “racism” is never questioned. But a white guy says “white” on his stomach and all of a sudden it showcases his political views?
    That’s just stupid and the author of this article should be reprimanded for his own racist attitudes.
    That being said, if the guy is a sexual predator, then he should never have been allowed to fight and these guys need to do a better job of vetting fighters. I mean, what is this? The 08 presidential election or something?

  75. Life Coach says:

    I personally don’t care about his political beliefs. He can be racist all he wants, however raping a child isn’t cool at all.

  76. K2 says:

    He just wants on the next Undisputed release…

  77. drew says:

    side note i dont see anyway the reem beats jds

  78. Mo says:

    Too bad she didn’t tap…now her arm looks like Gumby’s dick. All disfigured and shit…

  79. Jodi Koura says:

    Racism and pedophilia are both pretty sick in my book, but I’d be a lot more worried about the pedophilia charge. That’s not the kind of people we want representing a great sport like MMA. Pedophilia is a mental illness, while racism is environmental, learned behavior. Quite honestly, a tattoo doesn’t prove anything, while a conviction for rape of a minor is a whole lot different. I would agree that prior vetting of fighters should be mandatory. If the guy is a registered sex offender, he has no business fighting officially within the sport. And those are my opinions.

  80. Immmuntocrap says:

    How about minding your own business people? What a bunch of self-righteous pricks. Judging left and right “he’s bad/evil”, while all considering yourselves to be ‘good/righteous’ of course.

    Again, mind your own effin business.

  81. Immmuntocrap says:

    The hypocrisy on this issue boggles my mind. First of all, I think that racial solidarity is something perfectly natural and explicitely practiced by all non-whites, and you can label that however you want, I don’t care.

    Secondly, fighting sports have a tradition of explicitely anti-white behaviour, but thats apperently perfectly allright as long as the races arent reversed:

    – Rampage saying mma is great cos he could beat up “white boys” and get payed for it.

    – Bernard Hopkins during the staredown with Calzaghe repeatedly shouted “I’ll never lose to a white boy”.

    – Lennox Lewis and Floyd Mayweather Jr. repeatedly implied white inferiority in their commentary and interviews.

    – Velasquez saying he had nobody to look up to when he was young because there weren’t any “latino HW’s”: Why couldnt he look up to for instance black or white fighters?

    – In a fight where it’s black vs white check Facebook and Twitter, and try to find a black person that doesnt cheer for the black fighter.

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