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Tuesday, 01/07/2014, 04:37 pm

Welterweight “King of Pancrase” Takenori Sato To Debut In UFC Against Eric Silva

Takenori Sato (pictured) has signed on with the UFC, and will face Eric Silva in Brazil on Feburary 15th. Combate first reported the news.

Sato is the current welterweight King of Pancrase, and will enter the UFC while riding a 6-fight undefeated streak. While Sato has never fought outside of his native land of Japan, he’s an experienced fighter with a well-rounded background, and it should be interesting to see where he fits inside the UFC welterweight division.

That being said, his debut fight will probably not be an easy one. Eric Silva might be only 3-3 inside the Octagon, but when he’s on, he’s on. Considering the fact that he’s coming off a big loss to Dong Hyun Kim at UFN 29, Silva could come out guns blazing, which might prove to be a little too much for Sato to handle in his Octagon debut. Should be an interesting fight for sure.

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