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Wednesday, 02/27/2013, 10:40 am

White: If Aldo moves to 155, he stays at 155 | UFC NEWS

If UFC featherweight Champion Jose Aldo beats Anthony Pettis on Aug. 3, it was reported on BJPENN.COM, that he would receive a lightweight title against the winner of UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson (18-2) versus final Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez (21-2). Henderson and Melendez will meet on Apr. 20 at UFC on FOX 7 at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif. A venue has yet to be determined for the Aug. 3 event.

Aldo (22-1) is looking for a 16-fight-win streak by defeating Pettis (16-2). UFC President Dana White said to FUEL TV’s “UFC Tonight” on Tuesday that if Aldo moves up a weight class, then he would have to stay there.

“He said that after Aldo beats Pettis, [Aldo] wants to move up to 155 and fight there,” White said on FUEL TV’s “UFC Tonight.” “I said that was fine, but one of the matchmakers called and said there was a misunderstanding, that he wants to go to 155, win the title, and go back to 145.”

“That’s not happening. If he moves to 155, he stays at 155, and he holds that belt. If Pettis wins the fight, Pettis is going to have to stay at 145 and defend that belt a couple of times.”

Pettis, who normally fights in the lightweight division, has to drop down to featherweight to fight Aldo. Pettis is on a 3-fight-win streak. He won his last fight against Donald Cerrone via knockout at 2 minutes 35 seconds in the first round at UFC on Fox 6 – Johnson vs. Dodson last January.

B.J. Penn and Randy Couture are the only men to own UFC titles in two weight class divisions. If Aldo earns a lightweight title shot, he would look into joining them.


20 Responses to “White: If Aldo moves to 155, he stays at 155 | UFC NEWS”

  1. Wow... says:

    The stipulations keep coming out. I thought if Pettis won he would be able to fight Henderson for the 155 lb belt? It seems as though this is no longer the case?

    • korean jesus says:

      if pettis wins the fw belt, he has obligations to defend that belt. dana said a long time ago, that he is firm with the idea of not having his champions moving weight classes, because they’re obligated to their original division. he doesnt want to simultaneously have his champions hold down two divisions, because it holds up a bunch of championship fights between the two divisions.

      • krafty11 says:

        I agree..But he shouldnt allow guys to drop a division and get immediate title shots, when they have never fought in the division. It just makes it more confusing..

  2. Think about it says:

    Dana is right in keeping the winner at the division of the belt they hold. If not, the champion would have to forfeit the belt or fight at catchweight. Holding two belts simultaneously or fighting for a belt outside of the division of the belt you hold is bad business for the UFC. One of the divisions will be held up if one fighter holds two belts.

    Crazy, yeah. But if you think about it, the UFC is smart to put stipulations like the one they gave Pettis and Aldo.

  3. Fuk Dana says:

    Dana is getting all wrapped up in his bs. He contradicts himself too much. We all notice that Dana.

    • korean jesus says:

      calm down. think outside the box and you’ll be surprised to see that all of this is much more in-depth as compared to your little fucking rant. dana contradicts himself and has to eat a lotta shit because A LOTTA COMPLICATING SHIT comes up, but you know what? he’s running the fucking show, and he takes care of that buisness. i doubt you can handle his shit any better, if you were in his position. dana is catering to MMA FANS and giving us what we want to see. quit your fucking bitching, and appreciate. if not, then GET UP OFF YOUR ASS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

      • mettaworldpete says:

        certainly complicated things do come up in this sport and sometimes it takes something out of the ordinary to find a solution, it’s not as easy as rescheduling a baseball game for later if it gets rained out. that said Dana White doesn’t have a filter from his brain to his mouth and even worse no filter from his mouth to his twitter and all the other social networking sites. he can easily manage all this behind the scenes business between fighters and camps without cussing out 2/3 of everyone involved publicly. it eats away at the organizations legitimacy as a sporting meritocracy and alienates fans.

  4. Someone's on their period... says:

    ^^^ hurt much? Who even allows 16 year old Asian girls to comment on this. Haha

    • korean jesus says:

      just speaking my mind. at least i have some relevance. you’re the one with your ass all hurt, because you took offence as to what i had said, and you cant even respond with some decency. im fine with that because you’ve insulted yourself. you fuckin jack ass.

  5. hendoooo says:

    I agreed with Dana up until now, why does he have a say over the fighters weight now? They should be able to drop whenever they want. Aldo should be able to go back to FW if he wins or loses against Henderson.

  6. Nando says:

    Dana aka don king

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