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Monday, 02/25/2013, 12:21 pm

White close to pulling Diaz from UFC 158 title shot | UFC NEWS

Dana White has once again had it up to here with Nick Diaz.

During the UFC 157 media scrum, the UFC president answered several questions about Diaz and his lack of cooperation in doing interviews for the upcoming UFC 158, where Diaz is slated to take on champion Georges St. Pierre.

Apparently, things have gotten so bad so bad that he is considering pulling Diaz off the card.

“I’m close, man. I’m really close. And I don’t want to be,” White said. “You know, it sucks, none of this is easy, these two girls [Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche] worked their asses off this week, man, and I know what it feels like, it’s not fun. It’s part of the job. … This is how it works, okay? This is the job, this is what we do. Go to your job and tell your f*ckin’ boss ‘yeah I don’t want to do this or do that.’ It’s part of the job. I’ve showed the Diaz brothers a ton of respect, show some respect back.”

White said that Diaz has fulfilled his obligations for the Countdown special but it wasn’t until after the camera crew had spent a significant amount of time in Stockton trying to track down the mercurial welterweight.

“We spent over $50,000 on production costs and the guys are cruising around Stockton, Calif., not interviewing people,” White said.

“It’s not funny. It’s not funny. We’re very cool and very lenient in a lot of ways. I mean, look at this company, you know? We’re lenient on a lot of things we let a lot of things slide. But that’s just absolute bulls*t.

“That’s not cool, man. We treat Nate and Nick with respect. Any time they come in, they want to negotiate the contracts, we’re good to everybody, at least give us the respect to show up, and not blow 50 grand on interviews that you’re supposed to do.”

White pulled Diaz from the UFC 137 title fight after Diaz failed to show up at a press conference.


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  1. YoMama says:

    Give it a rest Dana. he fulfilled his obligation. Making unprofessional threats about how close you are is childish. Maybe GSP is scared now that Lawler knocked out who GSP couldnt, in Koscheck. BTW Diaz KO’d Lawler,so I guess that crushes the Strikeforce being inferior theory.

    • Hoopskills23 says:

      What are you talking about, GSP scared of Lawler? Do you even watch mma? GSP doesn’t duck anybody, he fought Condit who beat Diaz and who is a waaaaay better fighter than Lawler.

    • Donovan says:

      What are you smoking?

    • waylon kerr says:

      the fight would be good, no doubt their, but i get tired of seeing the potheads and roidheads getting their shot…half ass giving a shit, then talking shit…is diaz stupid…hes not exactly rich, does he not like making money to fight?…hes a fighter for sure…but does he deserve a shot at a title when he can not even overcome his own demons…he is not a good represenative for the future of your company…its hard to get excited about a fight (or want to see or pay for a fight) when you can not rely on the figter(s) headlineing the card….hell get him a freakin shrink…or just toss his wishy washy ass…

  2. 123 says:

    more interviews? hes probably sick of it, he went to the press conference so let him fight.. he will only be asked the same questions over & over anyway, hes obviously not comfortable doing it.

    • allmightysandman says:

      where do you think the millions of dollars come from? …major UFC sponsors and tv deals, and pre/post fight coverage…etc.

      If all the fighters did was fight, there would be a fraction of the money at stake and the UFC would not be able to be puting on shows like they do.

      IF DIck Diaz doesn’t like that part of it…go somewhere else…it’s that simple IMHO.

  3. Scotty says:

    Diaz was probably where he is suppose to be and that is at the gym or he is out doing some triathlon shit for cardio work.. And Diaz’s team said he was where he was suppose to be at the times he was told.. Dana needs to stop the bullshit, Diaz already said just give him specific time and dates so he will be there.. UFC probably gave him the “around times” and Nick wasn’t there..

  4. Sean says:

    Who cares about the pointless interviews!!! As long as he makes weight and shows up to fight all is good. If they pull this fight because he didn’t do a couple interviews that would be PATHETIC on Dana and the ufc’s part

  5. squid says:

    fuck dana white. all this “ufc not being where it is today without him” is bs. a lot of you “sheeple” need to get off dana’s nuts, seriously… acting like he’s god’s gift to mma. it’s not him, it’s the fighters that make it. if it wasn’t him, it would’ve been some other savvy businessman anyway. there’s plenty of rich, business-minded people on this planet that could’ve done it, too. credit to dana, for being smart enough to recognize the potential of the sport and seize the opportunity, though. what gets me is all the constant bitching, exaggerating, and especially the bashing of fighters. not to mention, the grudges. you’d think in an organization filled mostly with classy professionals that it’s boss would be the one with most tact, but sadly, it ain’t so. grow up dana, you’ll get your 50k back and then some. gsp v. diaz is gonna sell out regardless.

    • Not You says:

      So you are saying that per-Zuffa UFC, with two rules and not a chance of being televised or sanctioned would have made it just because of the fighters? Or was it the smart business planning and financial backing? Because one came after Dana and the Ferttita’s. And the other wouldn’t have made it t all.

      • squid says:

        read my post thoroughly. i didn’t just say it was the fighters. i said any business savvy mind could’ve done what dana did. the only difference, it would’ve been done with more class and tact.

  6. Ronda Shite says:

    the damn media, I feel like an actress not a fighter…

  7. BX81 says:

    Unless it’s in his contract to do certain interviews on certain dates and times get off his nutts dana. If it is on his contract and he signed it then so be it. I don’t agree with all this crap they have to do promotion wise. String his fight videos together and an interview here and there.

  8. allenmma says:

    bottom line, the ufc is a business. treat it like one

  9. 757 says:

    Pull him…fuck him. I like him as a fighter but do your job. 123 and Yomamma ^^^^you ttwo goofs don’t even know what job is obviously. You stupid asses couldn’t find your ass with both your hands. Shut the fuck up…Dana cut his his ass.

  10. drew says:

    if nick does not cooperate enough to make the fight happen i will loose a lot of respect towards him, if this offends any nick diaz fans this is coming from a fellow fan, at the end of theday part of being an adult is doing things u dont want to do bottom line, nick should follow those words because if he doesnt then best bet he will never get a shot ever again

  11. stevo the great says:

    Dude….all you haters. Watch the full UFC 157 media scrum…..the last 2 minutes….which is NOT QUOTED IN THIS ARTICLE…..Dana corrects himself and says NICK DIAZ has done everything he needs to do it is NATE that is fucking up and no showing….BUT NICK has done EVERYTHING ASKED OF HIM. Still don;t believe me watch the video….

  12. stevo the great says:

    Here is the actual interview with Dana Post UFC 157 media scrum….last 2 minutes he clearly says NICK DIAZ HAS DONE EVERYTHING ASKED… is NATE who is messing up.

  13. GRT 3000 says:

    Diaz is scared folks…plain and simple. He knows what time it is, so he’s pulling his homeslice bullshit to get out of the fight.

    • UFC420 says:

      What about THE ALMIGHTY GSP,always getting “injured” before a fight ?? In his last two fights,I was surprised he didn’t fall down due to running backwards the whole fight

  14. 757 says:

    BX81^^^ It’s a fight business you moron. Fighters are supposed to do those things. If you don’t want to be part of a promotion then go do you tube fights. What a dick you are no wonder you take the stance you do. You uneducated goof.

  15. jsmith says:

    Its simple. You let him fight, you watch him get busted up by GSP, you cut him and move on. The UFC needs professionals, not punks with talent. He lost to Condit and whined about decisions and then won’t even show up for standard UFC pre-fight material. He knows he’s going to lose and he’s going to whine when does with this one too. He’s superbly talented but that only gets you so far. Once it’s shown he can’t beat the best his existence in the UFC is pointless since whenever he loses he whines, whenever he beats lower fighters he calls out his betters.

  16. dastuka says:

    How fucking dumb is this kid? Or…scared? of what? talking on camera? White should distance himself from this goof…and Im a fan of his fighting…

  17. Ddddddddd says:

    I’m a fan of Diaz for sure but I also have a pretty nasty case of social anxiety. I also have goals that put me in front of people having to entertain them. This smells fishy to me because of the way Nick can act out in front of a camera where all for him is at stake but can’t do media calls.
    Anxiety comes in all shapes and forms but so do actors and lazy people. Why would someone who has a self promoting tangent everytime he gets in front of a camera not want to promote himself? Oh wait He’s getting more attention than Goerge already. He knows what he’s doin

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