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Wednesday, 07/10/2013, 11:14 am

Weidman: ‘Silva Felt My Power And Knew He Couldn’t Hurt Me’

“He had felt my power and knew I was way more powerful than him, and he realized he couldn’t hurt me with anything he was going to do. I was in there right away trying to finish him, I don’t think he’s used to that. I didn’t really care where the fight went. I went for a kneebar and knew there was a risk of the guy getting back to his feet if I couldn’t finish. I either wanted to submit him on the floor or knock him out. I threw my forehead on his fists a few times, to let him know I wasn’t scared – ‘Give me your best shot, I’ll eat it.” He was trying to get me to freeze up, make me feel like I didn’t belong in the cage with him.”

In an interview with the LA Times, newly crowned UFC middleweight champion, Chris Weidman discussed his shocking win over Anderson Silva at UFC 162 this past weekend.


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  1. Just stop already says:

    Weidman just STFU already. You beat a man who is so full of himself and gave you a free hit to the face. You didnt earn shit, he gave you the fight like a freaking idiot. I “WAS” a fan of Anderson until this BS. How the FK do you lose a fight because you are too busy showing off. SMH Lost money on that fight.

    How can Weidman act as if hes so great when ANderson beat his ass the whole fight then got cocky left his hands down and got KO?

    I do know that if ANderson did purposely throw the fight that he would of got paid a TON more. SO who knows about that.

    To Weidman STFU you suck. Anyone in that division can KO anyone if they get a clear opportunity. Hell Bisping, Chael, Vitor will all smash Weidman.

    As for you ANderson you fking disgust me. I am not a fan anymore. Lost money on silva. A–hole!!

    • JiuJitsuHeyZues says:

      OK, The first 3 things I wanna say to you are,
      1 you are dumb!
      2 you dummy!
      3 You are really Dumb!!

      Look, Anderson wont read this nor will Weidman, for the life of me i dont get why you meathead UFC wannabe’s address these fighters as if they will read your idiotic rants.
      You are a fool to bet your money period, but even more so on a fight! you deserve to lose your money when you put your money on anyone but yourself stupid. Also, do you really think anderson cares that he lost you as a fan? He made a crap ton of money losing that fight. So, I doubt he cares at all about your losses! Lastly, he lost that fight playing a dangerous game, the same dangerous game you would be stroking his knob for had he won. Still P4P best ever, No matter what, that is undenyable. Its moron fans like you that annoy me to no end.

  2. vintage says:

    And that’s why he wants a rematch as soon as possible. Weidman, I support your title because of Silva being cocky…but STFU and be humble….

  3. Thom1 says:

    Having power and not getting hurt are two very different things.

  4. Dee says:

    So…Anderson felt your power while you retreating? I thought I saw Anderson scream at you and tell you to come back to the middle of the ring. I saw desperation on your face after round 1. I mean I expected Weidman to wipe Silva out, but instead it was the Anderson Silva show. Weidman was on retreat mode. W/E I think it’s all fake. I think it’s turning into WWE anyway.

  5. Big daddy says:

    Weidman is just talking crap so Silva will definitely want the rematch but now he’s gonna have extra time to train and he’s gonna need it. If he actually believes this garbage he’s going to end up as a highlight reel.

  6. EP says:

    Much respect to Chris Weidman for getting the job done although Anderson handed it to him on a silver platter … however, Weidman is getting way too cocky now… Anderson could have finished that fight in 2nd round, Weidman gave him his best in first and didnt do shit, he had him on ground, did GnP, tried subs, hit him hard, it wasnt working at all… Weidman was tiring out… but instead of Anderson finishing fight in 2nd when he had a chance he chose to be extra cocky and confident and just stand in front of kid and taunt him , fake being hurt until he eventually got caught… with that being said that does not mean Weidman is better fighter or more skilled… he caught an opponent on the button who had his hands down… so bottom line, for the rematch, you can bet your bottom dollar im putting all my chips with Anderson once again, a motivated Anderson is scary … when is last time we even saw that… He is going to absolutely dismantle Weidman in the rematch! Without a doubt!

    • GRT 3000 says:

      +1 EP well said. I was at that fight, & I seen a tired, flat-footed Weidman come out in the 2nd. He looked like a lost puppy, which is a big part of the Spider’s plan ~ get em’ spooked. He recognized that, but instead of going for the win, he decided to clown…bad move. Anderson is still a much better fighter, and now that he got ktfo for that kinda bullshit, he’ll come out motivated and ready to ‘fight!’

      • EP says:

        I agree with you 110% brotha. I would be absolutely shocked off my rocker if Silva loses rematch… the thing is Silva is that ballsy and confident that he will taunt again in the rematch… but this time he will also fight and finish him. I like Weidman a lot , he is a great fighter, not taking anything away from him but fact is … he is no Anderson Silva , nor will he ever be. Anderson haters have your fun now, bc once rematch comes, its a wrap! Then on to the Super Fight with Jon Jones!

  7. Ddddddd says:

    Ya baby! Titties out,nipples hard. You guys are dorks. Anderson got dominated and has said completely different than you dorks do. Shut up for a sec and read what he says and quit trying to talk for him and give away his dark secrets. Nothing would surprise me in the rematch except you guys growing up.

  8. lolusilvahuggersmad says:

    You silva nuthuggers are so mad….how is he comming off cocky? he stating he wasnt afraid, and silva game ddnt get to him…
    Weidman was retreating? when?
    Weidman was moving forward constantly, he avoided alot of shots from silva(except some good leg kicks), and he threw an amazing combination that made silva lean into his left hook to finish the fight…

    all you losers saying silva was joking, and let him win are so pitiful…you praise the man for his amazing reflexes and amazing showmanship…the guy is an animal and we have seen it in the past…but now that someone capitalized on his risky manuvers he threw the fight? he ddnt take the fight seriously? come on ppl, stop sucking dick…

    Weidman studied silva, knew how he moved and threw a double right to make him go into the left hook BEAUTIFULLY.

    Will the rematch be different? of course, silva wont fight the same cuz it apperantly doesnt work on weidman. Silva will come in motivated and so will weidman. But truthfully, weidman will probably still win. Hes young, hungry, fast and has a great toolset to win…

    Stop being blind haters…

  9. Anderson Silva was knocked out by Chris Weidman says:

    This is a fact that Silva lovers and Weidman haters are going to have to accept. This loss was the the first huge chunk of Silva’s podium beginning to fall apart. Weidman wasn’t retreating. Silva didn’t give the fight away. Silva did what he normally does, but this time his opponent didn’t break, like Bonnar, Sonnen, Okami, Maia, Griffin did before. In previous fights, Silva would inflict damage as he clowned. He did not do so this time. So the clowning increased. Silva knew if he went all serious and lost, it would be worse than clowning and losing.
    Let the rematch happen. I would not bet against Silva, but I would be surprised if Weidman lost the rematch. All fighters at the top drop eventually. But not so much like Silva did.

    • Dee says:

      so in round 1 he wasn’t retreating? I thought I saw Anderson telling him to come back to the center of the cage. I thought Weidman was back pedaling. I don’t know maybe I saw a different fight and the look on Weidman’s face after round one was just part of the show.

  10. lol says:

    what a sucka believing his own bullshie, this dude is gna get a rude awakening trying to hold on to that belt… only idiots believe he won that belt by beating the best version of silva that has ever been and is… that is why he will never be a great, hold on to that belt as long as you can, if you can.

  11. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Don’t be surprised in the build up to the rematch that Silva was NOT 100% for 162. Had training injuries, bad rib, eye issues, hang nail, etc. Typical Silva camp weasel douchebag propoganda Ed tactics. But beyond that, Silva will try and push this out as far as possible, I’m sure Weidman would prefer as soon as possible, Oct/Nov. But UFC will want their year-end. I believe Silva wants 2014. It would be nice to see Weidman fight Belfort before. Need to twitter bomb Dana.
    Let’s analyze a little bit here: Weidman dominated every second of that fight and Weidman had come off a long layoff. Can you imagine how much MORE prepared he will be on the rematch?? Silva did all he could do to win. He has nothing else to try. He can only hope for a Weidman mistake and a lucky punch in the rematch. Face it nutlickers, the old man is dead and the new kid is alive. GO USA and wressssstling….

    • K2 says:

      GODDAMM Talk about nut hugging and dry humping… You’re all over Wiedman’s lil dicky. Write him a letter and see if he’ll let you stroke it a bit for him.

    • EP says:

      You talk about d*ck riding and nut huggery and people hating hahah your the opitamy of that. youre swining on weidmans nuts and wrestlings nuts go watch WWE or something this is MMA! all you wrestling fans are the same hate real fighters only root and love wrestlers, its unreal. Second u obviously hate silva and cant respect true greatness and a true legend to the sport of mma. GOAT hands down. In the rematch Silva is going to destroy Weidman. Then what are you going to say. Silva’s record and accomplishments speaks for itself. And you can call me a nut hugger , fact is, im from Long Island and I like Weidman and think he is a good fighter and I like having belt in LI but bottom line he is nowhere even in same universe as Silva when it comes to skill. Two different planets … he knocked out a opponent with his hands down to his side now this kid and silva the GOAT sucks LMFAO give me a fkn break wake the f*ck up u nuthugging WWE fan!!!!! Smdh

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Lol…Silva is an OLD man…he’s done. None of your nutlicking can make him younger.

        • MyFartsSmellGreat says:

          lol wrestling is simpy a way to prevent the other fighter from finishing. striking/juijitsu are ways to finish fights. if you actually prefer watching a wrestling match over a striking match, your lame. wiedman beat an anderson silva who basically had both hands tied behind his back for a huuuge portion of the fight. congratulations on blasting a fighter who presented you with his chin in the chin. for people saying this behavior is how anderson always acts, no, this behavior is how anderson sometimes acts, especially recently, as he has been the CHAMPION for years upon years, and has recently become accustomed to detroying his opponents so easily that hes starting letting his opponents in the face. and every opponent hes faced, for years upon years, has been the number one contender in the world. do you remember that look on rich franklins face? that “o my god, what do i do, this man is mutilating my face with his knees” look? that would be pretty cool if we see a similar look in weidmans face during the rematch. or maybe your right. all of a sudden, anderson is too old to destroy anybody anymore. i mean, he looks so beat up. every fight he takes so much damage, he looks worse than nick diaz. especially those cauliflower ears of his.

  12. Weidman didn't fight the BEST Silva? says:

    But Silva didn’t fight the BEST Weidman neither!
    Let the rematch happen!

  13. Keoni says:

    Great fight! I agree that weidman got lucky against Maia, Munoz, & silva but, he will probably continue to get lucky… I guess the way to be champion of the world and destroy everyone in the worlds best organization against the pound for pound greatest ever is to just bring in slow b level fighters to come in and destroy the best of all mma practitioners ie. Maia bjj Munoz wrestling Silvia’s standup… I think that this kid weidman will do great but not because of his skills but simply because he is a b level fighter who dosent even belong in the UFC yet alone bellator and everyone has and will take him lightly and he will remain undefeated unless they bring in an even worse fighter that even weidman will overlook… also weidman is probably on steroids and using Vaseline plus I heard silva had the flu and a broken rib for the fight so the fight meant nothing!!! Munoz Maia silva alessio and the rest still in my opinion are ten times better than this nobody weidman!!!

  14. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    I want whatever Weidman’s smoking.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      You are a real addict aren’t you?

      • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

        Nope, I smoke cause I choose to. And Weed isn’t physically addicting like alcohol and heroin. Only mentally weak people can get mentally addicted to weed, so I suggest you stay away from it.

        • brandon says:

          You’re an idiot. You should change your name to (way of the douche bag). You’re hero’s anderson and bj both suck.

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          Boy stop using your momma’s laptop!

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          You are Funny Xaninho!!. You are a classic in denial stoner. I guess that helps you get by selling that poison to people. LOL.

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          There’s nothing to deny. I am stating facts.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          You weed pushers are like the tobacco companies in the beginning propagandizing your product with out and out lies to push your poison for money. I suppose the stupid stoners deserve you, but you should know better. Weed = Tobacco, BUT MUCH MUCH worse. You are not helping yourself.

  15. Keoni says:

    Anderson could beat weidman w both hands behind his back and blindfolded!!! UFC should make that happen just to prove a point :) if weidman beats him in a rematch that is just proof that silva isn’t motivated. Weidman is only champ and undefeated because UFC is paying off fighters! If silva wanted to he could beat belfort weidman and jbj at the same time!!!

  16. Pooh says:

    Uhh, yeah, he did have Weidman confused for the most part, until he dropped his hands and acted like a jackass. Money says Silva rematches and destroys this kid within 2 rounds.

  17. drew says:

    i love anderson but this guys attitude is exactly what u need…however i think everyone even bj knows anderson didnt give him the best he has

  18. Ni**a please says:

    Dude’s gettin cocky real quick. He better enjoy that belt while he has it.

  19. J rob says:

    I know three fighters besides silva that can take weidman belt. Weidman was gassed after the first round!!! Damn you guys on weidman balls need to wake the fuck up.

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