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Saturday, 07/21/2012, 07:00 am

Werdum: Giving a title shot to Overeem ‘not right’ | UFC NEWS

“Yeah, for sure,” Werdum said when asked if he feels Overeem uses steroids, “because he had that positive test. Everybody knows because he’s too big. It’s not normal. The guy’s too strong. [For] Overeem to come back now and fight for the title, it’s not good because he [has] no respect for me and other guys. I’m training every day; he [tests] positive … it’s not right.”

Top heavyweight contender, Fabricio Werdum, recently sat down with to discuss the failed drug test of fellow heavyweight Alistair Overeem.

Is he right in his opinion? Should Overeem be forced back to the end of the line?


13 Responses to “Werdum: Giving a title shot to Overeem ‘not right’ | UFC NEWS”

  1. B-rad says:

    Let them go at it again!! The first two were good fights, and both guys always come to end the other! Werdum got all that he was gonna get with the Reem in their first tussle, Reem by 1st rnd KO

  2. Xaninho says:

    Werdum is just looking to cut in line himself.

    I say let him prove he deserves the titlefight more by completing the trilogy against Overeem. Ofcourse Overeem will beat him up again and that would send Werdum back to the end of the line.

  3. stephen riddle says:

    I hope they fight again and that reem eats knees!

  4. T.DADDY says:

    Stop the bloodclot cryin

    • dogfart says:

      bad man a talk.
      this fassy talk foolishness, him seh “he tested positive”
      man nah test positive for any ting man. man a get lifted for high test levels but no substance ina him system

      so man act like pussyclaat gway so battymon

  5. maurice says:

    werdums so right. i say werdum vs cain for title shot. reem needs to fight his way back to the top and prove PEDs isnt the reason for his hw success. PEDs or not, he cant fuck with “Cigano.”

  6. Bd says:

    Stfu werdum .. You just showed the world what kind of fighting spirit you have … Be like some of the little guys who go up against bigger and better competition without worrying or fearing their strength and never point straight to performance enhancers … What a pussy

    • YeahRightMan says:

      You know nothing, when they fought at the same weight verdum kicked his arse. It was pretty much that loss that forced overeem to move up weight classes and start juicing. Overeem is not that skilled of a fighter, which is shown because every time he’s fought a high lvl striker he’s struggled (Liddell and shogun being the most obvious.) Even verdum who is not even a high lvl striker has beaten him once and overeem couldn’t finish him the second time. Overeem has picked his fights carefully since pride and has only fought in the UFC once and it was to the most over the hill, over rated ex steroid user in the game. So shut the hell up about verdum. Sure he may not be a champ like JDS or a John jones, but he’s honest, hard working and tough as nails and has a lot more respect in MMA circles than friggen overeem.

  7. Pijan says:

    Overeem may be good, he may be next in line for a title, and he may end up, one day, as UFC champ. But that doesn’t mean he’ll have the same respect. He’s obviously juicing and there’s no telling how long he’s been juicing. No one for sure except Overeem knows. He’s like Cyborg, when people didn’t know for sure and it was speculation, they had respect. They were great fighters, once they’re proven cheaters, they don’t deserve title shots, they don’t deserve that recognition, they’re cheaters. If you can’t fight without cheating, you don’t need to be in the ring. Werdum though, stands NO Chance against Cigano.

  8. RBillett21 says:

    He should definately have to wait. You piss hot, you are an idiot. I am a supporter of steroid use, because I think that steroids are just another tool to advance, but until it is legalized (which will never happen) there needs to be a fair playing field. Definately to the back of the line. No doubt.

    • dogfart says:

      thing though, while we know hes juicing he didnt piss hot

      he had elevated levels, he didnt test positive for any drugs in his system at all

      theres a difference, king mo, cyborg both pissed hot with anabolics

      no anabolic use was found on him

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