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Monday, 07/16/2012, 11:29 pm

Weidman States "The UFC Really Want Me To Fight Anderson. The Question Is, Will Anderson Fight Me?" | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Middleweight Contender Chris Weidman in an interview with MMAFighting.

Weidman defeated Mark Munoz in impressive fashion at UFC on Fuel TV: Munoz vs. Weidman. After the bout he called out UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva.

“Every single time I’ve had a full training camp, I’ve finished the fight. This is the first one that got out of the first round. I’ve beaten two top-five guys in a row. And I think I’m a stylistic nightmare for Anderson Silva. A lot of these guys, I see them go on record basically saying ‘I’d just love a shot at Anderson Silva to see how I’d do.’ I’m not in here to just to able to share the cage with Anderson Silva. That’s not my goal at all, I’d be far from content with that. I’m going in there to beat Anderson Silva. And to finish Anderson Silva. Im not just saying that out of the side of my mouth. I’m being completely truthful. If I get a fight with Anderson Silva, I am going in there to finish him, and if I were just to win against Anderson Silva, I wouldn’t even be satisfied, I need to go in there and finish him. That’s the truth. I might be out of my mind, but, I really believe that.”

UFC Officials not yet confirmed if Weidman will be the next challenger for the Middleweight strap. However Weidman states that the UFC is very interested in having him face Anderson Silva and the only thing stopping the bout is Anderson himself.

“My manager has talked to Joe Silva and all of them. And supposedly they actually really want me to fight Anderson. The question is, will Anderson fight me? I think that’s what it’s coming down to. When is Anderson going to be ready to fight again? That whole thing. You know, Anderson Silva’s making so much money in Brazil right now, he’s chilling. He’s making so much money outside the ring, I don’t know if he’s so jumpy to jump in there with a guy who’s young, hungry, who’s a bad match-up for him on paper like me, and whose name is not (as lucrative as) a Chael Sonnen at this point.”

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51 Responses to “Weidman States "The UFC Really Want Me To Fight Anderson. The Question Is, Will Anderson Fight Me?" | UFC News”

  1. bunkylomax says:

    this mf is out his damn mind..since when is Damien M. top 5? maybe a few years ago..he’s talking a lot of shit to try and draw AS out..everyone is taking a page from chael…Alan belcher would wreck this fool so would Chael…that’s if his sub defense is on point and he doesn’t try any flying elbows

    • JiuJitsuIsSupreme says:

      When he fought him on 2 weeks notice

    • Magoo says:

      The way I see it is Munoz was looking way past Chris, to the point of saying he was gonna call out Silva after he smashed Weidman, no one had a problem with that, so why not give Weidman his chance he made Munoz look like an amateur. His jitz is superior to Sonnens his wrestling is top notch, and his striking looked very good, not to mention the mans got a great chin, I think this kid has what it takes, hopefully we get to find out.

  2. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    I just don’t think he’s ready. Guy’s young with a solid career in front of him. If the UFC rushes him into a title shot, it could be damaging.

    Like bunkylomax said, Meia is not a top five guy, which is evidenced by the fact that he put on a very lackluster performance against a guy who took the fight on two weeks notice.

    Weidman was very impressive against Munoz, but Munoz looked shaky and not really like himself. Didn’t appear to be in as good a shape as he was before he had surgery. Weidman needs one more fight, at least.

    I’m a Tim Boetsch fan, but all my common sense is telling me the Lombard fight will not go very well for him. Then you have Bisping and Stann. I’d say both are ranked higher than Boetsch. And I don’t want to see Lombard win one fight and then challenge. So I think Weidman should face the Bisping/Stann winner. Just a humble opinion.

  3. Gabi says:

    Just won a fight sl of course people are taking about him. He isn’t shit. Be forgotten in 2 weeks of that.

  4. B-rad says:

    I like that he believes he can beat him, but hes not being confident, theres definitly some arrogance in this statement.. I mean seriously, does he really think Anderson is scared of this guy?? Hes a dangerous fighter no doubt. But unless hes in top posiiton 25/25 minites in the fight, hes gonna lose on the feet, no question.. Weidman is a well rounded fighter but his striking has about no chance against Silva

  5. Wrestler66 says:

    I think Weidman has every right to call out Anderson he made a top guy look like an amateur ….. If Munoz won that fight I think he would have got the shot so why not Weidman this guy is on the same kind of rise Jon Jones was on when he fought Shogun !

    • Xaninho says:

      Munoz was out of shape, coming off an elbow surgery and looking past Weidman. He did very well, but that wasn’t the real Mark Munoz.

      • Reality says:

        Munoz took the fight and said he was fine so there’s no excuse. Maia gave Munoz(in “good shape”) a lot of problems and there are people who even thought Maia won against Munoz. Weidman beat Maia on 2 weeks notice and finished Munoz. The way that fight looked I don’t even think it would have mattered if Munoz was in top form. On another note though Weidman needs to chill with the talk about Anderson not taking the fight. He’s the champion and doesn’t have the luxury of choosing fights(like Shogun and company). Chael tried to pull that kind of talk and you see what happened to him.

      • nuthugger says:

        omg…. seriously, trying to take away credit of a good fight from Weidman just because he called out your boyfriend?? Xanido, you seriously need to stop hanging on Silva’s nuts so hard before you rip them off. I don’t think he would appreciate it.

        • Xaninho says:

          Look who crawled back from under the woodwork. I see you let go of Sonnen’s nuts and now clinging on to Weidman’s?

          I said nothing wrong, just called it like it is. A good win, but not enough to earn a titleshot.

          Now you crawl along back.

      • nuthugger says:

        omg.. seriously, trying to take away credit of a good fight from Weidman just because he called out your boyfriend?? Xanido, you seriously need to stop hanging on Silva’s nuts so hard before you rip them off. I don’t think he would appreciate it.

  6. jbeamazing says:

    he was calling out anderson like two fights ago maybe nobody was paying attention

  7. jbeamazing says:

    no matter how many fights a guy has if you beat the guy that’s next in line you get his spot

  8. Xaninho says:

    He’s good, very good even. He is not ready to face Silva though.

    Weidman just beat a Mark Munoz who just had an elbow surgery, wasn’t in the best shape ( down right pudgy) and foolishly looking past Weidman to fight Silva. He needs to beat a real topcontender first.

    Silva never said no to any opponent the UFC put in front of him. He won’t say no to Weidman either.

  9. CHARTMONSTER! says:

    If Andy feels weidman is a threat he’ll try to avoid this fight..

  10. Mark Munoz is a joke says:

    Mark Munoz sucks all day everyday
    I wish his ugly ass never 2. Be seen again

  11. Taylor says:

    Why shouldn’t Weidman get the title shot??? He’s won 5 straight in the MW division, and has beaten two top-ten guys. That usually merits a title fight. This dude has been dominant in every fight. The only other logical fight is him and Belcher. Munoz was supposed to get the title shot after he beat Weidman. Sometime people are fast-risers…

  12. Thetude says:

    I thinking weidman vs the winner of bisping and Stann should be the next victim of the spider

    • Jeff Krusel says:

      That sounds about right. Anderson has earned the right to kick back and enjoy life while a proper #1 contender is sorted out.

      Weidman looks good, let him fight whoever looks best after Bisping/ Stan and Lombard fight. (no one wants to see the barbarian vs SIlva)

      Then book that fight on the superbowl card. Which just so happens to always be on my birthday!!

  13. Anti-Hater says:

    This guy is really starting to piss me off. He says in the conference he’s not a talker/promoter like Chael, then comes out and just runs his mouth.

    Why would Silva be afraid of him? At first I didn’t want him to get his shot just yet, but after this BS, I do. I want him to walk right in with his padded record and get KO’d by someone who’s had bad paper match-ups for quite some time.

    Give this guy a shot, I want to see him unconscious.

  14. Judge_Dreadz says:

    sure has been alotta talk about Mw division lately lol for it to be the “weakest” division. I never called a division weak no class is weak! Silva’s just that good. oh yea Weedman needs 1 or 2 more fights depending….before Silva beAts him.

  15. NiggerDick says:

    Andy would tear this boy a new asshole and stomp it dry.

  16. Filthy_13 says:

    Mark Munoz was on a four fight win streak, with two wins coming against guys better suited for 170. Before that he lost to Yushin and Matt Hamill. He might have been ranked high by some but he wasn’y really tops in my opinion. Weidman has finished the fight everytime he has a full fight camp so in the UFC that includes Munoz – ok; Lawler – not impressive; and good old Jesse Bongfeldt – yeah. He needs to fight someone else before he can challenge.

  17. fuckfakefans says:

    fuck all u punkass fans talk shit about fighters, fucking keyboard warrior i know you wouldnt say that shit to fighter’s face !

  18. Yeshi Chopal says:

    stop talkin shit about fighters, u pussy punkass keyboard warrior !

  19. Scotty says:

    I think the UFC is going to wait to see how the Lombard fight goes before making a decision on who fights A.Silva! I think if Lombard gets a fast KO which could easily happen, he will get the next shot.. And Weidman will prolly have to fight the winner of Stan/Bisping! Now of Lombard gets hurt or loses then maybe Weidman gets a call or the UFC will wait to see what happens in the Stan/Bisping fight!

  20. Dante Niro says:

    Weidman fans / Chael fans … The tongue has no bone!! everybody taking shots at the Throne
    wiedman wants it wit the king ? lol whatever..bring it

  21. Plain and simple he is young and eager but he is not ready 1 more win

  22. Iceman says:

    Whoa buddy calm down.dont get too full of ur self.

  23. chuck says:

    When did he say Silva was scared? And to you idiots saying hes running his mouth…what the fuck is he suppose to do. The whole point is to become champion and he thinks hes ready. The ufc thinks hes ready. Who are you to decide whos ready and whos not? Are you a fight promoter? NO. Hes saying he thinks he can beat him let him have his shot. Its fans like you that will ruin the sport crying over bullshit. Its not boxing we cant have undefeated fighters all the time. And this aint fucking wrestling where the fan favorite wins everytime.

  24. Dave says:

    What I find strange about all the comments above is that nobody has said stock him in with vitor to test his standup properly!! That’s the fight I’d give him..

  25. Fm says:

    Hey kid, just entered the bus and wants a window seat?

  26. Fm says:

    Hey kid, just entered the bus and wants a window seat? The last trash talked got easily knocked out .

  27. Condit is a fake champ says:

    He’s good and I agree with everyone about him getting one more fight. Plus it’s obvious that the UFC is waiting to see what happens with Lombard and boestch, this division is getting very interesting why ruin it with unwanted fights. Let weidman get another win so he can really prove he’s the number one contender and we all get a fight we want to see.

  28. Kenny Powers says:

    Idk why ppl are so quick to jump on bandwagons? Andersons been untouchable for almost 7 years (with the exception of the first Chael fight) and a up and comer wins one main event and everyone thinks he’s gonna take him out. I agree andersons getting older, but he’s showed really no signs of aging and is still knocking people out like it’s nothing. Weidman had a really impressive win over Munoz, but to me, who else has he he beaten? No names, with a lackluster win over Maia, which he took on short notice, but still not impressive. And also IMO, munoz was way overhyped. Wins over Maia and leben didn’t constitute a title shot, and losses to okami and hammil didn’t either. Let’s see Weidman take out a few more guys like Vitor, bisping or belcher before putting his name in the same sentence as a legend like Anderson. To me, the most worthy opponents rite now are either bisping if he beats stann or Lombard when he beats boetsch

  29. Troy boy says:

    I say he fight sonnen, lombard or francis carmont, it wouldnt matter they would all be great fights to watch.

  30. poobah says:

    I think Silva vs. Weidman would a great fight, i’d like to see it personally, and it would most certainly be a PPV i would for sure get (as i do most UFC’s), i mean after all, lets not forget that when Silva got his title shot, he was fairly unknown in the UFC – not in MMA in general – but in the UFC, and had like 2-3 great fights in his weight class, then Dana gave him a title shot, It would only be fair that Weidman get a shot now, because he has had a good run now, in most devastating fashion for the last few fights, i say give him a shot!

  31. Jonas Júnior says:

    Now Anderson runs from everybody, he pick fights and he represents nothing. Ok… I see some smart boys saying “Weidman’s gonna destroy AS…”. Man, AS has more consecutive title defenses than Weidman pro fights! Who the %$#@ is Weidman to say such a stupid thing? All of us are having a “perhaps unique” chance to see a true legend fighting, master of grappling and strikes. He never even bled on the octagon, so please, have some respect.

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