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Friday, 07/05/2013, 10:22 am

White: GSP Doesn’t Want A Superfight Against Anderson Silva

“I’ve been working hard to try to make those fights. Georges St-Pierre would not even think about this fight because Anderson Silva’s going to (lose), according to Georges St-Pierre.”

“At the end of the day, he weighs 170 pounds. Any guy who’s going to fight up in weight – ‘I’m the man here at 170. If I thought I was the man at 185, I’d be at 185.’ I get it. But it’s a fight a lot of fans want to see, it’s a big fight. It’s a legacy fight, and it’s a fight for the pound-for-pound best in the world.

“Georges St-Pierre could do this catchweight fight and he could still be the champ at 170. But what’s crazy to me is, GSP opted to take a very dangerous fight (against Hendricks) at 170 without trying to take a dangerous fight at 185.”

If Anderson Silva defends his title tomorrow night against Chris Weidman, talks of a super fight will come back to the forefront of his career.

UFC President Dana White would have already booked him against GSP had GSP been willing to accept, however according to the UFC boss that’s something the welterweight champion just doesn’t want.


165 Responses to “White: GSP Doesn’t Want A Superfight Against Anderson Silva”

  1. jasonp61 says:

    Look…Im a hardcore gsp fan but im not gonna give the man shit for not stepping in there with Anderson until Andserson steps into the ring with Jon Jones.

    That fight makes far more sense (Silva is undefeated at LHW in the ufc whereas gsp has never fought outside WW) and like I said

    I don’t think anyones got a right to call gsp out for not wanting to get in there with Anderson especially when he looked tired at the end of the fight with diaz, something we’re not accustomed to seeing from him.

    just my 2 cents

    • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Yeah we understand the “GSP” way of thinking where its ok for him to make a career out of fighting much much smaller opponents like Sherk, Serra x 2, Penn x2, Menjavar. GSP is afraid to fight anyone at 185 lbs even though he by his own admission walks around 196-200lbs. Hendo, Penn, Fedor, many more have fought guys at their walk around weight many times but GSP is scared to death to figt anyone at 185lbs. GSP would get slaughtered fighting anyone at his own walk around weight. Guys like GSP, Fitch would retire that day if the commissions decided to implement next day weigh ins.


    • allmightysandman says:

      IMO Far fewer people on this site actually want to see the fight, than want to see GSP lose.

      GSP is the WW king…apparently that’s good enough for him.

      Just cause of the GSP / BJ fights, folks around here want to see the demise of GSP but the truth is, he’s been pretty bullet proof at 170. That’s that.

      Silva / Jones makes more sense size-wise…people bring up the BJ / Machida fight and guys going up in weight classes A LONG TIME AGO…it usually doesn’t happen successfully nowadays.

      Yeah, BJ and GSP are different kinds of fighters, but who are any of you to judge him? do you fight in the UFC? are you a champion? do you fight for a living? it’s his call guys. No one calls you at work and tells you to go after your boss’s job or you’re a pussy! …or learn how to make shakes instead of just fries!

      I hope GSP starts finishing guys…starting with big rig.

      • KIDD433 says:

        @ Sandman. This is for the guy that said Silva/Jones were closer in size… That’s false there pal, GSP walks around at 200lbs.Silva used to walk around heavier,but in the Bonnar fight he weighed only 203lbs and cut only 5 lbs. That means Silva walks around less than 10lbs above GSP.
        GSP Ht 5-11″
        Silva Ht 6-2″
        GSP reach 76″
        Silva reach 77″
        Silva is the same FKN size as Condit,size should be no excuse for GSP at all. Jon Jones however walks around 240 lbs and has a 84″ reach.Do the math Jack ass.Jones is too big for anyone at that 205 division,Gustafson is the only one that comes anywhere close to Jones.He should be fighting at HW against guys that are somewhat closer to him in size…Im glad Dana White is pulling GSP’s covers.

        • allmightysandman says:

          @kid…1. I’m not your pal. 2. GSP decides his career path not some dude like you on a website. “Jack ass”…good one.

          after the Irwin fight silva himself said he walks around at 220…just sayin.

          thanks for your opinion.

  2. Drew says:

    When ducking someone is so apparent that your own boss calls u out on it then that shit is funny plain funny

  3. Adam says:

    GSP isn’t scared, I’d say. He’s a 170lb fighter. Not 185. Plain and simple. Just because its the fight you wanna see, doesn’t mean it’s the fight that makes sense. Get real.

    • allmightysandman says:


      It’s really not anyone’s call except GSP’s.

    • GET RID OF Nate "THE CHEAT" (FOREVER) says:

      GSP walks around ripped at almost 200 lbs and is scared to fight at catchweight in 177 lbs GSP is scared of Silva and praying Weidman wins tomorrow night

      • allmightysandman says:

        …and your opinion does nothing to change the fact that it’s his choice…despite your tireless rants…your opinions are just opinions, not facts.

        he’s a champ…you are a nobody…rant on.

        • krafty11 says:

          GSP’s own trainer, Firas Zahabi, said GSP weighs about 193 or 194 come fight night. He said that before the Jake Shields fight at UFC 129.. So I dont see why he is so worried about the size difference, it wouldnt be much at all.. He just doesnt want to lose to a better fighter, plain and simple..

  4. KIDD433 says:

    GSP is hoping Silva will lose, and he’s hoping more natural 155’ers will move up and fight him

  5. spyr0 says:

    I kinda feel bad for GSP to be honest. Dude was off for a year on an injury that often ends careers. He comes back and all these ppl want to fight him right away. Condit waited it out for him. Diaz called him out non-stop in front of everyone calling him scared and shit. Hendricks is on a rarely seen knock out, power house win streak and has been patiently waiting for his turn; as well as called GSP scared to fight him.

    GSP getting pulled in all these different directions with everyone calling him scared no matter what choice he makes. I genuinely feel bad for the decisions he has to make. He has a lineup to clear before he starts doing weight jumping.

    Because on top of all this, he has a very similar body type as me… It’s extremely hard to fluctuate weight, ESPECIALLY hard to gain weight. So once he”s up it only makes sense for his body type to stay up. Other people can fluctuate weight really easily. Only other true ectomorphs will understand GSP’s situation when it comes to weight.

  6. allmightysandman says:

    Diaz, Condit, Shields, Koscheck, Hardy, Alves…those are his last 6 fights… where are the “natural 155’ers” he is fighting? You mean Serra? who was the ww champ the last time they fought? or do you mean BJ? …a dude that fights anyone at any class… Just not sure which guys you are saying he’s fighting that aren’t top 5 WW’s? please elaborate.

    • KIDD433 says:

      Hey queer bait,why don’t you look at GET RID OF FITCH’s first comment. He list all the 155’ers.What I’m saying is many times in his career he’s fought smaller guys,and now that Silva is mentioned to fight he’s all worried about size advantage.He didn’t mind beating up on smaller guys.Do us a all a favor, We all know your obsesed with GSP’s greased up muscles, but try to comment GSP’s shaft in your ass. It’s sickening.

  7. blah says:

    I honestly feel bad for GSP. No matter what choice he makes ppl will call him scared. He’s being pulled in all these different directions.

    He just gets back after an injury that often ends careers. Condit wait the whole year, so he has to fight him. Diaz calls him out and calls him scared. So GSP has to fight diaz. Now hendricks calling him scared for that. Now he has to fight hendricks. There’s the big lineup he has to clear before he doess anything.

    Meanwhile everyone bugging him about the silva fight and calling him scared for not taking that one. Like fuck. What’s a guy to do. On top of all this, GSP’s body type is true ectomorph, he can’t fluctuate weight and it’s extremely hard to gain weight. Only other true ectomorphs, like me, will understand this problem. So once he switches weights, it only makes sense to make it permanent.

    • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      GSP knows he would get Ko’d by Silva plain and simple. No way a guy like GSP who is afraid to fight at a weight 15 lbs less than he walks around at ripped should be considered one of the p4p greats. p4p greats are Fedor, Hendo, Penn, Silva guys who fought guys their entire career that were a lot bigger. GSP would get slaughterd at 185lbs

  8. Dee says:

    When Silva fought Maia he walked around at 197 the same weight as GSP. That’s when this whole superfight started happening. GSP wanted nothing to do with it then. What saved him was Silva’s performance in that fight. Dana was so pissed that he suspended superfight talks. GSP is scared. He can easily do a catch weight. He just chooses not to. People forget that Silva’s career didn’t start at 185. He originally came in to fight Matt Hughes. He only started fighting at 185 because of some sort of contractually dispute which caused him to go up in weight. There history with this superfight talk. It isn’t happening just because Dana wants it to. It’s happening because this was Dana’s intent when he brought in Silva.

  9. Ddddddd says:

    Silva admits he can’t beat Jones and all of his groupies say
    “Awwwwwwwe he’s so cute when he’s humble”
    I’m not even a Goerges fan but I’m starting to be.

  10. Ddddddd says:

    That’s my point. I have principals and why should Goerges have to fight someone he doesn’t want to just because its a one time pay out? You have to value money more than your own personal legacy to have principals? Isn’t that backasswards? Anderson is the one running his mouth. Why should he get the easier of the two? Because he has great principals? Is that what you do to gain the respect of people like you? Pick on smaller guys?

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