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Saturday, 04/21/2012, 11:47 pm

What's Next For The UFC 145 Fighters? | UFC NEWS

UFC 145 is in the books. The UFC’s first Pay-Per View event since February featured the grudge match that fans have waited over a year to see: Jon Jones defending his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship against Rashad Evans. The undercard featured some exciting finishes, including some upsets. Where do the main event fighters and the main card winners go from here? Let’s take a look.


Jon Jones

Is there any more doubt that Jon Jones is one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the world? Rashad Evans was supposed to be his biggest challenge, and while he did take the champ the distance, Jones was never in any serious trouble. The fight seemed more like an exhibition of Jones’ crafty striking skills. And this wasn’t even the best Jon Jones. He looked much better in his fights against Shogun and Rampage. But, Jones needed to beat Evans to get past this chapter in his career. Jones has talked about possibly moving up to heavyweight sooner than later. But, he has one more hurdle at Light-Heavyweight.

Next Match: Jones faces Dan Henderson in early fall


Rashad Evans

Before this fight, Jon Jones said that Evans losing this fight would be the worst thing for his career because he would have nothing left to fight for. This loss hurts, but it was only the second loss of Evans’ career. The Light Heavyweight division, after Henderson, is wide open with a lot of new blood like Alexander Gustaffson, Ryan Bader and Phil Davis. Evans just beat Davis. Last week in my column after UFC on Fuel TV 2, I said that Gustaffson should fight Lyoto Machida. However, after Evans’ loss tonight, I think that the Machida rematch would make more sense for him. They are both coming off a loss and Rashad could avenge his only other defeat.

Next Match: Evans vs. Machida this fall


Rory MacDonald

The 22 year old MacDonald made it look easy at UFC 145. In the co-main event spot, MacDonald dominated Che Mills for a round and a half before the referee mercifully stopped it. I think it’s time that MacDonald’s name comes off the prospect list and onto the contender list. He’s now won 3 straight, with his only UFC loss coming to the current Interim Welterweight Champion, Carlos Condit. MacDonald is climbing up the rankings. I think he needs another win before he gets a top 10 opponent. MacDonald said after the fight that he won’t fight GSP since they train together and that he wants to be patient with his career. Most of the Welterweights are all locked up in their own fights between May and July. So, he’ll have to wait around for those fights to pan out.

Next Match: MacDonald faces Rick Story or Charlie Brenneman in early fall


Ben Rothwell

Rothwell probably saved his UFC career with his first round Knockout of the Night victory against Brendan Schaub. It looked like he knocked Schaub into another dimension, as Schaub looked like he was reaching for something after the knockout. Probably a magical fairy of some sort. I have not been to that dimension, so I can’t tell you for sure. Anyway, Rothwell got the impressive win and will have to keep the momentum going in his next fight. And the heavyweight division has shown that there are no easy fights.

Next Match: Rothwell vs. Mike Russow this summer


Michael McDonald

The young Bantamweight took away any hope Miguel Torres had of challenging for the title with a first round knockout of the former champion. The UFC now finds itself in a conundrum: who will challenge for the title after Cruz-Faber III this July. I doubt anyone wants to see Cruz-Faber IV anytime soon, regardless of the outcome. Has McDonald done enough to earn a title shot? He’s 15-1 and is 5-0 in the WEC/UFC. Demetrious Johnson beat Torres to get a title shot, so why not McDonald? The lack of depth in the division makes him the most logical choice.

Next Match: McDonald faces the winner of Cruz-Faber III for the Bantamweight Championship this fall


Eddie Yagin

The “Filipino Phenom” got back in the win column in a war with the always game Mark Hominick. Yagin’s striking had bad intentions and while not as methodical as Hominick’s, it did damage and gave him the nod on two of the judges’ score cards. Yagin is 1-1 in the UFC and in a Featherweight Division that needs challengers for the unstoppable Jose Aldo. Yagin needs a few more wins before he gets into that picture.

Next Match: Yagin faces Nam Phan later this summer


Mark Bocek

Bocek didn’t win his fight against John Alessio in the most exciting way, but a win is a win. 3 of the Tristar lightweight’s 4 losses in the UFC are to former champion Frankie Edgar, current champion Benson Henderson and top contender Jim Miller. On the other hand, his wins aren’t exactly against the cream of the crop of the division either. Bocek is obviously in a very crowded lightweight division and isn’t in the upper echelon. I think he should be matched up with someone in the same situation as him with the winner getting a shot at the “big boys.”

Next Match: Bocek faces Thiago Tavares later this summer


There you have it! Please comment below with your choices for “Who’s Next” for the UFC 145 fighters. It’s always an interesting debate.


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24 Responses to “What's Next For The UFC 145 Fighters? | UFC NEWS”

  1. brett says:

    Id give Mcdonald the winner of Kos and Hendricks. He would smash both Story and Brenneman. Probably beat Kos and Hendricks too though. Two more fights then hes ready for a title shot easy I believe. Hell maybe one more fight, who knows!

    • Why not story or brenneman? they’re pushing him to replace that snoozer GSP, so give him some more cans.

      He’ll be JUST like GSP… as soon as he gets his shitter pushed in by one of these nobody’s he’ll start dry humping everyone and we’ll forget all about his striking.

      • brett says:

        Why not Story or Brenneman? Maybe because he would smash them like I said before! If they’re pushing him to replace GSP then why the hell would they want him to fight cans like you said? Hes more than ready for any top 5 welterweights. Kos, Hendricks, Ellenberger or Kampmann.

  2. IvanS says:

    Can’t agree more with brett. McDonald will kill either Story or Brenneman. I predict a tough match for Hendricks but he’ll beat Kosh. McDonald against a strong in your face Pitbull Alves maybe a good match. If not let him face the winner or loser of Kosh vs Hendricks.

  3. DAMN! says:

    Rory McDonald vs Jake Ellenberger… Make It Happen

  4. Me says:

    These choices are terrible
    Rashad vs Shogun is a much better one

  5. Me says:

    Pickett vs Mayday

  6. Me says:

    Rory vs Winner of Kos/Hendricks

  7. Me says:

    Che vs Pittbul Alves
    Others are not important , whatever

  8. Tincat says:

    Interesting that no one has considered Rashad dropping a weight class.

    Rashad has hinted at being willing to do it before. I don’t see him ‘fighting his way back into title contention’ again after that fight. He wants to be a UFC champion, and I think he will try to get it at Middleweight.

    Imagine what Rashad would do to guys like Chael and the rest of the top guys in the division.

  9. tim says:

    Did you just seriously write that Rory Mcdonald need’s another fight before cracking top ten. If you honestly believe that? Have you completely lost your mind? This isn’t Boxing and fighters don’t need padded records, so it’s far past the point of wondering who Rory need’s to fight to crack top ten. He need’s a top ten fighter at least and after two or three top ten win’s then he will be number one contender. Also on another note, there isn’t any hardcore fan’s that actually think Rory lost to Carlos Condit. What a joke to even say’s he’s not top ten worthy. UNBELIEVABLE

  10. Silvas scared says:

    Schaubs a shitbum he ha nothing to offer the UFC

  11. Jack says:

    Michael McDonald isn’t ready for a title shot right now. Why not let him fight Renan Barão for a #1 contender fight. You know I’m right.

  12. Flex monkey juice says:

    Give the waterboy Jon Fitch next. Fitch would get his fucking face annihilated worse than it is. Then make Gsp fight the waterboy. You know st pierre is nut huggin rory. Frenchy all in his corner for the Che fight. Ha! He’s a smart little bitch Gsp…Rory doesnt speak French so wtf is he doing? Carrying waterboys water and nut hugging…

  13. Dueces says:

    Hey Rory,
    If your back acne gets much worse the commision gonna start testing you harader for HGH. Careful ‘light boy.’ You don’t want to be another Cheal. Of course you could become something worse, like an Alister.

  14. karrdiak says:

    Rory vs Diego Sanchez!!!!

  15. Q says:

    How about Diego Brandao vs Eddie Yagin

  16. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Only for Rashad that makes sense right now is against Machida to avenge first loss ever.

    If Rory won’t fight GSP then he shouldn’t fight top 5 contenders. He’s not in the UFC to block and protect GSP. Rick Story and Brenneman would get demolished if they met with this badass mofo. I say give him Fitch since he’s no where near the top of the heap for title contendership. Or loser of Ellenberger and Kampmann. =( I know he can smash Kampmann so we’ll see.

  17. Hunter says:

    Rory McDonald vs jake ellenburger

  18. JOSH says:

    I think the Hendo/Jones fight should be in July or August at the latest. Jones can turn around quick because he didnt get any damage again and Hendo has been sitting on the shelf for a while. I think the Calgary at the end of July would be good. Even though they have aldo on their, he really isnt a big draw and i dont who they will get to fight him anyways.

    Rashad, as i am one of his biggest fans i dont know who he should fight next. Machida is a good idea and maybe that fight in August. If not him, then I dont know who.

    Rory needs a top ten guy next. Kos, Hendricks, Fitch, shields? any of those are good ideas.

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