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Thursday, 02/06/2014, 06:02 am

White: Mendes vs. Swanson For Featherweight Title Makes Sense

“I’m not making a fight announcement here or anything – but what would make sense is Cub Swanson and Chad Mendes would probably be fighting for that title, and Pettis and Aldo would fight at 155.”

During a FOX Sports Live appearance last night, UFC President Dana White discussed what happens if Jose Aldo moves up in weight to fight Anthony Pettis.

White will make Aldo give up his 145lb strap, but Aldo’s camp says, ‘No way’.


0 Responses to “White: Mendes vs. Swanson For Featherweight Title Makes Sense”

  1. The natural says:

    Edgar vs mendes makes more sense but whatever give strap to either mendes or Swanson makes no sense u have to best a champ to become a champ who ever can beat edgar shld b u can’t have a champ announced after two losers fight

    • team backfist says:

      I like it; however, Edgar has lost his last 3 of 4… Cub has won his last 5 with 4 finishes… Edgar broke his losing streak with a decision over Oliveira, Cub KO’d Oliveira.

      • Mike Mitch says:

        Spot on, when people present facts, the other people shut up

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        True, But Edgar lost in ALL championship fights to Bendo 2X (He did NOT lose to Bendo) and to Aldo. Swanson, though he has beat and finished 4 of last 5 fight wins, none were champions or anywhere close to championship level. Edgar has never been finished and Cub was finished by Lamas. Also, Swanson has a loss to Mendes, so there is a case for a Mendes vs. Edgar fight. I like both though, Mendes should beat up Swanson and Edgar would probably beat Mendes.

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Classic match..I like it…Mendes should be champ after this.

  3. mike custer says:

    um no…..He has 0 chance against Mendes…Zombie rightfully deserves the shot.

  4. Xaninho says:

    Cub will take it. Mendes is going to sleep again.

  5. Ace07Mantle says:

    Why not let Aldo try to hold two belts at once?

  6. Swaxbagga says:

    I think Edgar should be in the fight, I know he is already booked so maybe he will get the winner. That is if he can get past penn.

  7. Danny Valentine says:

    I actually agree with Aldo’s camp: a catch-weight makes more sense.

  8. Stonie says:

    they didn’t make penn give up his 155 belt when he fought st; pierre for the 170 belt

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