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Thursday, 08/30/2012, 01:51 am

Weidman Wants Silva Bout Or Winner Of Stann vs. Bisping And States Belcher Is Ranked Too Low To Consider | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
UFC Tonight’s Ariel Helwani comments on a conversation he had with Middleweight Contender Chris Weidman.

Helwani stated that he discussed with Weidman who he was looking to face next. Weidman revealed that he would not be willing to face anyone other than UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva or the winner of the Brian Stann vs. Michael Bisping bout to determine the number one contender. Helwani also stated that Weidman thinks Alan Belcher who has been calling him out is ranked too low to consider.

“His [Weidman’s] response was that he’s still hoping and waiting for a fight with Anderson Silva, but the UFC still has not said if he will fight him. If he can’t fight Anderson Silva, he said he would like to fight with a number-one contender fighter, but he believes that Alan Belcher isn’t that fighter given where he’s ranked. So what he proposed is fighting the winner of the Bisping vs. Stann fight, for a number-one contender spot.”

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75 Responses to “Weidman Wants Silva Bout Or Winner Of Stann vs. Bisping And States Belcher Is Ranked Too Low To Consider | UFC News”

  1. KILL GREG JACKSON!!! says:

    What’s up with fighters calling out belt holders. Yo, dana handle your business! These guys need to shut up and just fight. Let the ufc decide the matchups. If your good enough then the ufc will give you your shot.

  2. Xaninho says:

    Weidman really believes he’s the #1 contender after beating a few nobodies and Mark Munoz after a lay-off due to an elbowsurgery and with a spare tire around his waist? He needs to shut up about titleshots and fight a few real contenders to prove his point instead.

  3. IceMan says:

    What’s up with new fighters saying this that fighter is ranked too low? Shut up and fight!

    • Calvin says:

      agreed Bisping or Stan should just say hes too low ranked im sorry beating munoz after an injury doesnt help sell a title fight 2 munoz was going to get the title fight if he beat chael sonnen which if he did beat him would have helped sell alot better but since he didnt no one gave a shit about him


    This chicken shit ducked Vitor

  5. punchkick says:

    who is this dude?

    • magoo says:

      This dude will be the future MW champ,that’s who!

      • punchkick says:

        that’s nice

      • punchkick says:

        earn a title shot not talking into one

        • LK says:

          Have you seen him fight? Did you know that he is undefeated? Did you see him dominate Mark Munoz? He has earned it! Noob!

        • life is meh says:

          Munoz was way overrated. He beat Leben and everybody thought he was the greatest thing ever.

        • punchkick says:

          yes i have seen his fight against an out of shape muñoz. yes i have seen his fight against maia?
          does that make him a number contender?
          who ducked vitor?
          and now he is belittling belcher? who is on a roll as well.
          this dude will not put people in arena seats.
          talk about being a noob… zzzz

        • weedman says:

          Just shutup?! Dude Weissman is good,but not that good at this point I don’t think the ufc is stupid to put someone who has not really beating anybody,muñoz was a good win but not good for a fight with the champ,give the loser of Bisping and Stan ,and if he wins he can have a fight for a #1 contender,be read son

  6. Judge_Dreadz says:

    im getting tired of this rookie trying to pick his opponets just fight and prove ur worth cuz a win against an outta shape munoz is not enough

  7. KILL GREG JACKSON!!! says:

    True!..mark munoz was an elite middleweight, but came into the fight against weidman out of shape, so beating an out of shape munoz does not make chris weidman a top middleweight contender. Know your role and shut your mouth, CW!

  8. Heath says:

    I think Belcher would beat this kid.. Dont ever count out Belcher, he is a great fighter.

  9. 123 says:

    chris weidman vs rashad evans should happen then the winner faces either michael bisping or brian stann, then u have a no1 contender.

  10. ya herd says:

    weidman beats a welterweight mia, he beats a way overrated munoz, whos biggest win is chris leben, and he has got knocked out by matt hamil lmao. yea sure weidman deserves a title shot dream on he needs a big win hes beating B fighters

    • Irie nation says:

      Who else is in middleweight…all you fuckin haters are saying he beat nobodies…well who the fuck is a somebody in the division other than silva himself…all you haters need to shut the fuck up…he beat 2 top 10 in a row whether they were out of shape or not that’s not his fault and meia was fighting at middleweight and barely made the drop to welterweight you damn idiot

      • Dee says:

        You’re the idiot because the best in the Division he wont fight. He could have fought Brian Stann, Michael Bisping, Alan Belcher, Tim Boetsch (he’s ok), Chael Sonnen,Vitor Belfort. He could try fighting Yushin Okami, Rich Franklin, Rousimar Palhares, or Ed Herman. If he wanted to make money he could have called out Hector Lombard. The problem is he doesn’t want to.

        • ctyn says:

          shit even Jake Shields would be a fight for him to call out just because Jake has somewhat of a name. There are plenty of good fighters at MW

        • Irie nation says:

          Where does weidman get after fighting a lower ranked opponent? He’s next in line…number 2 guy left division and he blasted the number 3…he has notched 2 top 10 wins in a row…bisping is coming off a loss vitor at lhw Omani is a joke…he gains nothing fighting the bums in middleweight division…everyone besides silva is lower than him so why not call out the champ…isn’t it supposed to be the number 2 guy fighting the number 1? He’s the only one that has a claim for a shot as he is yet to lose in mw…boetsch hasn’t lost neither but he isn’t fighting guys ranked higher than weidman…you faggle

        • Not You says:

          Okami and Lombard are much bigger fights than Munoz and Maia.

        • The natural says:

          Stop he beat Munoz yes but he doesn’t deserve a shot against champ he needs another top five win let him fight Franklin or chael nobody knows who u are dude that Munoz fight was proly first fight anybody seen u inn and just because u beat a guy who if he won he got a title shot doesn’t mean u get the shot there’s different aspects of ur game u need to be tested in other aspects by other challengers

        • Dee says:

          Bisping loss a highly contested fight. He shouldn’t go down because he loss a split decision. Weidman hasn’t even fought anyone close to Sonnen. Vitor a bum? That’s dumbest thing I ever heard. He fought nobody which is why he hasn’t loss yet. Guys who I can’t even remember. He beat Maia, and Munoz big deal. In case you were wondering the number 2 and 3 guys in MW are still Sonnen, Bisping, Vitor and Belcher. He needs to go through them at least fight one. Other than that he doesn’t deserve to jump in front of guys who have been fighting real opposition.

  11. Mark Munoz is a joke says:

    Mark Munoz is horrible
    Worst UFC fighter ever
    Him vs ushin okami made
    Me want 2 kill marks family
    As well as ushins ..
    Bottom line .. Mark Munoz doesn’t
    Deserve 2 live w his bullshit
    He fuckin sucks I don’t give a fuck
    If mat hamill is deff he also
    Was slow as shit and a straight up sucks
    This mother fucker knocked out mark Munoz he should have immediately been banned from competing professionally he’s a bum

    • KILL GREG JACKSON!!! says:

      Wow, so much hatred for munoz, did you bet on munoz that last fight and lose a ton of money?..relax dude, weidman beat his fat ass, move the f/ck on. This ain’t about munoz, it’s about weidman calling out the spider after beating a fighter you referred to as a bum. So what does that make weidman?

    • Unanimous221 says:

      dude you have symptoms of being a troll or better yet a retard

  12. Dee says:

    This guy is an official idiot and anyone who is too blind to see the light is too. 1st. He deemed Vitor an unworthy opponent and now he’s saying Belcher is ranked too low?!

    I can’t stand this guy. He’s a nobody, and yes he’s a rookie compared to guys who have been in the UFC fighting their hearts out against quality opponents. Munoz was a good fighter, but he’s just the next step to guys like Belcher and Vitor. This guy is an idiot. Bisping has fought his heart out for the last few years against real opponents. Why should this guy get a shot over Bisping? The fact is he doesn’t want to go through these guys because he’s afraid of losing. Look man even if you can beat Silva having the belt will mean nothing if you can’t beat the rest of the division. You’ll just be another fluke that nobody remembers. All of you Weidman fans why don’t you encourage your guy to take a tough fight to prove the world wrong instead of jumping in front of the line. Why don’t he call out sonnen? Oh wait he’s ranked too low too. I haven’t heard this guy yet ask for a big fight.

    He’s not a big draw! He headline an event that nobody watched. How many people actually have Fueltv. You don’t need to answer that because the ratings already did that for us. I couldn’t even livestream the fight. Why don’t he try reaching towards being a co main event or being on a ppv card first. It’s ridiculous. Millions of people will pay to watch Vitor, Bisping, Stann, or Sonnen. Thousands of real MMA fans appreciate Belcher and all that he has accomplish, but people only know Weidman as the guy who beat Munoz (doesn’t that say anything at all). He’s basing his success off of Munoz’s name and reputation because he didn’t have one. The rest of the MMA world doesn’t even know who he is.

    • Irie nation says:

      Bisping fought real opponents?? Oh mayhem right? Real scary opponent….everyone is scared to fight mayhem! You must be a hob knocker since you got a mouthful of bisping…bisping is a chump…he can’t beat no real talent

      • Dee says:

        You’re an idiot. I used Bisping because he has sat in the UFC quietly and have fought anyone and everyone. He fought guys from Miller, to Dan Henderson. Chris Leben to Yoshiro Akiyama.Denis Kang to Dan Miller. To even calling out Brian Stann. The guy even fought Rashad Evans and Matt Hamill. That’s why I used him as an example because I’m not a fan of Bisping, but I have come to respect him. At least he isn’t trying to keep a polish record by beating fighters who the fans have never heard of or Trying to call out the champion. No what did Bisping do, he went after Brian Stann. He’ll fight anyone. unlike your guy who’s disrespecting the top guys in the divison just to sneak his way to the top. And yes he fought Jason Miller because everyone thought Miller was going to kill him. It’s who the UFC threw out him. He didn’t say oh no I only want to fight for the title. No he said ok whatever give me Miller, and he beat him.

        • Irie nation says:

          Your boy bisping got knocked the fuck out when he stepped in the cage with some upper echelon fighters since you brought hendos name up…bisping is a chump bro his quality of opponents is polished enough…stann is gonna ko your hob knocker idol and then if you have any sense inside you at all you will realize bisping is a chump who’s biggest win is over….akiyama? Cuz everyone is lining up to fight and calling out akiyama right? British fighters are over rated

  13. How can any of you morons not think weidman should be next in line for the shot he’s won 5 in a row in the UFC which no other contender has on paper bispings is coming off a loss and Stan is just a gate keeper and belcher beats up nobodys and with a soild performance against Muniz he should be #1

    • life is meh says:

      Nobody who saw the Sonnen fight can really claim that’s a loss for Bisping. Even if you think Sonnen won, that fight can’t be used against him.

    • Xaninho says:

      Weidman is the one who has only beaten nobodies. His most memorable wins are a controversial split decision over Maia and a pudgy Munoz with ringrust.

      Bisping has been fighting better opponents for years. Weidman needs to stfu and fight a few real contenders first.

    • Irie nation says:

      Thank you! All these weidman haters are retarded…

      • mean170 says:

        I would probably be considered a Weidman hater, but i don’t think i’m retarded for thinking he doesn’t deserve to be in the same cage as Anderson. Wiedman’s last 2 fights were Maia (as he was dropping to 170) and Munoz (coming off injury). His fight with Maia was one of the worst I’ve seen in the UFC (yes i know he took the fight on late notice, blah,blah, blah). It was terrible. Yes his win against Munoz was impressive, but who has Munoz beat? Chris Leben? That gets you in the mix?

        Am I retarded for thinking that Anderson Silva would kick the shit outta Chris Weidman if he was ever lucky enough to get in the cage with him? Because it would seem to me that Anderson has been making top contenders look like bums for like 6+ years now, and you Anderson haters have been jumping from one bandwagon to the next praying for his downfall.

        • Irie nation says:

          Short notice fight he had to cut how many lbs? Yea you’re retarded…Munoz was ranked 3 weidman blasted him Maia was ranked in the top 10…the UFC throws ranked opponents toward weidman and he wins…so why dont you stfu and please stop posting your bs

        • mean170 says:

          Well i’m assuming he lost quite a bit of weight when he separated you from his nutsack.

  14. jeremy says:

    Speaking of Divas..UFC fighters are getting out of hand. Chris Weidman needs to keep his mouth shut and fight who the UFC tells him to fight. What is up with all these guys trying to pick there opponents based on matchups. it’s getting ridiculous. I believe that the reason he wants to fight Bisping and Stann is because he thinks those are the easier fights. Neither of those guys are wrestlers. Not that Belcher is but he’s a bigger more durable, skilled guy that is more well rounded than either Stann or Bisping. Weidamn sounds like a guy that had one decent win and is trying really hard to get a Fight with Silva ( and get beat up) just because of that hyped win. The guy needs to prove him self more. There are a tone of fighter that he can fight to prove himself as one of the best as he says he his. Your supposed to earn title shots not get them because you think you match up well with the champion. Fight Hector Lombard, Okami,Belcher, Sonnen,Belfort fight some of these tough guys then get your title shot. Im sick and tired of guys talking and picking there way into title shots. Earn your way. A true fighter like Jim Miller put together 6-7 wins in a row and still never got a shot. then he has a couple losses and he’s @ the end. be he fought many guys to attempt to prove himself. Thats they way it should be. Not everyone is Anderson Silva and has accomplished what he has, so fight your way to the belt and stop trying to it. Be the best, don’t talk the best!

  15. jeremy says:

    @ hate MMA noobs ( whatever that is) hey buddy you said how can any of you ” morons ” really? speaking of morons who in the hell is “muniz” and “stan” and take a look @ this sentence…..”which no other contender has on paper bispings” ( didn’t know there was more than one lol ) is coming off a loss… look like you may just be the moron lol..anyways

    • Hey jermey not on here for grammar you fucking fag kick rocks bitch here for MMA

      • blahblahblah says:

        Not a single person with a functioning brain will take your opinions seriously unless you stop typing like a 5 year old. Cursing is a crutch, read a book. You do understand that a good portion of the fighters you’ve followed are highly educated, don’t you? This is why the rest of the world thinks MMA fans are a group of block heads. The majority of posts I see are littered with atrocious grammar. The single most basic thing that’s pounded into our minds from preschool to graduation.

  16. ya herd says:

    Alan belcher more well rounded than bisping your on drugs bisping is 1 of the most well rounded fighters in the ufc thats his strongest trait u fucking mupet!!!! And belcher got his ass beat by jason day witch bisping destroyed in 2 mins. Out of all of these guys bisping deserves it the most he nearly beat the number 2 ranked middlwweight i n the world and i think he won that fight and many of others do to>

  17. JOEDO says:

    Alan Belcher is way better than Weidman.

    • Aaron says:

      Yes. This. Belcher is one of the most un-noticed fighters and underrated by many. He is a beast. Weidman beat Munoz, great. has noone watched belchers fight. he destroyed palhares.

  18. josh says:

    why is everyone saying Marc Munoz was out of shape he made weight. Anyone realise Alan belcher is going to be out for a long time sufferd spinal fracture so why would he challenge someone who cant fight for months? he beat mia he beat munoz and 3 people know one knows maybe he should of challenge silva next but that at least puts him in top1-5 range hes not a noboddy.

  19. Joe Silva says:

    I believe wiedman deserves a shot at silva more than vitor does at Jon scared to the bones jones. That being said neither deserve shit. Winner bisping-Stann is the way to go and can nearly guarantee thats how it will go down

  20. Zack says:

    I might as well go ahead and call out Dominick Cruz bcuz I got in a street fight last year and won so I think I’m the number 1 contender.

  21. TowerPower says:

    I dont see how he gets a chance at anything before Tim Boetsch.

  22. Jb says:

    Weidman needs to beat some top ranked people. Belcher will beat silva if given the shot. Been saying it for six months.

  23. 123 says:

    anderson silva vs michael bisping will be a good competitive fight, michael bisping hasnt got knockout power but he pushes the pace & gets tko’s. he wont tko anderson silva but he will suprise alot of people, say what u want but michael bisping comes to fight.

  24. 123 says:

    & in my opinion he would of beat sonnen in a 5 round fight.

  25. ya herd says:

    @123 your so right!!! bisping was landing big elbows to his head at the end if it went to the 4th round sonnen was getting tko by ground and pound he could hardly stand after the fight, bisping had a very close fight with rashad the former light heavyweight champ people say he won that fight also. listen the fact of the matter bisping has proven he can hang with the best fighters in the world hes been at 2 weight classes in the ufc and has done very well hes what i call a FIGHTER VERY SCRAPPY ALWAYS COMING AT U KNOW CRAZY GAME PLANS JUST FIGHTS LIKE A MAN yea everybody bring up the hendo fight its mma anything can happen and that ko by hendo means nothing to his rep hendo is one of the best ever. Out of all these guys bisping has the most exsperince and best cardio never gets hit on his back good wrestling hes as fast as silva decent kicks and punches he could trouble silva

  26. jeremy says:

    @ hates mma your a clown bro! 1st of all u still cant cant get your spelling or grammar correct. My name is Jeremy not however the fuck you spelled it. Anyways I been covering MMA for just about a decade and i’m pretty sure that im more educated on the sport and in general from the sounds of things from you.

    • Irie nation says:

      ^ Jeremy must be get rid of Fitch forever because he’s coming with these “I’ve been covering mma when most of you people on here were shitting in diapers…I helped paved the way for what the UFC is..UFC is nothing without me…blah blah blah” bro no one cares what you do…you don’t have to lie to post to

  27. Shadleigh says:

    Weidman thinks he can pick and choose his opponents? Belcher would give him a hell of a fight! Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if Belcher beat Weidman!!!!!

  28. Jeremy says:

    @ ya heard You must be on drugs, that or you don’t know much about the sport. Because Alan Belcher has 9 TKO’S and 7 submissions. That sounds pretty well rounded to me. Bisping on the other hand has 14 TKO’s and 4 submissions. Now, humm what’s the MMA definition of being well rounded? there records speak for themselves. Thats the end of that discussion. which you clearly don’t know much about. Now to your second ignorant point. WHO in the hell is Jason Day a guy that fought in the UFC 3 years ago and your really bringing that into this conversation. I really shouldn’t even be discussing MMA with you because clearly your not very educated on the sport. People with different opinions i can accept. But guys like you and that other clown are really not MMA knowledgeable. So maybe not to be rude, but read the post on this and other websites watch more of the sport then voice and educated relevant opinion. Cause you clearly sound like you don’t know what your talking about about..

  29. Jeremy says:

    @ ya heard You must be on drugs, that or you don’t know much about the sport. Because Alan Belcher has 9 TKO’S and 7 submissions. That sounds pretty well rounded to me. Bisping on the other hand has 14 TKO’s and 4 submissions. Now, humm what’s the MMA definition of being well rounded? there records speak for themselves. Thats the end of that discussion. which you clearly don’t know much about. Now to your second ignorant point. WHO in the hell is Jason Day a guy that fought in the UFC 3 years ago and your really bringing that into this conversation. I really shouldn’t even be discussing MMA with you because clearly your not very educated on the sport. People with different opinions i can accept. But guys like you and that other clown are really not MMA knowledgeable. So maybe not to be rude, but read the post on this and other websites watch more of the sport then voice and educated relevant opinion. Cause you clearly sound like you don’t know what your talking about about…

  30. ya herd says:

    jeremy thinks that if u have alot of subs and kos that means your a very well rounded fighter! How does that mean your very well rounded? what a retard!! I never said he wasnt well rounded u said belcher was more well rounded than bisping when hes clearly not!!!! Bisping would destroy belcher MAYHEM STYLE! who has belcher beat??? and look whos beat him C and B fighters the only guys to beat bisping is A fighters always top guys and some of those he should of won THE FACTS SPEAK AND DONT LIE

  31. Jeremy says:

    First of all ya herd, i don’t know why i’m still having this conversation with you. you clearly don’t know what your talking about! I never said that Belcher was a very well rounded fighter. What I stated was that he was a more well rounded Fighter than either Bisping or Stann. Which is “very” True. The Facts speak and don’t lie. Thats what you said right! 9 TKO’s and 7 submissions vs. 14 TKOs and 4 submissions. Bisping is pretty much a one dimensional striker thats proven in his record. it is what it is! Bisping hasn’t had a submission victory since he’s been employed by the UFC. He’s a striker primarily a boxer. He’s not a wrestler or a submission guy period. you cant argue that fact.. The ” facts speak and don’t lie” take a look @ them some time. The best victory that Bisping has had in his past 10 fights are either Akiyama or Chris Leben both guys struggling to keep their jobs. Belcher just took out a guy that nobodyy wants to fight in Rousimar Palhares. Your a guy that doesn’t know very much about the sport. that’s evident, and that’s okay. But don’t try and insult and an talk down to to other people that know more about the sport than you. Because i clearly do!

  32. Bd says:

    This guy will end up without a fight if he stays in his wonderland … no one is listening to him .. I would pull for a matchup with bisping and silva instead

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