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Wednesday, 10/02/2013, 10:22 am

White: Belfort has been ‘difficult’ and puts himself in ‘weird’ situations

UFC President Dana White sat down with reporters following his latest UFC 168 press tour pit stop in Brazil to speak openly and candidly about a number of topics.

One of the subjects brought up was Vitor Belfort. White admittedly doesn’t know what to do with the top-ranked middleweight.  The Brazilian finds himself in a “weird” situation, moving back up to light heavyweight to rematch Dan Henderson.

“Vitor Belfort is in a weird situation in the UFC because Vitor Belfort puts himself in weird situations. We had fights that we wanted to make for Vitor, and then Vitor has his own ideas of what Vitor wants to do. Vitor has been difficult, so it puts Vitor in a difficult position. We wanted to do him and Tim Kennedy. He didn’t want that fight. He didn’t feel that Tim Kennedy deserved to fight him, whatever his reasoning was. Vitor is difficult. We gotta see what happens with this fight with Vitor, and then we’ll figure out where Vitor is. Vitor might win this fight and then want to fight Cain Velasquez, for Christ’s sake. Who knows what Vitor wants to do?”


32 Responses to “White: Belfort has been ‘difficult’ and puts himself in ‘weird’ situations”

  1. jdog says:

    Vitor wants his damn title shot that he deserves unlike others cough cough Sonnen. Look at your own freaking ranking system!! Vitor hasn’t lost a fight since the Jones fight and before that it was against Silva. Look who he has beaten since then people who were one win away from a championship fight or right there. They are treating him like they did Henderson right before he left for strikeforce

    • Nate "THE ROID CHEAT"Marquardt says:

      Only reason that pile of shit Dana s saying crap about Vitor is because he KO’d Dana’s Brit golden boy Bisping who is OVERRTED as hell and because Vitor didn’t think that boring a’s Tim Kennedy deserved a fight with him which is 100% TRUE. Kennedy hasn’t earned a shot at a top 10 fighter let alone the #2 ranked MW in world. and by hiring back 3 time convicted ROID cheats like marquardt and Barnett.

      go to hell Dana you suck and are RUINING any and all credibility that MMA will ever have by giving FELON ROID CHEATS like Sonnen title shot after title shot

  2. viva says:

    Oh, my! Are you telling us Vitor has become a Prima Donna?? Lol! The only thing UFC/MMA fighters should be thinking about is kicking a## in the Octagon, no matter whose a## it is!

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