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Monday, 08/06/2012, 08:09 am

White Says JDS Punked Overeem & Wants That Fight | UFC NEWS

Following UFC on FOX 4, Dana White discussed Junior dos Santos and the heavyweight champion’s desire to fight Alistair Overeem. White said dos Santos called Overeem a punk, and feels he has a big mouth.


25 Responses to “White Says JDS Punked Overeem & Wants That Fight | UFC NEWS”

  1. Xaninho says:

    Must be something I missed. I never seen Overeem being really disrespectful towards JDS.

  2. JewBoy says:

    Alistair said JDS is scared of him and that he is going to knock him out if they ever fight

    • Badboykilla says:

      What fighter doesn’t say that though. What do you want Alistair to say no JDS is a beast and he can knock my head off. Come on now you fight which means you have a fighters ego which simply means “in my head im the best and can beat anybody” now if you don’t believe that sports are not for you.

      • Are you saying that all Overeem said about JDS was that he would crush him because if you are then that’s entirely untrue. Overeem is talking mad smack and being a punk even if it’s the fight game.

      • jbeamazing says:

        overoid can say he thinks he will win but to say jds is scared is disrespectful

        • Shawn says:

          It is (kind of)…but it’s also called hyping/promoting a fight. Talk like that is pretty much run of the mill trash talk. If you want an example of real disrespect, and unnecessary trash talking, just listen to all the crap Sonnen said about Silva, his family and Brazil the last couple of years. Now THAT’S taking things too far. When trash talking, you never bring family or country or culture into it.

          Personally, I guy can talk all the crap about me, he just better make sure he can back it up when we fight. In fact, it would work in my favor to have my opponent think I’m scared of him. Pleeeease, underestimate me. 😉

  3. will says:

    calling someone a punk isn’t punking them… get ur shit together.

  4. sic00z says:

    junior would kick the shit out of (over)reem

  5. Drew says:

    JDS would murder overeem… Anybody has a punchers chance but there is literlally no way overeem is going to win…. We’re going on about 2 1/2 years since anyone has actually hit overeem square on the jaw and that timeframe is showing respect… The last person to tag Jds was carwin and Jds looked like a fly landed on his jaw real quick and then flew away lol… If Jds corners overeem in the first round it’s done

    • bunkylomax says:

      at Drew…I’m a huge JDS fan and he is one of my favorite fighters..I like The Reem as well and I believe Jr will win but alistar isn’t a slouch buddy..the boy has skills and yes he’s been ko’d in the past but has Ko’d some of the toughest guys in the biz. I remember when he Ko’d Badr with a hook to the solar plex..alistar has 50/50 chance of winning but I believe jr’s speed will be to much for Ubereem

      • Jordan says:

        JDS has great boxing but this isn’t just a boxing match. Alistair is an amazing kick boxer and he has a reach advantage over Jr. and he will use both to keep JDS at bay. In the clinch Overeem has the clear advantage. And Alistair stuffed brocks takedowns, and Brock was the best wrestler in the division. But JDS does have speed so he might be able to get past Overeems reach.

  6. Damnu says:

    He would actually have to throw a kick to “kick” the shit out of him

  7. Jacob Lashway says:

    Lol overeem fights the best strikers in the world in K1 and you say he don’t have a chance or can’t take a shot, have any of you actually seen a overeem fight? Lol

    • jbeamazing says:

      yeah like when Chuck knocked him out

      • Guss says:

        lol…that’s when Overeem was still fairly new to the sport, little experience and a light heavyweight. The Overeem Lidell beat is leaps and bounds inferior than the Overeem now. You need a better comparison. Better yet, you need to educate yourself more in the fight game. If you knew how tough the guys are in K-1, you would think differently. Other than the UFC, do you follow any other fight promotions? Hmmmm. Let me guess, UFC, or rather TUF got you into MMA. Newb.

  8. Alex says:

    He had a different standup game back then. He changed it and become somewhat defensive which means that he is not open to those ko’s as he was when he fought chuck

  9. What? says:

    Fact is that this fight could go either way. Just cause jds has never been knocked out doesn’t mean he can’t and just because overeem has been knocked out doesn’t mean jds will….just saying

  10. Bjj BB says:

    Jds will win by speed alone and thats it!! Reem is a bad mofo but he wont catch jds or bob and weave away from jds plain and simple!!

  11. Sugar Ponybear says:

    OR, neither Overeem nor JDS said anything disrespectful and White is trying to sell this fight cause he knows Alistair doesn’t deserve a title shot. But JDS is an honorable person and Overeem is hungry for a title shot, so it is possible Overeem said something not trying to be offensive and JDS just took it that way.

  12. BJ is king says:

    anyone who thinks jds will walk over overeem is dreaming. If the guy lands a knee on jds, jds is down. If he gets in kicking range, jds is in trouble. However, if jds gets in arms reach of overeem, overeem is in alot of trouble, as he has some problems moving his head. I wouldnt be surprised if jds tried to take him down imo.

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