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Monday, 07/08/2013, 12:34 pm

What is Anderson Silva’s Current State of Mind?

I would imagine the first thing someone presently called the greatest fighter of all time would feel after a loss is disappointment. With one vicious left hand Chris Weidman captured the UFC Middleweight Championship Saturday Night by kocking out that fighter. He knocked out the greatest Middleweight Champion the UFC has ever listed on its roster, Anderson Silva.

Maybe a sense of letting everyone down who believed in you would set in. Silva had so much hype, pressure, and all of those conversations of being the best ever that he probably felt day in and day out he had to live up to those lofty assessments. Anderson also seemed to carry the banner of Brazilian MMA firmly in his grasp. He had a nation behind him and sponsors, let’s not forget those. Nike placed logos on the Brazilian and their expectation was many long years with the belt around the waist of their athlete. Anderson is definitely disappointed.

He has to be feeling some relief to no longer deal with everything listed above. Holding a championship is harder than winning it I bet. A fighter trains for that moment when they dethrone the champion a lot harder than if they were preparing to ward off yet another challenger. It’s human nature to push when it comes to initial goals like becoming a champion. Priorities change once the belt is on an athlete’s waist just like after us regular folk hit our marks. Well for them there are media scrums, endorsements, and a large number of fans counting on you to worry about. Ask Chris Weidman in a month how different his life is and ask him if he is feeling any extra pressure. Anderson could probably tell you how it feels every day to know there are hundreds of other fighters dreaming of beating the crap out of you.

Anderson’s claim of not wanting a rematch is understandable, but not true. The initial disappointment and relief probably prompted the claim that he was done fighting for the title in his post fight interview with Joe Rogan following his loss. I can tell you we have not seen the last of Anderson Silva and a rematch with Weidman is probably his next fight. Anderson is a proud man and an incredible fighter who loves competition. I expect him to be back.


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  1. Big daddy says:

    As a martial artist silva owes it to his fans and weidman to a rematch without the antics.

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Don’t you Silva fans get it yet? Clowning is the ONLY thing Silva has against superior fighters!! You think Silva was superior to Maia? Fukc No. You think Silva was superior to Sonnen? Fukc No. You think Silva was superior to Weidman? Hell Fukc No. When will you tools realize that is ALL Silva had to try and win that fight.

    • brian says:

      man, you are one delusional retard, kid. he is by far the greatest this sport has ever seen.
      yeah he’s bored, he’s tired…it’s understandable. but he’s still the greatest of all time. you think for a second that weidman knocks him out without silva serving it up on a silver platter for him? all he did was flail out his hands, hoping for a miracle….and he got it. kudos to him, but that ko wasn’t based on him being better than anderson.

      i think this is actually the best thing for anderson and his family. he can now finally take an actual break without all the UFC BS.

    • death163 says:

      Dipshit Anderson Silva beat Chael Sonnen TWICE and knocked him out easily the last fight they had that’s proof that he’s superior to Sonnen and Maia was such a joke to him that he couldn’t even take the fight seriously and still won easily that proves he’s superior to both of them dumbass

    • squid says:

      your ignorance is unbelievable

    • wow... says:

      Dan Henderson vs Anderson Silve, watch it and shut your mouth before you shit in it again

    • surprised says:

      this guy gaygoyle just cant stand the fact that spider is a great fighter. anything that doesnt have to do with leg humpers, dry humping, guys laying on other guys, or jon fitch he hates! every topic i have read tonight has gaygoyle talking shit what a fuckin douche bag plain and simple!

    • killaj671 says:

      wow you are dumb. you are so dumb, for real.

  3. ya you're an idiot says:

    lets see how hard you are riding weidman’s dick when he walks away from this title with 0 defenses… the fight i watched anderson completely outclassed that turd… not sure what you have been watching..

  4. Dddddddd says:

    Oooooooh ya! More titties? You see them titties Gargoyle? Those bitches have got some nice ones. Just keep showin everyone your tits you mindless sluts!

  5. Dddddddd says:

    Silva doesn’t want his bitches showing everyone their tits.
    I feel perverted looking at all your titties. What are you bitches all 15?

  6. 757 says:


  7. jay says:

    He got payed 600,000 to lose lmao I’m sure his mind state is more like hmmm maybe I should buy another house, whhy not!

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