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Tuesday, 11/20/2012, 11:03 am

White Growing Frustrated With Fighters Who Turn Down Fights | UFC NEWS

“(Kongo) turned down the fight whether it was on short notice or whatever. It’s the second fight he’s turned down in a row… It’s a lot more normal with guys who are worried about losing. Guys who are in a position where if they lose, you know what I mean? You’re either fighters or you’re not. If you win you win, if you lose, back to the drawing board. That’s the business you’re in. When you turn down a fight, you turn down a fight, and that’s two in a row (for Kongo). I don’t know who he’s waiting for.”

– UFC President Dana White during last Saturday’s post-UFC 154 media scrum.


15 Responses to “White Growing Frustrated With Fighters Who Turn Down Fights | UFC NEWS”

  1. ANA says:

    Wait I thought back when Jon Jones turned down a fight it was the only time it ever happened? That’s why it was Jones fault Dana had to be a jerk a cancel a pay-per-view. Yes there fighters but they are also humans in a sport that most of them will only do a few years and will not likely make this kind of money in any future job.

  2. mongo says:

    there doing it because they could go out there and get out wrestled and layed on for three rounds, and loose there job, not be able to make a house/car payment, take care of there family and everything else, i understand what he means but i also understand why a guy like congo who has been around for a long time and is just wanting the right career moves, dana can be a dick sometimes.

    • silverfox says:

      i gotta agree with Dana (there will always be extreme cases but) do any other prof sports turn down games cuz “they might lose” do our military men and women have the option to not deploy cuz they might get killed etc etc they’re getting paid to do a job, do your job or move the hell out!!!!!

  3. Jack says:

    I think this trend will only continue to grow. Not only are the fighter’s who are teetering on the edge going to be careful about who they fight on short notice, but since the sport is getting more professional and competitive on a daily basis the use of peformance enhancing drugs is also on the rise to allow athlete to recover faster and therefore train harder, this being said they need to time their cycles extremely well to avoid detection and takes suprise short notice fights would only expose them and result in length ban therefore costing them future earnings and credibility. There is a very interesting conversation between Joe Rogan and Victor Conte on this very topic on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ Episode 277.

  4. badblue says:

    Mr. White stop throwing your fighters under the bus. It’s great you’re an MMA fan. As President, you shouldn’t talk trash like one. Why don’t you show the men who do what you can’t, whose blood, sweat and pain make you rich, some respect? I’ve never bought a UFC PPV to hear Dana run his mouth!!!

  5. Josiah says:

    if a fighter fights that’s all we need to know, turning down a fight is something internal and should only be discussed within the company. as president of the UFC dana shouldn’t be letting this out destroying their employees reputation coz’ we all have a reason on what we do and we’re not accountable to explain what that is. fighters know whats best for them and no matter how shitty that is they always stand on what they believe is good for them like all of us people do.

  6. Rick says:

    It’s time to learn kids, no one will take you seriously if you don’t know the difference between they’re, there, and their. And if you say loose instead of lose.
    Listen harder in school.

    • pointless comment says:

      Why would anybody give a shit about their gramma on a post where it isnt necessary, and why do you give more of a shit about that than the topic that everyone else is talking about. Clearly not a real MMA fan.

      • yeahrightman says:

        “Grammar.” Yes it is important. When you use correct spelling and punctuation it shows you not only consider your opinion, but have an education, so it justifies the potential relevance of your point. If you want to say “there” when refering to someone elsee property fine, but no one who actually has a relevsnt opinion will ever tale you seriously. Obvioisly iphone typos like elsee don’t count.

  7. eric says:

    they are paid to do a job so they need to step up or step out! what other proffessional sport do you see teams saying “nah were not playing them we might lose” (yes prof MMA fighters are actually part of a team) do our military folks have the option to not deploy cuz “nah i might get killed” the list goes on these warriors need to act like it instead of adopting the “pre-madonna” attitudes that has become all too common

  8. L says:

    Just like you are looking what is the best for your business they are doing the same, you get the money, theu get the bating.

  9. GreenBelt says:

    Can someone put a muzzle on DANA. DAMN!!! this guy wont quit. Fighters should start Defamation Law suits against him or atleast put it in their contracts. But then again with the monopoly the UFC has going on where will they go after they get canned? :-/ The UFC is making lots of bad decisions lately and while i’d love the sport to succeed i do not want this monopoly to continue. For all those who agree with dana, i’m just sad because you are some blind sheep. but i’ll educate you a bit. people pay to see fights. not ufc logo. fighters make ufc relevant. the ufc does not care whether fighters win or lose “unless you are extremely marketable thus you can grow their brand even more” ex. Anderson Silva… fighters fight for money like employees work for money, the more you win the more you are worth, (you get raises) if you lose (you get demoted= lose money) lose several times they will be booted out the organization. So you see, the only one who cares about the fighter is the fighter. the UFC profits either way. they are just another fight to promote their brand. Would you put your blood, sweat, pride, tears, health on the line with little and at times nothing to gain for an organization that stands to gain everything from whatever the outcome may be?

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