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Tuesday, 10/23/2012, 09:56 am

When Renzo Gracie Says He Will Eat Anything, He Literally Will Eat Anything | MMA NEWS

“I’m a guy that, thanks to my genetics, I can eat anything and I’ll feel great the next day. I’m different. I have resistance and I don’t get sick and I’m very thankful for that. I promised myself that I would try any food given the chance so I’ve eaten the weirdest foods you can imagine. I ate dog in China, I ate rattlesnake in Brazil, I’ve eaten scorpion, I ate alligator, I ate crocodile, ostrich … Man, all of them taste good! Why do the Chinese eat everything – because they fry everything! I just realized that if you deep fry ME, I will taste good! That’s the reality. I went to Iceland and that’s where I met Gunnar Nelson. They took me to eat a shark that had been dead and buried for six months. This is how the ancient people of Iceland used to eat shark. The shark dies, they dig a hole and put the whole shark in there and then a whole tribe urinates on the shark to preserve it. Funny thing is, the meat of the shark becomes like a cream cheese. The taste is not bad … but the smell! For that reason when they bury the shark they must do it far away from town. The smell was unforgettable. I wouldn’t eat it again. I can still smell it.”

UFC welterweight fighter and BJJ expert, Renzo Gracie, tells about his culinary adventures around the world?

Anyone have similar experiences?


8 Responses to “When Renzo Gracie Says He Will Eat Anything, He Literally Will Eat Anything | MMA NEWS”

  1. TheTude says:

    That is awesome, i would love to try that shark, ive heared about it for years

  2. Greg says:

    Lisa Lampanelli’s pussy??

  3. Xaninho says:

    Eating a dog…fook that! That is almost like cannibalism.

  4. Mayor of Deviance says:

    I’d eat croc, scorpions(tastes like it lives, in the dirt, but w/e), and rattlesnake in a heartbeat. And who hasn’t had ostrich? That’s just plain good eating. But I’d never eat dog. And that shark thing sounds pretty rank too. Wild wildery dude.

  5. Kender says:

    Ya, I dont think i would eat a shark that people have been peeing on for 6 months
    no matter how good they say it is

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