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Monday, 02/03/2014, 04:50 am

White Says Mir’s Future To Be Determined This Week

Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir has tried everything to get a win inside the Octagon.

From TRT to a two-camp stint at Greg Jackson’s, the Las Vegas resident hasn’t found anything to assist him in getting out of his four-fight slump.

His back’s against the wall, and while he insists that retirement isn’t an option, UFC President Dana White say’s he hasn’t yet decided what to do with him:

“It’s not a decision we will make tonight. We will get together next week and we will figure out what we want to do.”

Frank Mir lost to Alistair Overeem last weekend by decision, in a fight that he only landed 5 strikes.


6 Responses to “White Says Mir’s Future To Be Determined This Week”

  1. magoo says:

    He’s lost 4 straight what’s to think about?

  2. Johnny b says:

    All guys are top ten… High ranked top ten. Give him a chance at least lol.

  3. bob says:

    He needs to be cut. He needs to retire. I agree he is becoming one dimensional for sure. He looks like he hasn’t taken it seriously in awhile. He has not evolved since Brock. The heavyweight division is becoming one challenging weight class now too. Retire.

  4. TheRonin says:

    I never wish a man to be out of a job, but the former poster HW of the UFC might have better paying options with WSOF or Overseas atm, Mir vs Arlovski would be a fight I have great interest in, one that we missed out on earlier in their careers.

    Lots of good fights for the fans involving Mir outside the UFC, if he wins a few it brings him back to the UFC for another shot.

  5. Tincat says:

    I don’t think losing to the numbers 1, 4, 6, 7 in the top 10 constitutes retirement time.

  6. lougar says:

    Just let him stay and fight on the undercard against some opponents with lower rank than him. Its obvious hes not a contender anymore but at least let him stay.

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