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Thursday, 03/29/2012, 07:12 pm

Dana White Confirms Plan To Go After Fans Who Steal PPV’s

“The bottom line is the same guys that are saying why would you sue the fans are the same guys that are going ‘you should pay the fighters more.’ How do you think this thing works? You think the Fertittas just pull the money out of their bank and pay everybody? No, this is a real business. There’s this whole generation out there that grew up getting free (stuff) on the Internet. So they think everything on the Internet should be free. That ain’t how it works. You steal our (stuff), we’re gonna get you. We may not get you now, or next month, but eventually we will. We’re spending a lot of money towards busting people who steal.”

UFC president Dana White confirmed with the media during Tuesday’s press conference that his company does plan on going after individuals who stream their live PPV content on the internet.


Check out the video on page 2.

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78 Responses to “Dana White Confirms Plan To Go After Fans Who Steal PPV’s”

  1. John says:

    Problem is most of the people posting this stuff are the ones who get it on ESPN in europe

  2. MclovinthatBJJblackbeltandcameltoerousey says:

    i seen the video to this hes swears alot but hey..its dana but why complain when you said your going to make them free pretty soon…

  3. Hey, remember that time that Metallica came out and said they were gonna sue the people stealing their music, and they basically ended up destroying most of their formerly-devout fanbase?

    • sorab says:

      killing a bull for a pound of meat.

    • Dillinger says:

      I think Metallica’s fan-base destruction was mostly due to the fact their recent albums are complete shit.

      • ian mearns says:

        Yeah their last albums were bad but the fact that they turned into taddle tails didn’t help them out. I went to a UFC event in Seattle for stupid amounts of money on the fourth row (best seat ever) and STILL had to pay 25$ for a pair of headphones to hear Joe Rogan speak. Not really complaining just saying its funny to hear Dana White defend himself being a greedy dickface. Still love the UFC but Dana’s still a Dick.

  4. spiritsplice says:

    You can’t steal something without depriving the other person of it. Copying is not stealing, it’s copying. Once a person buys the stream, what they do with it is none of your business any more than what a person does with a book they purchase is any of your business.

    This is equivalent to buying a book and then when you let a friend borrow it, claiming that the borrower stole the book from the author. Once you sell it, you don’t own it anymore and the owner can do anything he likes with it.

    Intellectual Property is a scam and devalues real property. Property rights exist because tangible resources are inherently scares. Data streams and other infinitely copyable bits are not scarce and therefore not property. That there is a law that claims otherwise is irrelevant. Alcohol used to be illegal. Pot used to be legal. Laws are just the whims of those who wish to lord over others.

    • MclovinthatBJJblackbeltandcameltoerousey says:

      i dont get why hes mad hes going to be making them free withing like the next 3 years MOST events are free. hes puts maybe 10 PPV events up the rest are like ufc on fox 6 for example there. there all free just the big fights people have gotten lazy to pay for beacuase of free fights

      • spiritsplice says:

        I think it has to do with his worship of government. He is always going on about how great government and regulations are and how they will get you because they are all powerful. He is just a shill. He has a major ego problem and is on a constant power trip. Look at the dumb reasons he fires people for like Torres.

    • Nuitari X says:

      very well said

    • watchafightbeforecommenting says:

      @spiritsplice- You’re a fucking moron! It’s more like buying a book and then printing a million copies and sending them to people and then the real author makes no money and stoos writing thinking his work is no good. It’s a business and you cheap jew mother Fuckers need to pay for it if you want to see the sport grow and actually be free on tv at some point. How can you expect a president of any business to be ok with people stealing their product??

      • youreanidiot says:

        There are so many things wrong with your comment. The fact that you are a racist bitch who can’t get out of 1000’s of years oppression and dipshits who have no idea what they are talking about doesn’t help you are fucking idiot. You are the type of person that cries about gas prices and wants cheaper food prices, but then goes on march when oil drilling starts. Go sue a 10 year old….

      • Mucks says:

        I’m with you, I see all the PPV’s because me an my friends have a system of rotating who orders it. I probably ost/buy very fifth event and ite ends up being reasonable. Stealing is stealing and if you can’t afford it- go to a bar that pays a premium to host th event. I hate that people post live streams like its their right because they paid for it.

        • HiImTye says:

          technically youre still stealing it, because you don’t have consent to show it

          in the same way that bars that buy and show it without permission are still stealing

          so your argument is ‘hey it’s OK to steal it this way, just don’t steal it the other way, cause that’s wrong’

          intellectual property rights are not property rights because there is no ‘property.’ they are a monopoly over ideas and last time I checked, monopolies are illegal

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          He doesn’t need consent to show it in his home. He isn’t showing the fight in a place of business.

          Mickey Mouse is considered an intellectual property. Intellectual Properties is a broad law term for copyrights, trademarks and patents. If you had a billion dollar idea like the Brown Box.. The progenitor of all video game machine consoles I bet you would want to protect it. Ralph Baer now collects royalties everytime someone makes a video game machine. I bet he’s glad he acquired a patent because he’s a multi-millionaire having invented something almost 50 years ago.

          You and Spiritslice have no idea what you are talking about and it is stealing. When you get busted good luck using that logic that ideas can’t be property.

        • spiritsplice says:

          NInja, you do not understand the nature and purpose of property. But government schooling has done its job well with you it seems.

        • spiritsplice says:

          Exactly, IP is a government granted monopoly. Government and business is cronyism and mercantilism. Corruption at its finest.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          What do you think of Plagiarism?

          This is the reason why we have these protections is to avoid that. So people like you can’t pass off something as your own that wasn’t made or created, including unique ideas by you .

          But, we’re in the same boat and I do watch streaming sometimes but lets call it what it is. Stealing. If I lived in a different environment and made more money I would buy every card. You don’t seem like someone who even attempts to go to the bar. Do you expect everything to be for free?

        • Xaninho says:

          Mickey Mouse is considered intellectual property..Funny that the same company(Disney) supported the SOPA act and is crying about intellectual property after making the biggest fortune on movies about Snow White and the 7 dwarfs, Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, Aladdin etc. after STEALING AND NOT PAYING to use those fairy tales written by someone else!

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:


          LOL Leave my fucking Mickey Mouse alone!

          That’s the thing though with those stories. Who owns the rights to those? Is the family estate of the writer still alive? It is also possible that Disney bought the ownership like they did with Winnie the Pooh. These stories are so old man!

          This is why stories from the Bible are free. There is no author of the bible.

        • Xaninho says:


          The brothers Grimm didn’t get paid for their stories cause they were already dead.

          But! …Mickey Mouse arrived in the 1928 cartoon Steamboat Willie, as Walt Disney became the first to combine animated cartoons with sound. It was a risk that paid off for Mr. Disney.

          It may come as a surprise that Steamboat Willie could be considered copyright infringement by today’s standards. Lawrence Lessig, a founder of Creative Commons, writes in Free Culture that earlier in 1928, Buster Keaton released his silent film Steamboat Bill Jr., which “appeared before Disney’s cartoon Steamboat Willie…Steamboat Willie is a direct cartoon parody of Steamboat Bill, and both are built upon a common song as a source.”

          Disney and all the other movie companies should STFU cause they all stole intellectual property or are stealing some right on this moment. And they will keep stealing other people’s ideas, make a load of money off of it, while crying about people with little money downloading their stolen shit to watch with their children.

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          X, good points man. In fact, the driving force behind the most recent Copyright Act (from the 1970s) was Disney. They were about to lose copyright protection on Mickey Mouse. Thus, the length of time for copyright ownership was extended to life of the author plus 75 years. I think that expires in the 2020’s or early 2030s. Expect copyright ownership to be extended yet again within the next 20 years.

        • spiritsplice says:

          Plagiarism is claiming authorship of something that you did not author, that would be fraud and is an entirely different issue.

          The definition of stealing is *deprive* another of property. This is not possible with ideas. Ideas can only be copied. Ideas cannot be property because the entire concept of property revolves around scarcity. Ideas can be infinitely copied with *Zero* loss to the originator.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:


          Well Plagiarism is a form of illegally copying someone’s work.

          I got this off

          Definition of Steal:

          1. to take (the property of another or others) without permission or right, especially secretly or by force: A pickpocket stole his watch.

          2. to appropriate (ideas, credit, words, etc.) without right or acknowledgment.

          I think it’s time to get off the reservation.
          … Your definition of stealing isn’t valid and you can look up to steal and plagiarism on if you disagree.

      • K2 says:

        Well, if the UFC is ever going to be on TV for free, ie away from PPV, then they’re going to have to have a fan base large enough to interest a cable provider, like FOX, to pick them up and attract sponsors that are willing to pay for the advertisement of their products. The only way to do that is to allow everyone to see it whenever they can in order to educate themselves about it (which few of the people on this site do, geez if you can’t educate yourself on the language you speak/read/write everyday then how the fuck do you expect you learn anything about MMA, but I digress). Anyways, restricting viewing restricts fans. Restricting fans bodes for a smaller fan base which will detract from sponsors and eventual free evens. The old saying “Any publicity is good publicity” applies here. Anyone watching the fight has the potential to become a fan. When was the last time you watched football/baseball/basketball on PPV? And I’m not talking that ‘gameday’ shit.

      • spiritsplice says:

        The author doesn’t have the right to make any money. This is your first mistake, thinking something is owed to someone. Again, nobody is stealing their product, the streamer bought it. Secondly, the bits weren’t stolen they were copied. Stealing is the act of depriving something from another. In order for it to be stealing, that would mean the UFC no longer has the PPV. This is clearly not the case.

        IP is invalid because it infringes on the rights of others by attempting to restrict what they can do with their property. Stephen Kinsella as a free book on the subject at Mises dot org.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      You have a warped view on the way this works…

      Its more like someone rented you a bike for you to use only. You let all of our friends ride it free of charge denying the renter of the money he should have made. It is stealing because you are depriving the renter of his deserved profit.

      • spiritsplice says:

        He received profit from the person who rented it. What the rentee does with it while it is in HIS possession is not relevant to this issue. The renter is not owed anything.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          But the renter owns the bike and under the stipulations that you will use it only, he has rented it to you. You lose.

  5. UFC not KFC says:

    I think only people who feel that $60 is too high for PPV events should live stream them.

  6. Haven says:

    If they were all available after being put on PPV, and for a reasonable price, then downloading them wouldn’t be necessary. Instead we get their picks of what were the best fights when true fans want to see the entire card and see it more than once, which isn’t possible unless you tivo every single UFC you pay for.

  7. david says:

    i pay for the ppv everytime and im not fucken rich i see danas point everyone wants everything for free, cheap pricks, although some of the cards are not worth it imo

  8. the original steve says:

    kinda stupid suing ppl watching it in my opinion. because those are the people who cant afford the ppv so what makes you think they can afford the fine. and then u will be suing children as well. its not a good look. they should be suing the people posting it get the source away then ppl cant view it.

  9. Mr.Rusk says:

    Come at me bro, spend 30 mill to find proof that I may or may not of “stolen” less then a 100 bucks if product.

  10. bendetta says:

    I don’t steal them. Just download watch and when I am done I put them back on the internet. Where I found them. No harm done. You wouldn’t steal a handbag hahaha

  11. Edgar says:

    I agree with you Dana! Get me two tickets to UFC 147 biggest event coming thanks!

  12. Slippy says:

    I hear you DW, but the fact is that where I come from the amount you charge for PPV is huge. And if I miss a fight due to time difference or whatever then it costs me even more more than paying for a live viewing on PPV would. I know these guys get paid well, I know they’re worth it, but as a senior software engineer in a far flung country, PPV if half my days wages. Sorry buddy, I’ll watch it wherever I can and feed my family as opposed to line your pockets, those of the fighters and UFC inc. BTW-I genuinely would prefer to pay for the fights in a legit manner, so perhaps you should do what most large organizations do, and price the videos through your sites on a per region basis, so it’s not just wealthy westerners who get to watch legally. I pay ESPN, BBC and others no problem because they charge on a regional basis. It’s business sense….think about it. Thanks

  13. Nick says:

    That’s really fucked up and I’ll tell you why. That’s sending the wrong message, he’s basically saying if you can’t afford it then you don’t deserve to watch it. Like what kind of message is that? I mean I have only streamed like 4 events but they were from ESPN in the UK. But seriously that’s fucked up. And I’ve never said anything about fighter pay. There’s probably a small percentage of people that do, and you just gave them more fuel by saying “we’re spending a lot of money towards busting people who steal.” Like really?

  14. Frank Shamrock says:

    Suck it Dana.

  15. Pirate says:

    Arg! I’ve taken me booty of e’ry UFC event from UFC 98 till now, and I ain’t got no plans of stopping or over-paying to watch judges fuck up decisions, or refs not standing up LnP yet stand/break up fighters who are actually working on. Fuck your stupid “intellectual property” I was just borrowing it anyways… Arg!

  16. Chris says:

    I can watch it for free at a Buffalo wild wings lol so you can suck it dana

  17. interested to see how this turns out

  18. DroDiego says:

    fucking dumbass Dana is going to get a bunch of “challenge accepted” responses and deal vs the pirates online.

  19. Jordan says:

    Man. I PAYED for jones vs machida, to stream off the UFC website AND……… IT NEVER WORKED…

    In fact it took so long to buffer, i downloaded the fight from torrents in the time it took to buffer, And it still didn’t work anyway.


  20. DroDiego says:

    FUCK! dana is so fucking stupid!!!!

  21. Atwizzy says:

    I usually buy every single pay per view but for UFC 147 Silva vs Sonnen 2 I am going to stream it so that Sonnen doesn’t get any of my money. Then I am going to mail the $60 I would have used on the PPV to Anderson Silva. I will not support or promote douche bags like Sonnen.

  22. McLovin says:

    Seems like money NOT well spent to me. They just lost their case against justintv.

  23. karrdiak says:

    It’s thanks to the internet and downloads that the ufc is so popular, it would have never reach such a mass appeal if only the people who are paying the pay per view could see it. Here in europe we used to get it for free 2 weeks of so after the event but not anymore. How are we supposed to see it if we can’t have acces to pay per view services, and even if i could i would not pay 50 dollars for it…



    • Pirate says:

      Last 46 ppvs for me, matey. ARG! I had more but me old hard drive crashed. ARG! Why is this steering wheel in my pants you ask? It’s driving me nuts! ARG!

  25. nick says:

    So if I buy a ppv at MY house on MY cable, then invite some friends over and I let them watch MY purchased intellectual property… is that stealing?

    Show me the chode that watches ppv by himself

    I’ve watched virtually EVERY ufc via TORRENT DOWNLOAD so kiss my ass Dana.. take the money you are spending to stop me and add it to the millions you’ve made off of people that caught onto ufc via illegal downloads. Then subtract that from your profits and you’re broke. YOU CAN’T STOP THIS BUDDY.. NOT UFC, NOT MUSIC, NOT ANYTHING. YOU CAN’T. Go ahead and try. I am nearly finished with my album and you know what? When I’m done, anyone can download it. Go for it. ‘Pirate’ it. Its (y)ours.

  26. Bill Tackett says:

    I agree with him, don’t steal BUT don’t charge 400 dollars a seat for every show and lock real fans out of the shows so that you can fill the place with rich folk that don’t care about your product. Also, saying fuck between every 3 words as an executive in a major company does not make your point more valid. He is just ranting, the music industry killed itself with really bad products, music executives that stole from artists, far more than teenagers on the internet, and now they are suffering for it. Musicians and comedians LOVE the internet model and have left executives all together to release their music, and have profited far more than they were with the “industry”. Dana is an old school guy that doesn’t get it, you don’t want people to steal the content but his target audiance is basically the college student, and we have seen 2 or 3 ppvs for 50 dollars each in 1 month. You have to make your mind up, you can’t have your cake and eat it too when it comes to fans.

  27. Xaninho says:

    I live in the Netherlands and since it’s not legal nor broadcasted here in any way, there’s simply no other option for me other than the internet to be able to watch a UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator event. I don’t watch streams, but I download it the next day so I can watch it in good quality.

    It’s not illegal here to download from the internet for personal use, so I’m not worried.

    The comment about the internet destroying the music business made me laugh. As long as I see performers on MTV Cribs showing off their golden toilets and real diamond chandeliers I don’t think they are broke and destroyed. They’re overpricing the CD’s and DVD’s, if they weren’t so greedy and charged normal prices, I’m sure people would buy the CD instead of downloading it.

  28. dastuka says:

    I paid $45/month for years to watch the PPVs. I started streaming due to the fact that I cant get FUEL from Comcast. They should spend more time figuring out how to phase out PPVs and less time crying about people ‘stealing’ from them. Every time they show something on FUEL and half their fans cant watch it…thousands of people probably turn to the streaming sites just to be able to watch a free event. Are they gonna go after those people too?

  29. Hightower says:

    For all you saying you pay for every ppv, fuck you goddamned liars. What are you afraid of? That uncle dana will shop up at your doorstep and slap you on the wrist? If i can ill go to a bar and pay the entry fee, if i cant ill stream it and if not ill watch it the next day on any mma site for free.

  30. Ronnin says:

    Ha! Dont give a fuck. I get it for free in my country

  31. best opinion on the nets says:

    Can you sue somebody for watching the UFC at his friends house, or the host? Same concept as watching it online and watching a stream. Dana loses.

    • jackpot says:

      the problem is people “WILL ALWAYS” make up excuses,

      Does anyone have a problem with people going over to their friends house and watching it?

      Does that seem illegal to anyone?

      what if they are outside in your yard watching through a window and you put a speaker outside so they can hear?

      Is that illegal? I don’t see how that is illegal.

      Ok now ur friend is sick across the street and needs to stay in bed, would it be illegal to setup a cup and string and a pair of binoculars, so he could hear and watch?

      Is the cup string and binoculars now illegal?

      And that is where people need to decide, the INTERNET is basically a more advanced cup string binoculars technology and more of course.

      So what is the real situation?

      Is the cup string method ok to use?

      I don’t see how they could say that the cup string method is LEGAL, and internet stream from your house is ILLEGAL. With a little tweaking you could set them both up on the same TV with the same speaker, and the only difference would be that the internet has better sound with bad video, and the binoculars have bad sound with better video.

      So unless they are going to make a law to stop people from watching AT/WITH friends at their places/gathering areas. They should not be arresting people and blaming the tools that humanity has given them.

      ps. If anyone has a problem with the cup string binoculars, what about eyeglasses and hearing aids?

      all they do is help see and hear things that are too far away.

  32. lex walker says:

    Dana can’t stop the revolution lol power to the people

  33. Boston bad boy says:

    Dana and his masters are worse than Don King. What’s a matter you not makin enough money Dana.

  34. jackpot says:

    The bottom line is dana and the media groupies want to charge us for each eye, so if you got two eyes you pay double.

    I will not be surprised if BBQ PPV’s at your fiends house become illegal,

    And then when people start having to many kids and grand kids living in the same house, they can start figuring out how to make that illegal.

    Where does it end people?

    And screw dana, how much money is he putting into trying to stop piracy. Is it the same amount that people were complaining about fighters pay?

    • jackpot says:

      well you are liable for uploading child porn are you not?

      Its like if you buy a helicopter, sure you CAN go anywhere you want, but common sense and fear will keep you from buzzing around and causing trouble at your local militia air tower.

      But I do like your thinking:
      because if I rented that same helicopter, I do believe that company should be REQUIRED to put self protection in the helicopter for me.

      Protection that keeps me from buzzing around air towers and allowing me to easily endanger my family and or land me in jail.

      Because that is what dana is saying, he has no problem throwing you in jail, and if your family can’t eat that week, too bad, you should have been watching your kid better and not letting him watch a stream he found by searching on GOOGLE.

      • jackpot says:

        maybe i just don’t see how the ISP is liable, sure you are renting their car to drive around and check things out in the city.

        But if you go to a corner and start grabbing from a pile of dvd’s, that you can clearly tell were stolen property that someone illegally put there.

        would you still blame the rentacar, because you used their trunk?

  35. true mma says:

    Fuck you Dana, you’ll still pay your fighters garbage you greedy fuck.

  36. Grow up Dana! says:

    Hey Dana the reason sum ppl ‘steal’ ur ppv’s is because it’s that dam expensive!
    In UK you have to have sky and the sports package which is around $55 a month then you have to pay another $25 a month to get espn to watch UFC! N when your ESPN deal runs out and you go to sky box office like Wwe it’l be even more yeh u won’t pay ESPN $25 a month but it’l be $25 per ppv n when there’s a few bunched together sum ppl can’t afford it!

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