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Thursday, 02/20/2014, 07:59 pm

White Addresses Fighter Sponsor Woes: ‘It’s not my F***ing Problem’

During today’s UFC media scrum, Dana White discussed the never-ending topic of fighter income.

A fighter makes their contracted wage that the UFC pays and they can also take advantage of the real estate on their fighting attire to make additional income from sponsors.

The sponsor market is not what it once was and many blame the UFC’s sponsor tax and/or their lack of support for undercard and mid-range fighters. Either way though, Dana made his position clear.

Check it:

“It’s not my fucking problem. Getting sponsorship is a problem. It’s tough. it’s hard to do. That question is ridiculous. If a guy fights on Fight Pass, first of all, he’s getting paid to fight. That’s what he’s getting paid for. That’s what he does. How sponsorship works out for a guy is not my problem. That is not my problem. He’s a fighter, he gets paid to fight, period, end of story. Whatever extra money he makes outside of the UFC with sponsors and all that shit, that’s his fucking deal.”


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  1. vatoDETH says:

    Then why are you placing a stranglehold on it Dana?

  2. Rishab says:

    Real classy *clap* *clap* … Just when we think you cannot be anymore of a douche, you outdo yourself. Way to prove us wrong, Douche White

  3. brian056 says:

    This guy is a real piece of shit. Could he get any more Unlikable fuckin egomanic only cares about making himself money

  4. jams68 says:

    So from what i have read, if you can and do, get a sponsor, that sponsor first has to pay a 100k “tax” to the UFC? WTF that is more then they probably wanted to spend on just the fighter. 5k sponsorship is a lot for some companies.and alot for some fighters.

  5. Travis says:

    Dana is continuously making himself look worse. A man who says he wants to take the UFC to the heights of other sports like the NFL but is so unprofessional and one of the biggest douche bags alive. You will never be taken seriously by any big wigs Dana when you talk like punk frat boy and make it obvious that you are only working for yourself. The Fertitta’s should get rid of him before he sinks their ship entirely. Bring in Bjorn Rebney, that man has some real class and then Bellator and the UFC could merge. It’s a win win situation if you ask me.

    • Xaninho says:

      Real class? Bjorn Rebney? The same Bjorn Rebney who kept Eddie Alvarez from fighting for two years with all kinds of legal delaying tactics, just because Alvarez wanted to leave after his last fight on his Bellator contract? The same Bjorn Rebney who was banned from boxing for fixing matches? The same Bjorn Rebney who hardly or sometimes even never tests the promotion’s fighters for banned substances?

      I don’t think you know who Bjorn Rebney is.

  6. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    And explain to me WHY the UFC SHOULD NOT be charging wolf-selling product makers on its fighters??? Who is paying to give them exposure? Is it the fighters? FUCK NO, It’s the UFC. Shit, are you that fuckin’ dense??

    • travis says:

      Are you retarded? did the UFC devote uncountable hours, blood, sweat and tears to become the worlds best fighters? No, it profits off those who did. They have no right to demand such ridiculous royalties from sponsors when they themselves pay the fighters amounts that pale in comparison to what other professional athletes are paid. Most MMA companies are new, since MMA has only recently gained popularity, and don’t have the money to afford such ridiculous fees. Any man with any sense of business would realize the the fighters need as much exposure as possible in order for the organization to grow. Dana White is ensuring that doesn’t happen. Mr. Gargoyle Wrestling, you’ve probably been slammed on you’re head too many times and should leave the thinking to those who actually have a functioning brain. Dana White and you would make a perfect couple. Too stupid to realize you are fucking idiots.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Ok I get it, you got all these girly emotions and feel sowwy for the fighters and you think the big bad Wolf UFC is taking money from them cuz they put in hours of blood sweat and tears. Right? You know how many hours I’ve put in with wrestling and boxing since 2?? How much do you think I got paid?? That’s right bubkiss..stoopid. Now dumbo, Do you think the fighters in the local shows put in blood sweat and tears? How much you think they get paid? And how much sponsor money do they get? Peanuts! asswipe. It’s ABOUT exposure to the widest PAYING audience is what generates the money from the fight org and from sponsors. Now who CREATES that exposure and PAYS for that worldwide exposure meathead? Yes, you got the UFC. So WHY would they let the sponsors HAVE FREE world wide exposure without having to pay for that exposure to those that created it for them????? What are you a fuckin brain-dead communist??? Geez you are stoopid…

        Also, I’m the one who dumped people on their head on the mat like I just did to you on this forum. So go take your silly girly emotions and lick your wounds because you are too stoopid to debate me.

        • Brian Bannon says:

          It’s spelled “stupid” not “stoopid”

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Thanks stoopid…I used that for rhetorical effect!! Just like U used sowwy for sorry and fuckin for fucking.

        • Paul Wilson says:

          Rhetorical effect?! Hahaha god you are dumb. Do you understand the definition of the word rhetorical? Just re-enforcing the fact that you are a complete fucking retard, as stated above in travis’ comment. He hit the nail on the head.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          It’s more like, you would like Travis to give you head!!! Admit it, you are a homo.

        • Travis says:

          Hahaha you sound like just another bitter meat head. You do not have the talent or skill to make it to the big show and all the time you put in to wrestling and boxing will in the end just result in injuries and a lot of money down the drain just to fuel your ego. The fighters in local shows are all fighting to make it to the top tier promotions and are paid more then other amateur athletes. Someone like you probably needs clear examples, so I’ll use college football players. They receive no payment and are not allowed to have sponsors. They have trained all their lives with the hopes of making it to the NFL while being fully aware that most likely they won’t. But, if they are one of the talented few who do make it and they are offered sponsorship the NFL does not require payment from that sponsor. The players earned that and the NFL respects that. Since Dana constantly uses the NFL as his example of what he wants the UFC to become I think it’s a suitable reference.

          I can break it down even more for you. The UFC has an estimated worth of about 1.2 billion dollars. The average NFL is worth about the same. The lowest paid players on an NFL team still make more than almost all of the fighters in the UFC. Does that make sense to you? I never said the UFC shouldn’t receive payment, but what they demand is absolutely ludicrous and with most MMA companies being very small, it’s almost impossible for most of them to be able to afford to be a fighters sponsor. The UFC is a very young organization and they should be encouraging sponsorship. That is obvious from a business stand point. Bringing in more sponsors not only creates competition to be one, it also can turn many of those small companies into much larger companies who can afford to dump a lot more money into the UFC and it’s fighters, which allows the UFC to make much more money. See, while you spent your entire life on the mat, I spent mine learning and going to school. Hence my vastly larger understanding of business than. In the end all the UFC is doing is shooting themselves in the foot.

          You are just an obnoxious, egotistical, dick. Your comment about you doing all the slamming into the mat makes the obvious. Any fighter will tell you that no matter how good they are they have been slammed an uncountable amount of times through out their career. You and your feeble mind try to argue, but just revert to name calling. And you are right, I can’t debate with you because as many philosophers and wise men have stated through out history, There is no debating with an idiot, and you are a tier one idiot.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Ok Travis – I actually read your whole post. Since you spent the time to write all that out, I will give a few more pointers. First, how do you know what I am doing in fighting and/or not doing in fighting? You don’t know shit. Secondly, I run a business that makes over half a million a year in gross revenues and growing rapidly, So while you were in libtard screwal learning how to be a corporate sheeple steeped in corporate theory, I was generating real wealth for myself and the people who work for me. So enough of your bs.

          Thirdly, your are right, I am a prick an A-1 top of the mountain prick. So what’s you point? You got a problem with that? That’s on you kid, not me.

          Here is my friendly advice. When you go out a create a worldwide phenomenon like the UFC and has brought a livelihood to countelss people and their families, then you can have the arrogance and egotism to even think you can give them advice on anything. You go to school and learn business becasue until you go create something that betters others, you fuckin’ aren’t qualiied to tell anybody to how to pick their nose and eat their boogers, kid!

          Listen kid, you are weak minded and your last sentences tells the whole world you are too weak to fight. I would demolish you. I actually feel sorry for you. You are such a lost little liberal who can’t fight and who is of such little intelligence. Do you have low self-esteem?

        • Xaninho says:

          NFL players have to perform more than two or three times a year so I guess it’s only fair to pay them more. UFC has over 300 fighters on their roster. How many players does an NFL team have to pay ?

  7. Chris says:

    I’m a Boston guy and I used to love DW. I”m liking him less by the day.

  8. Sully says:

    Haha he says “Whatever extra money he makes outside of the UFC with sponsors and all that shit, that’s his fucking deal” – outside of the UFC?? I thought sponsors had to pay the UFC in order to pay the fighter to endorse their company? In that regards it’s all in the UFC and is his ‘fucking problem’ for charging such a high amount.

  9. Charlie says:

    Dana could not have added more fuel to the fire, honestly…

  10. UFC 84 Forever says:

    It’d be a whole lot less of your problem if you didn’t skim some money from their sponsorships.

  11. JJErler says:

    I’m not a Dana hater in any way but you can’t have it both ways Dana… you can’t pay the bottom guys next to nothing to do this and then take away the only method they have of making extra money to supplement it so maybe they won’t have to work a full time job at the same time they’re training daily to fight in the UFC.

  12. minor says:

    the sponsers need to pay for having their brand spread across the entire world. 50 k to have your brand seen by millions of customers does not seem unreasonable. through out all these years ufc built this huge marketing platform for companies to show off their brand and obviously they need to pay the ufc. the same as they would if it was a commercial slot on tv.

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