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Friday, 12/14/2012, 11:07 am

Weidman Wants To Shut Up The Scumbag, Man Code Breaking Michael Bisping | UFC NEWS

“You know what’s funny about Bisping? I actually really like the guy, I got to meet him in that boring fight I had against Demian Maia, which I took on 10-days notice and had to cut 32 pounds in 10 days and he was there when I’m cutting weight and seen what I actually went through and for him to come out and discredit me like that, a little bit of a scumbag move… I think he’s promoting himself, he has to discredit other people and especially when I’m ranked ahead of him in most of the rankings of course he’s going to try and discredit me, but, you know what I didn’t like and I saw when he came on, how he actually like broke man-code by actually mentioning about Luke Rockhold and his sparring, I don’t like that, that kind of pisses me off. You don’t — never do that I don’t care what you want to do. So, I really didn’t like that and I would love to shut him up with that, but we’ll see. It’s either him or Anderson Silva; those are the two guys that would be exciting to fight.”

– Top UFC middleweight Chris Weidman on Spike TV’s MMA Uncensored Live.


8 Responses to “Weidman Wants To Shut Up The Scumbag, Man Code Breaking Michael Bisping | UFC NEWS”

  1. Paiva says:

    Weidman x Luke Rockhold for number one contender.

  2. Sonnenisgod says:

    Bitch please, Bisping would kick the shit out of you easily. You are not ready to step in with the big dogs yet.

  3. Dan says:

    This guy just needs to stop talking. He’s not fighting Anderson and isnt anywhere near him. Either way he loses to Bisping and it will be satisfying to watch.

  4. quit talking says:

    this guy is NOT the #1 contender…never was!! why does he feel so damn entitled?..his biggest win is against a fat munoz

  5. Anthony says:

    After today’s performance, I want to see Weidman v Lombard

  6. Big Show says:

    Shut up Weidman, what is your biggest win? Fat Munoz… you have to be kidding me! that doesn´t put you on the mix.

  7. Big Show says:

    Weidman vs Lombard makes sense!

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