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Monday, 07/30/2012, 01:08 am

Weidman Thinks Anderson Is Trying To Avoid Him | "It’s like they’re trying to avoid my name being mentioned at all" | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Middleweight Contender Chris Weidman in an interview with MMAWeekly.

Chris Weidman upset the odds at UFC on Fuel TV: Munoz vs. Weidman defeating Mark Munoz in dominant fashion. After the bout Weidman called out UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva however Silva’s management have been dismissive of Weidman’s challenges labelling him a joke and an amateur.

Weidman fired back at Silva’s camp and states that Silva should be calling out Middleweights oppose to Welterweights.

“It’s like they’re trying to avoid my name being mentioned at all for the title shot. They’re trying to deflect with other guy’s names so people can start thinking about them as possibilities, but even guys they’re choosing to call out like GSP or (Nick) Diaz, they’re both welterweights. … The guy’s a champion of 185, he should be fighting the contenders. You don’t call out guys that aren’t going to be able to fight forever and guys that are lighter than you. Why don’t you call out Jon Jones? That makes sense, I’m sure a lot of people would watch, I’d love to watch too. If you’re not going to fight him, fight me, I’m ready to go.”

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62 Responses to “Weidman Thinks Anderson Is Trying To Avoid Him | "It’s like they’re trying to avoid my name being mentioned at all" | UFC News”

  1. dogfart says:

    weidman is a delusional

    AS can fight whoever he wants as he has and continues to do

    • Xrayeyes says:

      Middleweights man

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Silva just got done fighting. why isn’t anyone ever asking why GSP never fights even when he was healthy and not actually milking an injury. GSP fights less than any other champ an dyet noone seems to care. Dan hendersen at 41 yearold + fights 5 times as much as GSP. I guess when you have been doing PED’s since you were ateenager it makes your body fall apart at 30 huh GSP. Anyone who thinks GSP and rest of Tristar isn’t on ROIDS and HGH are clueless. Ask any doctor and excessive PED use does exactly what has always happen to GSP, injury after injury.

      • spades says:

        Injury after Injury, Its the same injury. You dumbass.
        Before this injury when was the last time he pulled out of a fight?
        Thats right. STFU

      • jbeamazing says:

        @get rid of fitch
        you don’t have clue about mma yet you have more to say on the site then anyone maybe you should kill yourself that sounds like a great idea kill yourself

      • joe doc says:

        Anderson is turning into the Fedor of the past 5 years of his career.. He’s getting old, and he knows it. His confidence is going, and he knows he’s going to eventually lose, so he keeps trying to avoid the guys who can beat him. HE tried to avoid Chael (then beat him with an illegal knee to the face) and now he’s trying to avoid Weidman. Why? Because Weidman matches up with his reach, has superior wrestling (an undeniable weakness of his), and he’s got more recent world level jiu jitsu experience than Anderson does. Face it Anderson, everybody gets old.. don’t become the joke that Fedor did.

        • Joe Bidden says:

          Shut up, seriously. Silva never dodged Sonnen, he beat him the first time and he beat him the second time (Also, try watching the tape and not riding on someone’s dick. His knee never made contact with his face. Nice try, though). He’s not dodging Weidman either, Weidman just sucks. Silva doesn’t make as much money as you think and he wants fights that are going to be big draws. Casual viewers (Y’know, the majority of PPV sales) don’t know Weidman. Hell, I didn’t even know Weidman until recently and I keep up with the sport regularly.

          You want him to fight any and everyone, but he’s 37 years old. He only has a couple years left and you want him to waste his time against people like Weidman? He would stomp Weidman worse than he did Chael. I want him to fight someone who is actually a threat, not the leftovers of the middleweight division.

        • dom says:

          knee didnt hit the face ur right but he held the cage when he threw it, he also greased himself and he also grabbed sonnens shorts and hit him 2 times in the face. When ur a champ for that long and you clearly dismiss the rules your a piece of shit.

        • shortman says:

          he beat chael with an illegal knee to the face? are you serious right now?

        • Rob Brown says:

          It was an illegal thigh to the face actually. The knee landed on his chest.

    • jbeamazing says:

      is this what mma has come to if you don’t want to fight the number one contender you can say no I fear it will turn into boxing before too long

    • Xaninho says:

      Weidman would wipe the floor with AS what are you on?!

    • Rob Brown says:

      You obviously know nothing about this sport. Weidman is Ranked #3 in the world at middle weight after beating Munoz who was Ranked #3. #2 is still Sonnen, and Anderson will never agree to fight him again. Weidman is going to Smash Silva BAD WHEN the UFC makes the pussyfart fight..

  2. jesus korean says:

    this guy needs to be knocked out.

  3. Me says:

    Strong words by Chris Weidman! I don’t know why you guys are hating on him he is 4 – 0 in he UFC beating top fighters in Damian Maia and Munoz he is the only guy that makes sense to fight for the title at this time.

  4. ratamahatta says:

    he hasn’t fought any notable striker yet. give him belfort

  5. B-rad says:

    I guess he thinks by doin his best Chael Sonnen impression its gonna land him the fight? The only thing he is right about is there isnt anyone really at 185 for him to face, but that doesnt mean he should just fight Weidman.. Anderson is 38 years old, and isnt on no TRT bullshit, so his days competing are all but done, so it makes since for him not to want a fight with a guy who pretty much no one heard of two fights ago.. Should have accepted Vitors challenge, if he beats Vitor he definitly deserves it.

  6. Michael hamlin says:

    Anderson is scared of jones cause he will get killed!!!!

    • jbeamazing says:

      thats why he has stayed at mw even though he cleared the division in 2010 and then complains about fighting number one contenders

    • Sidekix says:

      Well Jones is alot bigger than silva and much younger, all you key board warriors need to stop thinking of anderson like hes still in his prime. You can play fantasy MMA all day but why would a guy go out of his weight class just to entertain you monkeys and risk being seriously injured?

      • LandfillAO says:

        Dan Henderson is 41 years old and is 5’11 200lbs soaking wet. Anderson is 37 (or 38?), 6’2 and walks around at 230lbs. Don’t give me that. If little old Hendo can man up and fight Bones then so can the so called best P4P fighter in the world. Hendo is about the only guy who can truly be called P4P right now. Not all these guys way too big for ther weight class that refuse to move up.

  7. Kong says:

    I wouldn’t pay to see this fight. Silvas team is right. Silva needs bigger fights than this. Diaz vs silva would be awesome.

  8. Mike B says:

    Shut the fuck up already……

  9. Xaninho says:

    Weidman avoided fighting Belfort less than a week ago, so wtf is he running his mouth for?

    This kid is still wet behind his ears and already delusional…..He should show some respect to the GOAT.

  10. Xaninho says:

    I say just throw him in there and let Silva stomp some sense in this dude. Then it’s back in line and into obscurity for this fool.

  11. AJ says:

    if anything, silva is keeping his mouth shut because if he opens it, it’ll be nothing but “who the fuck is chris weidman?”

  12. james says:

    damn weidman is gettin really annoying.

  13. punchkick says:

    you are not yet marketable bro. try to win some more fights.

  14. Gaylord Focker says:

    yeah they avoid ur name son cuz yoh name sound like wideassman.. Sounds like a bitch.

  15. jbeamazing says:

    The ufc was setting up Mark as the number one guy Chris beat him and not just beat him he destroyed him so Weidman is the number one contender but its like the shogun glover thing anderson doesn’t think his name is big enough but if his name isn’t big enough and he is the best choice at MW then move up but no anderson thinks its too scary up there unless he is fighting someone weak like forest so he starts challenging welterweights and nobody sees a problem here instead people are talking shit about Chris?Weidman would crush anyone at welterweight by the way if your not convinced wait six months and then you will jump the bandwagon

    • Doos says:

      I believe Weidman still has to weight on the outcome of some other fights between other middleweights.
      Silva is nearing the end of his career, which is why him or his management team are looking for big name fights. Weidman still needs that another stronger fight… maybe vs sonnen?

  16. CanILive says:

    been on this bandwagon ever since his first fight in the UFC…. he will be MW champ…

  17. Cody says:

    Why is he a top contender cause the UFC says he hasn’t fought any elite striker he lay prays through two fights beat a outta shape clearly not prepard Munoz and now hes just talking funniest part is silva prob barley knows he is or cares I don’t see why they don’t make him fight chael to prove himself

  18. Nick says:

    I think Weidman needs to chill out a bit. Dana already said some match ups need to be made before there is even a title fight. Weidman is gonna have to fight someone else. There is some truth to his statements though.

  19. Xaninho says:

    He’s not mentioned because he’s not worth mentioning yet. He might be later, but now he still has to really test and prove himself.

  20. kizer's boyfriend says:

    when youre the greatest fighter in the history of the UFC im pretty sure you can call out whoever the fuck you want, and do whatever the fuck you want. the weidman maia fight was horrible and so that leaves one win over a so so opponent in munoz. in all reality there is nobody id ever give a shit to pay for watching anderson smash in that MW division. its time to do something out of the ordinary and put some asses in the seats.

  21. SinCe2004 says:

    I understand trying to sell a fight but this kid really needs to $hut the fu(k up

  22. Dee says:

    Weidman is a joke. Vitor asked to fight him and Weidman declined. This guy only has 5 fights since when does he get the option to decline a fight. This guy is annoying. He’s biggest fight was on FUEL TV! Silva is trying to make money not pay donations.

  23. drew says:

    Weidman has not earned the title shot enough. Thus, if anderson wants a big name right; Nick Diaz.

  24. Ryan says:

    Anderson Silva is the greatest fighter to ever live! However, Silva got his tittle shot after only one fight in the UFC. I might not think that Weidman has a chance against the champ, but let the fighters proove that in the octagon. People are going to say that Silva is dodging this fight (which he would never do) so why discredit his name? Let Anderson show the world that Weidman doesn’t even belong in the same organisation. And Joe Doc, the knee was clean! watch it agin, right to the chest. He’s beat Cheal twice now far and square, even when chael was on PEDs. I do agree Silva is getting up there and will eventually loose, but that still wouldn’t take anything away from his legendary career

  25. Ryan says:

    Anderson Silva is the greatest fighter to ever live! I might not think that Weidman has a chance against the champ, but let the fighters proove that in the octagon. People are going to say that Silva is dodging this fight (which he would never do) so why discredit his name? Let Anderson show the world that Weidman doesn’t even belong in the same organisation! and Joe Doc, the knee to chael was clean to the chest! watch it again man. Anderson has beat him twice now and once when chael was on PEDs, end of story.

    • Jon Dore says:

      Everybody who wins a match in a convincing way wants to call a title shot nowadays.
      Weidman seems a good fighter, but he needs to wind 2-3 more fights and let UFC put him in the title shot position, not force it like he is trying to do.

      AS and his camp are just trying to cut this BS off, and keep the fights that matter for his careers, nobody will remember he beat Weidman in 2-3 months… Actually, people will say they have to fight again because Weidman was not read yet as a fighter! BS! So, let the guys prove himself for real before fighting him! That makes a lot more sense.

  26. What Weidman said is true – good arguments apart from the fact that Silva isn’t ducking him out of fear. Weidman would be smashed by Sonnen half-way through the first round, let alone destroyed by Silva. That fight wouldn’t be good for anyone – especially the fans. The MW division is so weak at the moment. Hmmm…. I still think Weidman and Ronda Rousey at a 155lb catch weight is more like it. Ronda would kick his ass. Sonnen would kick his ass. He has no business calling out Silva. Not for a couple of years or top name fighters.

    The MW division is in trouble. And Silva should not be calling guys out of the WW division. Fight Jones if you want to ever come even close to being recognized as the ‘best fighter ever’. Apart from reach @77″ and 84″, they are almost virtually identical in height and weight. Silva’s not great, not like Ali. He’s talented, yes; but he’s just fighting guys in a division a lot smaller than he really is.

    BTW, Ali is the greatest fighter to ever live and he would smoke Silva like a fine Cuban cigar. No, like a tiny complimentary dish of after dinner ice cream. You know, i tried one of those Cuban cigars once and it tasted like horse shit – literally. Like anal sex. I’ll never understand what people see in them.

    Weidman needs to blame Dana for a poorly developed division – not blame and call out Silva. Silva needs to move up in weight class – not down. And fighters aren’t getting paid nearly enough, especially compared to boxers. And having to rely on PPV for their supplemental income is hurting the pool. Fighters also should not be able to say “That won’t pay enough”; or, “wont fight him cause we’re friends”. Dana needs to consider paying them a win or lose purse like boxing, fight who you’re matched against, and use PPV to reload his own pockets.

    Sorry for the rant, i admit my head is not too clear past few days. Full moon? No meds or drinking here. definately cloudy head tho.

  27. Jas says:

    Chael will kill all the contenders anyway. Don’t see why anyone should fight Anderson without beating Chael first.

  28. domp says:

    WHY WONT SILVA FIGHT JON JONES, easy jones has a longer reach, weight isnt a + on silvas side because him and jones walk around at the same weight. He doesnt have a height advantage, Jones has defeated Rua and Machida. Andersons weakness is wrestling, jones strongpoint is wrestling/striking. Anderson Silva cannot beat jon jones because he doesnt have an advantage. Anderson cheated in chael silva 2 by greasing and holding shorts and holding cage. Anderson silva absolutely sucks. If Wiedman gets him, hes gonna get smashed!

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