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Tuesday, 05/28/2013, 09:44 am

When are Excuses Acceptable in MMA?

UFC 160’s post fight press was filled with excuses from Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, early stoppage complaints in particular. How many times have we heard a fighter make excuses after a loss or bad performance. But, when is it okay for a fighter to make excuses. In Dana White’s opinion it’s whenever Steve Mazzagatti refs your fight, but let’s take a look at the few times when a fighter can get away with making excuses for ending up in the “L” column.

When a referee makes an obvious mistake in stopping a fight is one case that warrants a guilt free complaint. A great example of this is Mario Yamasaki disqualifying Erick Silva at UFC 142. Silva was pummeling his opponent and the fight was stopped by Yamasaki at :29 of round 1. The crowd thought this was a clear and definitive TKO, but instead found out that Mario disqualified Silva for an accidental shot to the back of the head. The call was so bad that Joe Rogan even interviewed the referee on his terrible call after the result was announced. #wtf

When a referee incorrectly takes away a point or points from a fighter for infractions in Octagon etiquette everything is forgiven. One of the worst cases in recent memory is Herb Dean’s confusing ruling at UFC 143. Alex Caceres and Edwin Figueroa were putting on a potential fight of the night performance when Alex Caceres landed two kicks that were clearly intended for the inside of Edwin’s legs. Both times Dean warned Alex of this and no points were taken away. A third kick landed and Herb stepped in, which was understandable…then he took two points away. Taking two points away is within his rights as the referee if the infraction was severe enough, which it wasn’t. Later in the night Dean had a chance to show some consistency and do the same to Josh Koscheck, but surprisingly he just let Koscheck’s infractions slide. #mindblown

The last scot free excuse that a fighter can use is not a pre-existing injury. If you are injured-don’t fight dude. It is okay though to complain when a fighter is given an unfair advantage. A perfect picture can be painted of this by referencing Josh Rosenthal’s allowance of recovery time for a clearly legal body shot. Rosenthal was watching the action, the action in the Octagon I would hope, and saw Matt Riddle clobber and double over Chris Clements with a nasty body kick. Josh stopped the fight thinking it was a low blow giving Clements time to recover from a potentially fight ending and legal strike. #unreal

Did I miss any obvious ones?


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  1. Thom says:

    great grammar and use of hashtags there.

  2. why............. says:

    Sean McClure, you are a faggot. Hashtags are for little girls on twitter.

  3. Calvin says:

    That title GAHHHHH! I’m banging my head on a wall because of how awful the wording is. The title should be “When are Excuses Acceptable in MMA?”, but even then this doesn’t really give any reasons so it should be called “My biased opinion on matches from a year ago”

  4. KIDD433 says:

    Excuses will be acceptable when a fighter straight up says”My vagina was hurting.”

  5. Donovan says:

    How much are you paying the author, BJ? I don’t like to criticize outside of my own profession, but I know I could do a better job. This is horrible

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