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Sunday, 01/27/2013, 10:17 am

What’s Next for the UFC on Fox 6 Main Card Fighters?


Last night in Chicago fans at the United Center and at home watching on Fox were treated to four highly entertaining bouts as the UFC presented: UFC on Fox 6: Johnson vs. Dodson. The UFC and Fox seem to have really hit their stride as their past three events have all put out some great fights. That trend seems as though it will continue when they partner up again in April with UFC on Fox 7: Melendez vs. Henderson.

Eight men walked into the Octagon last night, four walked out happy and four left disappointed. Speculation will run wild as to who the winners and losers will face next and I am more than happy to take a stab at playing Joe Silva for a day. Let’s take a look at what’s next for the main card fighters from last nights card.

Demetrious Johnson- Mighty Mouse walked into the Octagon as UFC Flyweight Champion and walked out with the belt still strapped around his waist. There were a few moments where he looked to be in serious trouble as John Dodson dropped him a few times, but Johnson showed great poise and kept his composure en route to a unanimous decision victory. With the flyweight division still pretty thin there aren’t all that many options for Johnson.

Some are calling for an immediate rematch with Dodson, but Johnson really stepped up in the third round and proved that he is the better fighter at this point in time. For these two to meet again right now would make no sense as Dodson needs time to work on his game. The best option is probably the winner of next week’s UFC 156 bout between Ian McCall and Joseph Benavidez. I know Johnson has fought both men already, including McCall twice, but other than John Moraga I don’t see anyone who is ready to step into the cage with Johnson just yet.

John Dodson- To be honest I thought Johnson would have an easier time against Dodson last night and thankfully I was wrong. Dodson had Mighty Mouse hurt a couple of times and showed he could handle the pressure of being in the main event of a huge card. Johnson just had more left in his gas tank as the fight wore on. Dodson can only get better and Greg Jackson will have him back in title contention in no time. The obvious way to go here is to have Dodson face the loser of McCall-Benavidez. No matter who he faces it will be a great fight and help get him back in the thick of things.

Rampage Jackson- Glover Teixeira is no joke and he will face Jon Jones or whomever is UFC Light Heavyweight Champion within the next year or so. Jackson should feel no shame in losing to Chuck Liddell’s former sparring partner. In fact I thought Jackson looked better last night than he has in a long time, but it just wasn’t good enough. His heart is still there, he showed that he will never quit, but his reflexes are slower and his power has decreased. His days at the top of the division are over. Rampage says his days in the Octagon are finished, but I wouldn’t count him out just yet. Maybe a long break is what he needs to clear his mind and heal his body. It doesn’t make sense to speculate who he will face next until he decides for sure what he wants to do.

Glover Teixeira- Having Jones congratulate you and tell you he believes that you will make for a great fight with him is pretty high praise. It seems as though the hype surrounding Teixeira all these years is certainly warranted. He needs another big win before he gets seriously considered for a title shot. If the winner of the Dan Henderson-Lyoto Machida match-up is going to face the winner of Jones-Chael Sonnen, then maybe Teixeira can face the winner of the Gegard Mousasi-Alexander Gustafsson bout scheduled for April. Better yet, how about Teixeira vs. Phil Davis or the winner of Rashad Evans-Antonio Rogerio Nogueira? The possibilities are endless and all of them would make for highly entertaining fights while offering Teixeira the opponent necessary to get him closer to a title shot.

Ricardo Lamas- With four wins in a row and three of them coming against Erik Koch, Hatsu Hioki and Cub Swanson, Lamas has made a definite claim to face the winner of the Frankie Edgar-Jose Aldo title fight that will take place next Saturday at UFC 156. Keep in mind he has finished all of them but Hioki and is now 4-0 as a featherweight. If the UFC doesn’t feel he is ready then have him face former number one contender Chad Mendes who has won two straight since losing to Aldo last January.

Erik Koch- After being out for over 16 months it was a lot to ask of Koch to come in face a fighter of Lamas’ caliber right off the bat. I don’t care what anyone says, ring rust has to play a factor, you can only simulate so much in practice and sparring with your teammates. Koch is just 24-years-old and has lost only twice, he will be back better than ever. He looked good in the first round and who knows what happens if he doesn’t slip in the second round. Regardless, a loss is a loss and he can now go back to Milwaukee with Duke Roufus and regroup. A logical match-up would to have Koch face the loser of the Dustin Poirier-Cub Swanson bout scheduled for next month in England. He was supposed to face Poirier awhile back before being injured and the timing makes perfect sense. If not, he could face Hatsu Hioki who last last night to Clay Guida via split decision.

Anthony Pettis- This is very simple; Pettis will face the winner of the Benson Henderson-Gilbert Melendez UFC Lightweight Championship bout scheduled for April 20 at UFC on Fox 7 in San Jose. There is no need to consider any other possibilities, Pettis has earned his shot at the title. Showtime is coming off of  two straight brutal knockout wins against two of the lightweight divisions toughest fighters in Joe Lauzon and Donald Cerrone. He owns a victory over Henderson, a rematch would be fantastic, but then again so would a fight against Melendez.

Donald Cerrone- Another tough loss for Cerrone just as he was climbing his way back towards a title shot. First it was Nate Diaz who knocked him off and this time it’s Pettis. That shot to the gut was absolutely brutal and would’ve put anyone on the mat. Cerrone is a hard worker and is loaded with talent, don’t be surprised to see him back in another high profile bout real soon. He knows how to sell a fight and is a tough go for any of the UFC’s lightweights. I’d love to see him and Lauzon go at it, that contest has fireworks and Fight of Night written all over it. If not Lauzon, maybe one of the Strikeforce lightweights who are making their way over. KJ Noons sounds like an interesting idea, two guys with good stand-up who love to bang and entertain the fans, doesn’t get any better than that.


22 Responses to “What’s Next for the UFC on Fox 6 Main Card Fighters?”

  1. Time To Wrestle says:

    I call bullshit on the Pettis analysis. Pettis comes into the UFC and gets beat up by Guida for Christ’s sake, Then he “loses” to Stephens and gets a couple of TKO’s against tough but only top 10 fighters and you think he deserves Bendo? Well I call fu and bullshit. Pettis needs to fight a top 5 wrestler like Maynard or Miller, maybe both, then if he can beat these guys, THEN he would have “earned” a spot against Bendo.

    But hey I am good at letting Bendo beat his up again without earning a spot. Just this dudes analysis is full of shit.

    • Cody says:

      you do realize, pettis smashed bendo in the WEC? he was supposed to get a title shot right away because he left the WEC as the champion? i know what your sayin how he hasnt done as good as he can, but the dude is warrior and he deff could beat hendo again. I dont actually see him beating hendo because hes a fucken beast. But still he has atleast earned a title shot by demolishing cowboy like that. either way, pettis will get knocked back down fighting henderson or gilbert.

      • bahaha says:

        he didnt “smash” Bendo in the WEC. it was a close fight with Pettis leading the scorecards by alittle, till everyone got mesmerized by his off the fence kick that then solidified his win, but by no means did he SMASH Bendo. The Bendo NOW is not the same as the one he beat in the WEC so now it would be an awesome fight. i would like to see Pettis fight Maynard or Miller though or even Nate Diaz even though he just loss, he’s still a top 5 contender till he loses another one, then well hes gonna be another Cerrone.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      Did you just copy and paste this from the other page, your about the only person who doesn’t think Pettis deserves a shot….You should watch that Guida fight again, it was close Guida just humped him though. Pettis stopped 2 top 5 guys in the first round and definitely deserves the shot after Gil…

      • Time To Wrestle says:

        No I didn’t. It’s easy to present your argument when you believe it. This is your problem and all the other armchair “fighters” on this site. Guida DOMINATED Pettis because Pettis could not do shit with Guida’s top control. Don’t you get it, Pettis was completely neutralized. That means he LOST. He couldn’t do what he wanted and Guida controlled the whole fight. That is called domination!!! You kids that have never wrestled or fought have ZERO idea what is going on. For GOD’s sake, get in a gym and wrestle and fight. You can say that you don’t like that. but when you say he barely lost and was close, indicates how stupid you are. Pettis lost Guida by a LANDSLIDE. (oh and he lost to Stephens too). EVERYBODY that fights knows you are an idiot too.

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          You patronizing prick, I guarantee if we were face to face you wouldn’t be calling me a ‘kid’ because I would choke you until your eyes popped out. I train 6 days a week how about you???? You’re probably a middle aged overweight guy who used to wrestle at high school (probably not very well) and still wears his gay wrestling onesie to watch the UFC. Bottom line Pettis is getting the shot because he deserves it after dominating 2 quality opponents.

        • Time To Wrestle says:

          Ok Jujitsu Player, first I call you a kid because you post like one with your idiotic kid fantasy bullshit. Second, I am a Div 1 wrestling champion that trains and fights everyday!! AND I WOULD DEFINITELY SAY THIS TO YOUR FACE KID! Your post indicates you are afraid by challenging me by saying you will choke me until my eyes pop out!!! lmao. This is what a kid says!! You wouldn’t stand a chance kid. But I accept your challenge. I am 25 and have rolled with many fighters.
          Bottom line is Pettis is fighting next and will be exposed as overrated. Just like you and your eye popping boast. What a kid!

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          Haha I’ve probably forgotten more about fighting than you’ll ever know….25 lol, i was watching the UFC when you were still in little league. I’ve got regional and divisional gold medals and bronzed in the British championships for Jujitsu so I think I’m fairly well matched for a 25 year old boy like you. I call bullshit on your post because I do train, I have a ton of fight experience and been watching the UFC and MMA long before punks like you thought it was cool. You sound like a little boy talking all tough, calling people out saying they have no idea. you’re the one who has no idea, that’s why Pettis is getting the shot and btw he fuc$ing beat Stephens so shut the fuc% up.

  2. Broman says:

    Cerrone vs Lauzon is fight of the year

  3. Zack says:

    I think Dodson should get a rematch now. He should’ve been more aggressive when he had Johnson hurt. It was the closest fight Johnson has had. And Pettis deserves the shot. Styles make fights. Stylistically Pettis matches up with bendo the best. Pettis has one shot ko power and is very fast and flashy. Both are tae kwon do based stand up. Bendo would’ve already called out Pettis if he wasn’t a little worried about getting beat again. Who wouldn’t want to avenge a loss to someone that took your strap.

    • derp says:

      im pretty sure the closest fight johnson has had was his draw to Ian McCall….think before you speak. And Bendo has already said he would love to fight Pettis again, but he will fight anyone they put in front of him. He understands that his job as champ isnt to pick opponents, but to fight who they throw at him.

    • TVIS says:

      Please no more rematchs, you loose you go back down. let the next contender step up. i am so tired of paying to watch a rematch and guys getting title shots who are not top contenders and the get title shot because they call someone out or they are Dana whites buddy (sonnen, belfort, ect)

  4. Big G says:

    Ummm Rampage need’s a long break….really? Just long enough to heal and then get his butt back in the cage. Altho he really needs to go back to youth wrestling and learn how to sprawl or throw a wizard in.

  5. Jake from State Farm says:

    Pettis deserves the shot, Diaz got it by beating cowboy and he dominated him in 3 rounds but was not able to finish him! Pettis finished him in 2 min which is way more impressive if u ask me! I believe miller just fought a 3 round war with louzan but couldn’t finish him! Pettis finished both in under 3 min. And my point proven exactly.

  6. Time To Wrestle says:

    Jake from State Farm proved me wrong. Sorry, that makes sense. I’m just a fat guy that has nothing to do but bitch about anything. I like boys.

  7. 123 says:

    glover teixiera vs alexander gustaffson for no1 contender.. anthony pettis vs gray maynard for no1 contender.. donald cerrone vs nate diaz 2.. ricardo lamas vs dennis siver.. demetrious johnson vs winner of mccall/benavidez.. john dodson vs loser of mccall/benavidez.. erik koch vs jonathan brookins

  8. 123 says:

    actually.. erik koch vs leonard garcia

  9. GRT 3000 says:

    anyone else find that Dodson kid annoying?! grinning little buck…that shit was OK for a bit, but he didn’t know when to quit. i think the big man DW was annoyed with him too.

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