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Monday, 01/06/2014, 08:56 am

Weidman’s trainer Ray Longo is critical of Belfort’s TRT use

Ray Longo, who is the head trainer of UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman (11-0 MMA, 7-0 UFC), had some harsh words regarding #1 contender Vitor Belfort’s (24-10 MMA, 13-6 UFC) TRT use, during an interview with ESPN.

Here is what Longo had to say:

“I know Chris is beating the guy, but why give him an advantage?” Longo said. “Why does he deserve that? All he did was abuse his body with steroids so that now he needs the exemption. It’s bulls—.”

Belfort is expected to face Weidman for the UFC middleweight title later this year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Are the comments made by Longo justified? Let’s hear your verdict Penn Nation!


29 Responses to “Weidman’s trainer Ray Longo is critical of Belfort’s TRT use”

  1. TRT-Free says:

    I’m torn, because deep down I feel like TRT is unfair, but the sanctioning bodies say it isn’t soooo…..

    But, yes, I agree it sounds like they are making excuses for a loss already.

  2. BizzleZX10R says:

    Replacing testosterone that you do not have due to age in my eyes is not an advantage. If anything it just gives Vitor the speed and stamina as somebody who is 25-30. Which is around Chris’s age, so they should be equals at this point.
    Now when you see Alistair take it and he’s not even that old, and has 16:1 ratios..thats where it’s bad.

    • Martin says:

      How is giving someone the speed & strength of someone nearly 10 years older than him not cheating?? Age is a part of life!

      • A Vitor Fan Obviously says:

        Martin, to be fair, TRT does not give you speed and strength. TRT is basically giving you within normal testosterone levels, which in reality is helping Vitor recover from his training. He is not “faster” because of TRT, he just simply heals within an normal range for a younger athlete.

  3. allmightysandman says:

    if you’re not playing with the hand you’re dealt…you’re cheating in my opinion. doesn’t this rationale that guys are using to say it’s “OK” also then say that if guys don’t feel strong enough, don’t feel fast enough, and don’t hit hard enough, that they can take stuff to fix all that? seems like a clear violoation of at least the spirit of “fighting clean” if not the rules themselves.

  4. Adrian says:

    Normal levels of testosterone do not result in muscles that look like Vitor’s. If you’re not using steroids and a lot of them, you simply don’t build muscle like that. Sherk, Lesnar, Belfort, Overeem–yes. Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Weidman–no. You don’t need expensive blood and urine tests, you can tell by looking at them.

    • jahnsi says:

      thank you for sharing Dr. Adrian. What degree did you get where you can tell who uses steriods by looking and thier bodies?

      • Jess says:

        jahnsi, I love how your reply is passive-aggressive pussy reply to Adrian. It’s actually well known what a steroid abuser’s body can look like, there are traits. Vitor shows a lot of them. Vitor also has a history of taking “over the counter” supplements which he pissed hot for. Look at Vitor’s body the second he got on TRT, are you saying TRT alone gave him that new body? Are you a doctor?. Stop being such an uneducated, biased nut hugger. Annoying prick.

      • anyone22 says:

        Well Said Jahnsi!! I agree

    • Greg says:

      You are an idiot, look at natural bodybuilders who have not used steroids, they are much bigger then Vitor, You are just the average loser who puts others down and makes excuses because you’re a lazy nobody and that’s all you’ll ever be because mentally you are weak and deep down you know it.

      • Cecilia Nelson says:

        You’re a fool to even think natural body builders aren’t on something. Wow. I bet you thought cyclist weren’t messing with EPO until Lance got busted too right?

        • scapinello says:

          i really think there is a misconception here. like i think its bs what vitor is doing too guys but to say its not possible to have muscle look like that without enhancing drugs is hilarious to me. go do real work in the gym.
          i understand the first glance comparison towards fighters like jones or silva, but you also have to realize that those fighters very openly do not have huge power based routines in the gym and rather focus a great deal on body on body conditioning and technique.
          take someone that has an intense explosive power lifting regime paired with strength building program, has good metabolism, and eats clean and theyre going to look like this on their worst day.
          i look better than this and i can barely afford protein let alone a needle to stick in my ass.

    • Carlos Tuesday says:

      what about cain doesnt look muscular at all some guys r just naturally stronger then others weidman should just go for it if hes a real champ

  5. Changster Jun Tony says:

    MMA is the only sport where it is allowed from what I have read. All TRT is, is utilizing anabolic steroids to bring a person’s testosterone up, generally because past abuse has ruined their testosterone production. If Vitor was playing basketball or football, he would not be allowed to participate. However, I can see it as a point that everyone’s made mistakes in their life and when you abuse steroids, you can not naturally produce testosterone anymore. However, I do not believe it is fair and as well it is damaging to the body.

    • Ken says:

      Are you telling me that you believe that NFL and NBA dont use? The NFL’s random drug testing protocol is the easiest to manipulate and beat out of all organizations. Its set up that way on purpose or you and many others would not be able to watch any games. There would be almost no players.

      • Changster Jun Tony says:

        I for one, never made that statement you are accusing me of. I stated that it is not allowed in the other sports. If there are players that cheat their tests and beat them, then they would be playing. Secondly, you have zero proof of your accusations of NFL and NBA players. You have no idea how they drug test and you should do some research in the matter before spouting of your prejudices.

  6. David says:

    Maybe TRT users should let their competition use the same amount of testosterone if they so chose, would that be fair? Sounds pretty stupid even suggesting that. Maybe there is your answer right there.

  7. silverback says:

    Trt is just a replacement of what your normal levels should be. Some people should research, before bumping there gums ignorant f**ks!!…

  8. nativedialex says:

    Watch all the ppl who supported Chael Sonnen’s use of TRT have a change of heart now that Silva no longer holds the belt.

  9. cris says:

    Vitor trains in the states and has done so for a while and has been tested in the states so the the whole brazil corruption argument iz old the guy has said he would fight for the title without it. The fight is happening regardless of anyones bitching I have nothing against weidman as champ but stop bitching so many fighters have fought him including anderson and anderson beat him. Like others have said before ots not a majical drug that gives you skill because if that was the case there eould way more phenoms out there so many fighters take substances and for many reasons these guys train way past human standards injuries psin and all sorts of things put their bodies through is insane I don’t sgree wit fighters taking steroids and I’m not defending it but all I’m saying is its done chael fought anderson the first time and was caught abusing some type of testosterone boost and got the approval for trt henderson as well as many others yet no heat on them I say quit the whining and fight. All the better for weidman to prove himself people educate yourself before jumping on trt topics or in rediculous conspiracies of Brazil corruption testing stop spewing ignorant facts if you don’t agree with trtfine everyone to their own opinion but fml no need for usless and untrue facts.

  10. parker wilson says:

    Some of you guys should really do your homework. TRT is not steroids. It stands for Test Replacement Therapy. It’s for people who have unhealthy LOW levels of Testosterone. If not taken it can cause major health problems and even death. Vitor is naturally a beast and when tested is a normal range for someone his age. Everyone seems to think that anything for Testosterone is steroids or performance enhancing drugs. They’re some schools that outlaw Creatine and even Red Bull. It’s bs. The rules in place prevent anyone from having an unfair advantage. Leave it at that. If your levels of T are above the normal range your disqualified. Belfort tests normal levels.

  11. MMAfanguy says:

    What people do not understand about TRT is that it’s NOT taking someones levels to “normal” range. They are allowed to test within a 6 to 1 range to epitestosterone. Which means they can legally boost their already low testosterone to BEYOND normal levels. Which current studies show is a 3.7 to 1 for the 95th percentile of humans…so they can almost double what is normal for 95% of people…that totally sounds fair.

    • Ken says:

      Thank you. Somebody understands something. Let me add to your post and it will totally clear things up. Also, Im not posting based on just research. This is from my 16 years of use. This TRT is a way to manipulate the whole system. Yes, I believe they should be able to get TRT and test within the normal range for their age. But you are correct in that the ratios they accept to be normal is at the highest ratio a normal person has tested. They give it the benefit of the doubt. But, the reality is in the offseason some use other compounds and go way above that like Alistar. The deal with him is he got tested after he took his dose and was obviously not on fast acting stuff. It was kind of too late when he did it. The whole topic is a real joke to me and the majority of people who post on it have never used steroids or ben tested on a ongoing bases. That is why I do not post about fighting because I am not a competitive fighter so why pretend to sound like I know something about it. If you are computer programmer and you are telling us the real story about TRT because of what you see or read in the media is beside me..

  12. Carlos Tuesday says:

    weidman should use trt see what happens

  13. anyone22 says:

    I agree with Longo for the point he is making but he is wrong…Vitor is not getting an advantage…he is getting TRT to bring his levels to an equal playing field as Chris Weidmans. Now, would he need TRT to make it equal if he didnt abuse Steroids…probably not but its not an advantage….why do so many people mis calculate this? Take this for instance…Chris Weidmans natural Testosterone levels may be 800 and Vitors (because of his abuse) is 200…is that equal? no..and thats what Longo wants so actually Weidman has the advantage w/out it. specially if Vitor has been getting TRT up to this point and to take it away would be disadvantage. So he takes TRT and then MAYBE his levels get to 800 or close to make it equal!!

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