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Tuesday, 02/18/2014, 06:14 am

White Explains Uniform Concept Meant To Help Fighters Make Money

“It’s not as big as everybody makes it out to be. Those are the guys that are making tons of money anyway, and they make big money on sponsorship. The lower level guys? They’re not making a bunch from sponsorship. We just saw the thing go down with Mac Danzig. He said, ‘I’m done. I don’t want to deal with this anymore.’

Do you know how many fighters call me and say they don’t want to deal with sponsorships anymore? What can you do? It’s not as plentiful as everybody makes it out to be.”

There’s been some commotion from a few fighters regarding the UFC’s proposed uniform policy. However, during his recent media luncheon the UFC boss clarified the reasoning behind such a change.

Think it’s the right thing to do?


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  1. K3vbot says:

    Nobody wants to deal with the fact that the UFC skims money off the top by “approving” of sponsors and charging a fee to have a sponsor. If they pull this uniform bull they need to pay them upwards of 50k a year and give some kind of assured insurance, because they lower the ceiling of money that can be made independently by the fighters.

  2. JJs says:

    Lol, nobody wants to deal with them. Another of Dana’s classic statements of twisting the truth so you cannot really say hes lying straight on. Man is Dana one slick shady character. Smiling and all happy makes you things what a pleasant guy while hes scr*wing you blind at the same time.

  3. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Well I guess we’ll wait and see what’s up. I think that while the UFC is being scummy for the sponsorship approval thing, sponsors aren’t always great either; they are also only in it for themselves a lot of the time. Let’s see what happens, I’m sure if it’s a big problem the UFC will just revert back.

  4. dudhereismycar says:

    sadly this will one way or another make it harder for figthers to get the sponsors the want…

    I nderstand the UFC wants to make money, but makeing it harder for the fighters seems to be counterproductive…

  5. Cj says:

    Anyone who thinks sponsors should not have to pay the UFC as well as the fighter for being on shorts or being presented in anyway are not business savy.
    The UFC is the machine advertising the product. Whether or not you believe the fighter could go somewhere else and get the same exposure for that advertised brand is irrelevant. It’s being shown on UFC property/production, they should be paying the UFC for that.
    That would be like saying “Well Underarmor paid Phil, so he will wear their clothing in a McDonalds commercial”. No, they need to pay the company actually allowing the advertising to happen.

    • Sac's says:

      I agree…that’s why you don’t see individuals in the NFL with stuff all over there Jerseys.

    • BrainSmasher says:

      Agree as well. A lot of big companies are using fighters as a cheap way to get around the UFC and get their brand in the cage and on TV. The UFC relies on sponsorships to from being on the cage to advertisements during Events with commercials. Allowing them to get in that cage for $5,000 is a slap in the face of the UFC and fans of the sport. Because a company doesn’t want to make the investment with MMA while they throw money at every other sport. The Tax goes after those companies who are under cutting the UFC. The good thing is the tax has caused those who have paid the tax to now sponsor more fighters.

      As the sport grows, sponsorships will increase and the UFC will drop the tax. BUt it is needed as long as fighters are taking low ball offers from sponsors.

  6. seminalcacti says:

    I hardly call 100k skimming…. it’s flat out robbery. How can you tax a sponsor 100k just to sponsor a fighter? does NIKE pay 100k to the NFL/NBA for each player they sponsor before giving anything to the player? What kind of bullshit are you running Dana?

  7. Gabriel Magno says:

    The lower level fighters are not making much????? Well pay them more, cheap fucker

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